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Scientists reconstruct penis using lab-grown tissue
(27 September 2010)
Regenerative medicine researchers have used tissue engineering techniques to completely replace penile erectile tissue in animals...

Facial filler used for penile girth enhancement
(5 April 2010)
A cosmetic filler that is more commonly injected into the face to add volume and provide facial fullness has been used successfully to enhance penile girth...

Penile-extender study records girth increases
(15 March 2010)
Iranian urologists testing the efficacy of traction-based penile extender devices have confirmed previously noted increases in length as well as some girth enhancement in the glans...

Penile enhancement goes one-on-one
(3 December 2009)
A two month free trial and personal coaching are just two of the sweeteners offered by jelqing veteran Al Alfaro to encourage men to try his new male enhancement program...

Penile augmentation "over-hyped"
(30 July 2009)
Cosmetic surgery procedures such as bicep implants, penile enlargement and vaginal rejuvenation are performed "significantly less frequently" than other cosmetic procedures...

Pros and cons from penile traction study
(27 January 2009)
An Italian study into the effectiveness of penile traction stretchers has confirmed increases in length, but found no changes in girth...

A basic jelqing routine for beginners
(15 December 2008)
Aaron Kemmer, author of Exercising the Penis, has agreed to provide our readers with some basic jelqing routines from his book...

New book aims to demystify jelq
(10 November 2008)
A new book, Exercising The Penis, explains how various penile exercises can be carried out safely and effectively. Complete with illustrations, the author Aaron Kemmer addresses all aspects of the fundamental exercises as well as various routines for advanced users...

Economic woes mean fewer men seeking augmentation procedures
(3 November 2008)
The economic crisis is forcing many men to re-evaluate their plastic surgery plans...

Al Alfaro Launches Fast-Track PE Program
(26 June 2008)
Veteran PE guru Al (Big Al) Alfaro has launched a new enlargement website which he claims is designed to deliver size increases faster than any other exercise based program...

Penile Augmentation Study Laments "Unconvincing Results"
(11 February 2008)
Penile augmentation, a surgical procedure aimed at lengthening and/or broadening the penis, suffers a "serious lack of standardization that has led to a wide variety of poorly documented surgical techniques with unconvincing results," suggests an academic review...

Enlargement FAQ
(12 March 2007)
A comprehensive review of all methods claimed to lengthen and widen the penis, covering surgery, penis pumps, extenders, jelqing (natural penis enlargement), pills and patches...

More Men Opt For Surgical Enhancement
(29 October 2007)
Twenty-three percent of men surveyed said they would be interested in cosmetic surgery, with another 17 percent expressing possible interest...

Reader's Questions
(4 April 2007)
Our (e)mail bag was full to bursting, so we asked natural enlargement devotee Al Alfaro to tackle some of the more frequently asked questions from our readers...

Researchers Probe Jelqing Mechanism
(4 February 2007)
The rise in popularity of mechanical penis extenders has to some extent overshadowed this natural method of enlargement, but researchers have meanwhile been busy looking into the physiological mechanisms behind the technique...

Special Report

Penis Stretching Using Traction
(22 July 2005 - 2007)
Paul, our fearless reviewer, puts an extender through its paces. He'll be posting regular updates on his progress with the device here...

New Formula VigRX Supplement Released
(14 October 2006)
The VigRX penis enhancement supplement has been relaunched with a new formulation which the makers claim will deliver bigger, harder, longer lasting erections and increased sexual stamina...

Penile Tissue Engineering
(30 January 2006)
Tissue engineering - where replacement body parts are grown in the laboratory - has allowed scientists to grow new penile erectile tissue for animals. And while it might sound like science fiction, researchers believe that it wonít be too long before this technology can be used to create a whole new penis...

Enlargement Study Produces Mixed Results
(2 August 2005)
A study by Greek urologists into the physical results and personal satisfaction levels of men suffering from penile dysmorphophobia, who opted to have penis enlargement surgery, has produced some interesting insights...

ProExtender Combo Traction System Launched
(1 February 2005)
Looking to provide men with a complete enlargement solution, the ProExtender company have bundled together their traction extender along with a CD ROM based course of jelqing techniques, penile enhancement pills and a course of volume enhancing tablets...

Micropenis Rebuilt With Flesh From Arm
(6 December 2004)
Surgeons in England have pioneered a phalloplasty technique for men with very small genitalia that involves taking flesh from the patient's arm to rebuild the penis...

Warning Sounded Over Incorrect Jelqing Techniques
(22 November 2004)
Penis enlargement guru Al Alfaro sounds a warning regarding some of the most common problems men experience when embarking on a massage-based enlargement program...

Traction Research Results
(1 November 2004)
European researchers have found the use of penis stretching traction devices to be effective at elongating the penis in both the erect and flaccid states as well as helping to correct penis curvature...

Pill And Jelq Combo Proves Popular
(12 October 2004)
Enlargement program developers Penis Health are bundling their jelqing program with a course of enhancement pills and they say the package is producing outstanding results...

Traction Extenders Q & A
(28 September 2004)
A traction device specialist answers some of the most commonly asked questions about extenders and tells us why men looking to gain some length and girth should be very excited about these new devices...

Penis Traction Devices
(16 August 2004)
Traction devices work by stressing the penis and relying on the body to rebuild the stretched tissue. The resulting regeneration and tissue expansion in the penis produces an increase in both length and girth...

Penis Pill FAQ
(23 June 2004)
Can pills turn you into a well-hung super-stud? Donít believe everything you read. Check our FAQ to see what those pills are really capable of...

Patches A Sticky Subject
(23 November 2003)
Manufacturers of penis enlargement patches claim that patches are superior to pills as the active constituents are delivered directly to the bloodstream rather than through the digestive system...

Jelqing Question And Answer
(10 November 2002)
One of the pioneers of natural enlargement answers the most commonly asked questions about jelqing...

Patent Granted For Enlargement Procedure
(11 February 2002)
An Australian doctor has been awarded a patent for a penis enlargement procedure he has been developing for the last thirty years...

Penis Enlargement Pills
(20 October 2001)
Many pills and supplements claim to enlarge the penis, but can something you eat have an effect on the size of your penis?

Reviews - Enlargement Websites
(6 August 2001)
Which subscription programs offer the best support and materials? And why you should think carefully before subscribing to any enlargement program...

(20 October 2000)
There are a large number of websites on the Internet making seemingly preposterous claims about enlarging the penis. What is jelqing and can it really deliver size gains? And what should a user's expectations be?

Letters From Readers
Letters from readers providing feedback on enlargement techniques...

Information On Augmentation Surgery
(10 August 2000)
An overview of current surgical procedures used to increase both the girth of the penis and the length of the penis...

Jelqing Research Results Released
(20 March 2000)
Research into the effectiveness of natural penis enlargement techniques has been released...

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