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Andropause (Male Menopause)

Obesity reduced with testosterone therapy
(25 June 2012)
For testosterone-deficient men, major long-term weight loss was a significant beneficial side effect of testosterone replacement therapy...

Low testosterone cranks up risk for diabetes
(7 May 2012)
A new study shows that low testosterone is a risk factor for diabetes - no matter how much a man weighs...

Medicos explore antidepressant effect of testosterone
(3 April 2012)
The male sex hormone testosterone has significant antidepressant properties and researchers are only now teasing out the exact mechanisms underlying its effects...

Evidence links BPA to heart disease in later life
(14 March 2012)
The widely used chemical BPA has been linked to a variety of adverse health effects and now researchers say that those with higher exposures to BPA are more likely to develop heart disease in later life...

Male brain-power sapped with smokes
(9 February 2012)
Smoking in men - but not women - appears to be associated with more rapid cognitive decline...

More evidence linking testosterone and muscle in old age
(7 November 2011)
In older men, higher levels of testosterone were associated with reduced loss of lean muscle mass and less loss of lower body strength...

Liver damaged more by weight than booze
(8 June 2011)
Raised levels of blood fats, which are common in overweight people, significantly increase the risk of men developing cirrhosis of the liver...

Herpes linked to Alzheimer's disease
(6 April 2011)
Herpes infections contribute to the cognitive decline associated with Alzheimer's disease, say US researchers...

Testosterone benefits short-lived
(15 November 2010)
The beneficial effects of testosterone therapy on muscle mass and strength are short-lived in elderly men...

Claims that male menopause affects 5 million men
(30 August 2010)
A new estimate on the prevalence of male menopause claims that 95 percent of cases are undiagnosed and untreated...

New evidence linking heart attacks, high testosterone
(5 July 2010)
Disputing earlier research, a large U.S. study shows that older men with higher testosterone levels are more likely to have a heart attack or other cardiovascular problems...

Dwindling testo levels affecting sleep
(17 May 2010)
A Canadian scientist has discovered a link between falling testosterone levels in men over 50 and their quality of sleep - specifically their lack of deep sleep...

Obesity lowers testosterone levels
(10 May 2010)
Obesity, already linked to heart disease and diabetes, is also associated with an exclusively male health problem - low testosterone...

Testosterone: now it's the fairness hormone
(10 December 2009)
New research overturns the notion that testosterone causes aggressive, egocentric, and risky behavior...

Masculinity beliefs impacting men's health
(11 August 2009)
Men that are middle-aged and who strongly idealize masculinity are almost 50 percent less likely than other men to seek healthcare services...

Sugar causes testosterone to plummet
(15 June 2009)
Sugary foods can cause testosterone levels to drop by as much as 25 percent, regardless of whether a man has diabetes or normal glucose tolerance...

Weekend-pill could provide rheumatic relief
(27 October 2008)
The erectile dysfunction treatment tadalafil has been found to be effective in relieving the rheumatic disease Raynaud's phenomenon...

Ibuprofen Helps Boost Muscle Mass
(10 April 2008)
Taken regularly, the pain reliever ibuprofen causes a substantially greater increase in muscle mass and muscle strength during regular weight lifting...

(5 November 2007)
Although the male menopause isn't as abrupt as the female version, it's very long. It starts in the mid to late thirties, picks up speed after age fifty and just keeps on going. By the time the average man hits eighty he's sporting less testosterone than a ten year old boy...

Testosterone Benefits Still Unclear
(7 January 2008)
Yet another study on testosterone supplementation for older men has turned up both pros and cons for its use...

Testosterone And Baldness
(2 October 2006)
A genetic propensity for baldness is not all that's required to make your hair fall out. What are also needed are androgens. Specifically, the androgens produced in your testicles...

Testosterone Deficiency Relatively Rare, But Will Rise Dramatically
(9 September 2007)
Only 6 percent of the male population actually suffers from low testosterone accompanied by clinical symptoms like low libido and erectile dysfunction, a new study has found. But the researchers said affliction rates rise substantially with age...

Testosterone Therapy Bereft Of Supportive Evidence
(11 January 2007)
Very little research exists demonstrating that testosterone therapy is effective for treating sexual dysfunction in men, say Mayo Clinic researchers...

Alzheimer's Tackled With Testosterone
(20 December 2006)
Experiments with mice suggest that the progression of Alzheimer's disease might be slowed using testosterone therapy...

Testosterone Risks Could Be Overstated
(16 November 2006)
Testosterone replacement therapy, for men undergoing male menopause, has been found to have little effect on the prostate gland...

Too Much Testosterone Lowers Intelligence
(28 September 2006)
The use of steroids to increase muscle mass or for treating male menopause can lead to a significant loss of brain cells...

Estrogen A Factor In Male Menopause?
(31 July 2006)
Higher estrogen levels have been measured in older men with dementia, but researchers aren't sure whether the estrogen is the cause or the consequence...

Short-Term Testosterone Use Pronounced Safe
(5 June 2006)
A recent clinical trial found that testosterone therapy for older men with hypogonadism (low testosterone levels) does not cause adverse effects on the prostate gland...

Testosterone Treatment Of Assistance To MS Sufferers?
(10 April 2006)
Men suffering from multiple sclerosis may soon be treated with testosterone, which appears to slow the progress of the disease...

Sexual Satisfaction A Big Plus For Older Men
(23 February 2006)
Sex isnít just a young manís game, says new research that found men in their 50s have more satisfying sex lives than younger men...

Men With Alzheimer's Show Benefits From Testosterone Therapy
(19 December 2005)
Caregivers of elderly men with Alzheimer's disease say that testosterone therapy improved the menís mood, behavior and psychological health...

Urinary Problems Need Quick Attention
(31 October 2005)
Men expect that as they grow older their bladder function will deteriorate, but blind acceptance of bladder problems can mask more serious issues to do with the bladder and prostate...

For Older Men, Exercise The Key To A Healthy Mind
(27 December 2004)
Longer and more intense physical activity may help elderly men maintain their cognitive skills as they grow older...

Hypogonadism A Common Complication Of Diabetes
(29 November 2004)
Diabetic men may be suffering low libido, erectile dysfunction, loss of muscle tone and an increase in abdominal fat thanks to low testosterone levels...

Lack Of Testosterone Makes Men Forgetful
(25 October 2004)
Researchers are looking into how testosterone deprivation affects memory and have found that men undergoing prostate cancer therapy forget things more quickly...

Testosterone Level Has Little Effect On Mood
(4 October 2004)
Reducing testosterone levels for short periods in otherwise healthy young men had little effect on mood...

More Evidence Of Link Between High Testosterone Levels And Prostate Cancer
(7 June 2004)
Older men considering testosterone replacement therapy should carefully weigh up the benefits as new findings throw some doubt on the safety of testosterone replacement therapy...

Low Testosterone Levels Associated With Depression
(19 February 2004)
As well as decreased muscle mass and low libido, low testosterone levels can also lead to depression...

Low Testosterone Linked To Alzheimer's
(29 January 2004)
Older men with lower levels of testosterone in their bloodstreams could be at a higher risk of developing Alzheimer's disease...

Androgens Alone Do Not Increase Muscle Quality
(23 June 2003)
Men who take supplemental androgens - like testosterone - increase their strength by adding muscle mass, but androgens alone do not pack more strength into the muscles...

Steroid Doesn't Boost Testosterone Levels
(16 June 2003)
The hormone supplement androstenedione, used by men to boost testosterone levels, does not appear to raise testosterone levels according to a new study...

Trials For Testosterone Replacement Therapy Urged
(9 June 2003)
Hundreds of thousands of men are involved in a massive, uncontrolled and possibly life-threatening experiment by taking testosterone replacement therapies according to a new report...

Bright Light Increases Testosterone
(21 April 2003)
Exposure to bright light might serve some of the same functions for which people take testosterone and other androgens...

Progesterone & Male Behavior Surprise
(27 February 2003)
Scientists thought it was testosterone that regulated male aggression but it looks like it could be the female hormone progesterone instead...

Alcohol May Boost Testosterone
(16 January 2003)
It was believed that alcohol inhibited testosterone secretion but a new study has found that alcohol can actually increase testosterone...

Is Male Menopause A Myth?
(16 December 2002)
Shifting from social observation to scientific examination, scientists are looking for evidence to support the idea of male menopause...

Exercise Boosts Testosterone
(31 October 2002)
Older men who take regular and intensive exercise produce more growth hormone and testosterone, the male sex hormone...

Arguing With Wife A Heart-Stopper
(26 September 2002)
Which has the greatest effect on your heart's health: arguing with a spouse or running a marathon...

Better Male Hormone Replacement Methods Needed
(29 July 2002)
Better methods of delivering hormone replacement therapy to men are needed to make it more acceptable to patients...

Testosterone Benefits Older Menís Brains
(22 July 2002)
Older men with higher testosterone levels performed better on tests of cognition suggesting that older men who take testosterone supplements may reduce their risk of cognitive decline and Alzheimerís disease...

Testosterone Gel Helps Erectile Function
(24 June 2002)
Testosterone gel proves effective in treating hypogonadism (low testosterone) linked conditions like diminished sex drive, osteoporosis, impotence and fatigue...

When Testosterone Drops, Alzheimer's Increases
(12 October 2001)
When doctors suppress testosterone levels in men with prostate cancer, they may inadvertently be increasing the level of a substance implicated in Alzheimer's disease, according to a new report...

Testosterone Therapy For Older Men
(7 July 2001)
Hormone replacement therapy for men has been slow to develop because of the general lack of knowledge about male reproductive functions and mechanisms that depend on reproductive hormones. That may be about to change...

Older Fathers Risk Children With Schizophrenia
(18 April 2001)
While older women run a higher risk of having babies with birth defects, it has long been presumed that men could have healthy children at any age. Think again...

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