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Firefly Talks Dicks

Firefly is a moderator and regular contributor in our Dick Talk discussion forums. Now, she's also offering her words of feminine wisdom in this regular column where she'll be addressing male matters from a woman's perspective. Want to drop Firefly a line? Email her here and mark your message for her attention.

Choosing Toys To Complement Your Lovemaking
Start by asking yourselves some questions: What do you want to use it for? Do you want it for vibration, penetration or both? Do you want a toy that stimulates both of you at the same time? Do you want one solely for clitoral stimulation? How about anal? Or g-spot stimulation? Do you want one that's quiet? How about the material or texture it's made of? Do you want one for fun in the bath?

Toy Story
Often, the hardest part of introducing sex toys into a relationship is bringing up the subject in the first place. But once couples put aside any feelings of shame, fear or insecurity; toys can add fun and excitement to your lovemaking - as long as both partners are willing to explore their boundaries and keep it playful...

Nice Guy Syndrome
Ever treated a woman like a princess, only to be told "I like you as a friend," and then watched as she rode off into the sunset with a real douche-bag? Well, you're not alone...

The Big O
Intense... Amazing... Earth-shattering... Words used by women to describe their orgasms. But for many men and some women the female orgasm is mysterious, confusing and bewildering...

Bottoms Up
Hetero anal sex. It's exciting and naughty but one bad experience can ruin it for a woman. That's what happened to me but I decided it was time to try again. This time, with a bit of research beforehand into the techniques and tricks that can really make it enjoyable...

Getting Your Body Language Working For You
What kind of positive body language can you use to maximize your attractiveness to women? The trick is to portray confidence and find the balance between aggressiveness and timidity. Without that balance she will either be put off by your lack of finesse, or unaware that you are interested at all...

10 Body Language Signals That Show She's Interested
She likes me, she likes me not... Need some help working it out? Here are the ten most common body-language clues that a woman gives out if she's interested in taking it further with you...

The G-Spot: Ticket to Sexual Bliss?
The g-spot is a bean-shaped, spongy mass of nerve tissue that sits just under the frontal vaginal wall. Composed of tissue that closely resembles the corpora cavernosa erectile tissue in a man's penis, the g-spot swells in size when a woman is aroused. Is the g-spot a magical ticket to sexual bliss? It's a controversial subject, and there are divided opinions on its very existence. Some women love g-spot stimulation, some don't, some are ambivalent, and some women don't seem to have one...

How To Kiss Like Casanova
A great kiss is like a well choreographed dance, with two people moving together in harmony. No one is moving too fast, too slow, or going too deep. Each person is reading and responding to the other persons cues - both mouth and body cues. For example, if she pulls away or keeps her lips pressed together, she's probably not into it. If she's pulling you closer and pressing her body tightly against you, then keep doing what you're doing...

Yuk! Why You're a Lousy Kisser
Never underestimate the seductive power of a sublime kiss for women. Men who are skillful lovers know the importance of great kissing to a woman. Think of it as "upper persuasion for a lower invasion"...

Boys' Bedroom Blunders
Sex it's exciting. But sometimes, unfortunately, it's confusing and disappointing instead. We'd all like to believe that we know what to do when it comes to sex, but blunders do happen. So what can you do to minimize wrong-turns in the bedroom?

Clit Talk (Part II - Oral Stimulation)
In Part I we learnt where to find the clitoris as well as manual stimulation techniques. Now it's time to savor the flavor down there!

Clit Talk (Part I - Manual Stimulation)
Imagine for a moment that your penis was between 1/8 - 3/8 of an inch in length and was hidden under folds of skin (stick with me here, guys, this isn't a horror story!). Imagine that even when the skin was pulled away, you still can't see the whole thing. Now, imagine that this organ, made for the sole purpose of sexual enjoyment, can be very temperamental - it doesn't always like to be touched. Sometimes it doesn't feel much of anything, sometimes it feels too much and sometimes it feels absolutely wonderful. Welcome to the clitoris...

Firefly's Bedroom Tips
Unfortunately, men aren't endowed with the ability to read a woman's mind. Imagine how much easier it would be if you could glean from her mind what was needed for her sexual bliss? I can't teach you telepathy, but I can give you a hot half-dozen tips to help you on the road...

Women and Size
Is it long enough? Is it thick enough? How does it measure-up compared to other men? Well, let me tell you something, men are much more obsessed with their dicks then we are. Yes, we giggle and whisper over a large dick. We look, admire, wonder and are shocked by it. Women can appreciate the visual appeal of a big stiff cock. But when it comes to satisfying sex, it's more about the man than the member...

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