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Baby boomers facing lonely old age
(17 April 2012)
New statistics paint a bleak future for the largest generation in history, the baby boomers, as they cross into old age...

Women happier when men feel their pain
(6 March 2012)
Men like to know when their wife or girlfriend is happy, but psychologists say that what women really want is for the man in their life to know when they are upset...

World of Warcraft wives' woes
(15 February 2012)
New research indicates that 36 percent of multi-player online role-playing gamers are married and that their gaming creates considerable stress in the marriage...

Motherly love linked to teen obesity
(2 January 2012)
Research suggests the quality of the relationship between a mother and her infant could set-up that child for obesity in adolescence...

Rx sex for a happy old age
(21 November 2011)
The more frequently older married men engage in sexual activity, the more likely they are to be happy with both their lives and marriages...

Materialism makes miserable marriages
(26 October 2011)
Couples who say they enjoy "having money and lots of things" scored worse on a whole range of relationship quality measures...

Sexual anxiety a predictor of infidelity
(27 July 2011)
Men with sexual performance anxiety are more likely to cheat on their partners, conclude the Canadian authors of a new study...

Shock finding: cuddling more important to men than women
(6 July 2011)
A survey of relationships and sexual satisfaction by researchers at the Kinsey Institute found that tenderness was more important to men than to women...

Sex lives derailed by insecurity, avoidance
(13 June 2011)
Men who are insecure, compulsive or controlling in their affection experience more conflict in their sex lives and are less happy in their relationships...

Strongest relationships come through equal commitment
(19 May 2011)
What ensures a good relationship with an intimate partner? Researchers say that when one person is more committed than the other it makes for a problematic partnership...

PTSD common in male victims of intimate partner violence
(11 April 2011)
Men abused by their female partners suffer significant psychological trauma, suggest two new studies...

Lubes key to better sex
(3 January 2011)
A new sexual health study found that women who used lubricant during intercourse and masturbation reported significantly higher levels of sexual satisfaction and pleasure...

Married guys less stressed
(23 August 2010)
Being a single guy has long been thought to be more stressful and now a new study confirms that being married alters your hormones in a way that reduces stress...

Two-thirds of women report sex problems
(2 August 2010)
A new study into female sexual dysfunction identified problems achieving orgasm and lack of desire as the most common sexual dysfunctions affecting women...

Blinded - literally - by jealousy
(19 April 2010)
It's long been recognized that our emotions can affect our mental health, but a new experiment shows that emotions can actually affect what our eyes see...

Sexual satisfaction delivers better health
(5 October 2009)
Study participants who rated themselves as being sexually satisfied had higher overall positive well-being and vitality compared with sexually dissatisfied subjects...

Male issues hinder elderly sex-life
(20 August 2009)
As a woman gets older, physical problems are less likely to influence whether she is sexually active than her partner's sexual health or interest in sex...

Vibrator use during lovemaking surprisingly common
(29 June 2009)
It's not just single women who use vibrators. A new study shows that around half of all adult couples have used a vibrator during lovemaking...

Obesity derails sexual quality of life
(9 March 2009)
Changes in hormone levels and diminished sexual quality of life among obese men are related to the degree of obesity...

The Genetics of Romantic Attachment
(4 September 2008)
Swedish scientists have found a link between a specific gene and the way men bond to their partners...

Scientists Examine Triggers For Sexual Dysfunction
(18 August 2008)
A new study suggests that sexual dysfunction is not an inevitable part of aging. Instead, it is strongly related to mental and physical health as well as demographics and lifetime experiences...

Men And Temptation: A Risky Mix
(18 July 2008)
Psychologists say that men tend to look at their partners in a more negative light after meeting a single, attractive woman, while women try to strengthen their current relationships after meeting an available, attractive man...

Men DO Marry Their Mothers
(8 May 2008)
Whether a man's mother went to college and pursued her own career seems to affect the man's choice in who he marries...

The Toilet Seat Debate Revisited
(22 October 2007)
I had spent the whole of my life in a house where the toilet seat was left in whatever position it was last used. I never gave it a moment's thought, until late one night I was awakened by the scream of a new girlfriend. Suddenly after 20 years of blissful ignorance, the toilet seat debate was front and center in my life...

Crazy Little Thing Called Love
(11 February 2007)
Looked at objectively, love is really a mental illness. It involves elements of delusion, addiction and obsessive compulsion. It can take you from the peaks of euphoria to the depths of depression faster and deeper than any cycle of manic depression. It can propel otherwise normal people to acts of suicide and murder. If love was a drug it would be banned...

Canít We Just Cuddle?
(14 August 2006)
Wars between primitive tribes were less about scarce resources than they were about procuring women to have sex with. Now, you might think that because there's a roughly fifty-fifty ratio of boys-to-girls at birth, and many more men than women die stupidly in the prime of life; that there should be enough women to go around, but unfortunately, it isn't so. The reason? Men want to have sex more than women. A lot more...

Marital Strife Brings On Heart Attacks
(11 October 2007)
Arguments and conflicts in a relationship can lead to serious cardiovascular complications...

Relationships Equalize Sexual Attitudes
(24 June 2007)
Being in a relationship is the great equalizer when it comes to male and female sexual attitudes, as expected gender roles give way to partners' romantic feelings for each other...

Marriage Can Make You Sick
(27 March 2006)
Being in an unhappy relationship can not only cause mental stress, it can also accelerate the normal decline in physical health that occurs as you age...

Men In Relationships Happier
(5 December 2005)
Men in relationships are generally happier than other people and husbands have the highest sense of well-being, even if theyíre not happily married...

Premature Ejaculation Research Yields Some Surprises
(18 April 2005)
The first large study to look at premature ejaculation has found that the average time to ejaculation for sufferers was less than two minutes. Men who were quick-on-the-draw and their female partners also reported greater levels of personal distress in their lovemaking...

Marriage Break-Up Bad For Men's Health
(3 January 2005)
The break-up of a marriage through death or divorce seems to be bad for men's health - especially their diets...

Premature Ejaculation Affects Many
(13 May 2004)
Ejaculating earlier than desired is one of the most commonly reported sexual problems, affecting what could be a third of all men...

Pre-Marital Counselling Makes A Happy Marriage
(2 October 2003)
New research indicates that premarital education is a good investment for couples who are serious about preparing for a lifelong marriage...

Living Together Before Marriage Leads To Divorce
(7 August 2003)
A new study disputes the popular belief that living together will improve a person's ability to choose a marriage partner and stay married...

Death By Holy Matrimony
(26 May 2003)
New research has revealed a surprising risk factor for extinction - monogamy. Mammals that live in pairs are far more likely to die out...

Sex, Love & Jealousy
(10 October 2002)
Both men and women react most dramatically to a partner's sexual rather than emotional philandering...

Marriage Makes An Honest Man
(23 September 2002)
In a study of paroled men, researchers found that the most hardened ex-cons were far less likely to return to their crooked ways if they settled down into the routines of a solid marriage...

Women Talk About Sex More Than Men Do
(15 April 2002)
Women not only talk more with their best friends about sex and sex-related topics, but are also more comfortable doing so than men are...

Violent 'Sleep Sex' Condition Examined
(28 March 2002)
Researchers are examining a condition which causes people to commit violent sexual acts in their sleep. Referred to as "sleep sex," the nocturnal activities cited in the study range from disruptive moaning to rape-like behavior toward bed partners...

Monogamy Unnatural in the Natural World
(22 January 2002)
A new book contends that monogamy among animals, and humans in particular, may be the exception rather than the rule...

Xmas Rituals Make A Happy Marriage
(20 December 2001)
Couples that participate in religious holiday rituals such as decorating the home for the holidays or lighting candles are likely to be making their marriages stronger...

Loving Relationships Good For Health
(15 August 2000)
It has been known that unpleasant encounters can evoke strong physiological reactions and can be harmful to one's health if exposed to them over a long period of time. But, will pleasant interactions have the opposite effect: be good for your health?

Love, Romance Vital Part Of Sexual Person
(20 June 2000)
Men who have a strong sexual self-concept combine stereotypically male qualities of power and aggression with more sensitive qualities usually associated with women, a new study has found...

Laughter Important Ingredient In Relationships
(4 May 2000)
If you are trying to favorably impress a member of the opposite sex, how you laugh, rather than what's down your trousers, plays an important role in whether you are successful...

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