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3 December 2009
Penile enhancement goes one-on-one
by George Atkinson

A two month free trial and personal coaching are just two of the sweeteners offered by jelqing veteran Al Alfaro to encourage men to try his new Male Enhancement Coach online program.

The huge number of penis enhancement (PE) sites on the Internet has forced Alfaro to find where he can differentiate his new program from others. To this end, he has recruited other PE community veterans such as Aaron Kemmer, (author of Exercising the Penis and Raymond Roberts, M.D. to act as advisors.

"This is the most comprehensive and informative male enhancement site I've ever joint ventured with. All of the other programs I've been involved with have mainly been a solo venture with the bulk of exercise design and responsibility on my shoulders. With the new program we're going to be bringing together the brightest and most trusted minds in the PE community to help men achieve their goals," said Alfaro.

Along with the two month no-risk trial, the new program also offers tailored workouts, coaching support via email and chat and a customized online log where subscribers can record their workout routines, stats and other important information.

While the program offers more than 30 exercises and 10 jelq routines, Alfaro says the most important thing is keeping the exercises within safe parameters. "We know what works and what doesn't. We'll help prevent you from doing harmful techniques that can lead to overtraining, temporary erectile dysfunction and other injuries," he explained.

This is probably the key benefit of being coached by industry veterans, as performing penile exercises incorrectly can lead to overtraining and temporarily weak erections. "That's why we dedicate ourselves to staying up-to-date on innovative training strategies and train you to improve your penis safely and healthfully," said Alfaro.

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