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The Male Condition

Men lose in office hygiene stakes
1 June 2012
Men's offices have significantly more bacteria than women's, with chairs and phones showing the highest abundance of bacteria...

Leniency in sentencing female sex offenders quantified
31 May 2012
Female sex offenders receive considerably lighter sentences for the same crimes than males, a new study has found...

Brain sees sexy women as objects, rather than people
16 May 2012
A clever psychological test has shown that both men and women perceive images of sexy women’s bodies as objects, while they see sexy-looking men as people...

Men evolving faster than women
1 May 2012
New research shows that humans are continuing to evolve, but the rate of change is faster for men, thanks to sexual selection...

Cell phone study reveals different romance strategies
20 April 2012
Researchers analyzing a huge cell phone database say that from their early 20s, women are investing more of their time than men in finding a potential mate...

Gender nonconformity a risky business
20 February 2012
Children who exhibit behaviors outside what's considered normal for their gender face physical, psychological, and sexual abuse at home...

More talk, less action when it comes to college hookups
19 September 2011
College students talk about hooking up a lot. In fact, they talk about it much more than it actually happens, as a new study reveals...

Male sex hormones raise heart risk
16 September 2008
Men are more likely to die of heart disease than women of a similar age and sex hormones are to blame, according to a new study...

What Men (Really) Want
27 August 2008
Men interviewed in a new study reported that being seen as honorable, self-reliant and respected was more important than being seen as attractive, sexually active or successful with women...

Bikinis Trigger Gimme, Gimme, Gimme Response
2 June 2008
Consumer research has revealed that watching a sexy video will cause men to seek immediate gratification - even when it involves non-sexy things such as money, soda or candy...

Eat Breakfast, Conceive A Boy
24 April 2008
A new study shows a clear link between a woman's higher energy intake around the time of conception and the birth of male infants...

New Book Slams Caveman Myth
19 February 2008
The notion that a man's sexual promiscuity and physical aggression can be traced to his stone-age ancestors is a myth, argues a new book that examines so-called "caveman mystique"...

Attractiveness Hereditary
21 November 2007
Sexy dads produce sexy sons, at least according to researchers who say that attractiveness is hereditary...

New Method Of Gender Assignment For Intersex Conditions
19 October 2007
The discovery of a stable sex hormone "signature" in human cells could soon help in assigning gender to intersex individuals whose genitals and sex chromosomes don't match...

XYY - One Chromosome Too Many
(6 May 2007)
The belief that males born with an extra Y chromosome are genetically predisposed towards criminality has been around for 50 years. But is XYY really a defect? While it's been shown that XYY males are not the natural born criminals they were thought to be, that doesn't mean that the extra Y chromosome doesn't have an effect...

Intersex - The Third Gender
(3 December 2006)
Every birth announcement card carries the essential information on the front cover. "It's a Boy!" or "It's a Girl!" Defining ourselves as one or the other is what gives us status as humans. We live in a bi-gendered world and you're either pink or you're blue. But what do you call a baby with a vagina and a penis?

When A Penis Becomes A Handicap
(16 October 2006)
Right now we're at a tipping point, and ground-zero is the classroom, where girls are consistently outperforming boys. They score higher in scholastic achievement and are already over-represented in colleges and universities. This is a complete reversal from a generation ago and no one knows why it's happening...

Will Science Make Men An Endangered Species?
(25 September 2006)
We may take out the trash and do the heavy lifting, but in reality we exist solely to pass on our genes. Everything else we do - from building bombs to burping babies - is indirectly in the service of shuffling the genetic deck between generations. But now that scientists have created a viable embryo without sperm, could our time be running out?

A Penis Doesn't Always Make A Man
(18 September 2006)
If it's got a Y chromosome it's a he; end of story, right? Well, not quite. Having a dick and balls is a strong indicator, but it's not absolute. There are two well documented exceptions to the rule: XY chromosome females and XX males. And androgen insensitivity can produce a whole spectrum of gender mash-ups, from males to hermaphrodites to smokin' hot babes...

Choosing Gender: Unnatural Selection?
(11 September 2006)
Gender selection is fraught with controversy, but whatever your ethical stance on the practice, you shouldn't deceive yourself into thinking that it's entirely new. Gender selection has been with us a long, long time...

The Penis Preference
(4 September 2006)
Kick-ass female characters are everywhere these days. But Buffy, Lara Croft and other icons of grrrl power aren't the celebration of the feminine so much as the celebration of the masculine in the guise of the feminine. After all these years of male diminishment and female ascendance, it's still better to be a boy...

Testosterone The Key To Embryo Sex Selection?
(28 August 2006)
More boys than girls were born following the two world wars - presumably nature's way of replenishing the decimated male gender. But how did nature "know" that a great chunk of the male gender had been killed off? And how did nature then tweak the sex ratio to fix things? The answer may surprise you and it could also open a Pandora’s Box of unrestricted DIY embryo sex selection...

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