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Lifestyle And STD Risk Factors

Study confirms HPV vaccine's effectiveness for boys
(7 February 2011)
A new multi-center study has found that the vaccine for human papillomavirus (HPV) can prevent 90 percent of genital warts in men...

STDs rife amongst older swingers
(28 June 2010)
Swingers - those who regularly swap sexual partners and indulge in group sex - have markedly higher rates of sexually transmitted infections and may provide a transmission bridge to the entire population, say medicos...

Lubes linked to increased STD risk
(7 June 2010)
Are lubricants a risk factor among men and women who engage in anal intercourse? Two new studies suggest the answer is yes...

Syphilis infections still climbing
(3 August 2009)
A report delivered to the National Foundation for Infectious Diseases reveals a steady rise in syphilis cases and gonorrhea's increasing resistance to antibiotics....

Age difference a key factor in STD risk
(6 April 2009)
The risk of contracting an STD from your partner is significantly affected by marijuana or alcohol use, age difference, and criminal record...

Middle-aged folks neglecting safe sex
(17 November 2008)
A high proportion of 30 - 40 year-old heterosexuals are not using condoms when they have sex with a new partner...

TV priming inexperienced viewers for risky sex
(1 October 2008)
Young people with limited sexual experience are more likely to replicate unsafe sexual behaviors shown on television - regardless of the consequences displayed on the TV show...

Doctors warn of new strain of Japanese scrumpox virus
(29 September 2008)
A new strain of the herpes scrumpox virus discovered in Japan appears to be highly pathogenic, according to virologists...

Alcohol, Drugs And Age Pivotal To HIV Risk
(26 August 2008)
Younger men who binge drink, use substances like methamphetamine and have sex with men account for nearly half of all new HIV infections in the United States...

Condom Usage Not Telling Whole Story On HIV Risk
(6 December 2007)
Health authorities are missing a powerful risk reduction strategy that appears to be taking place amongst HIV-positive men...

Doctors As Clueless About Herpes As Patients
(22 November 2007)
In a new survey, both doctors and patients underestimated the risks of passing on herpes during periods when there were no obvious outward symptoms of infection...

Study Slams Internet Cures For STDs
(20 November 2007)
Men with sexually transmitted diseases are putting themselves at risk by buying treatments over the Internet, according to new a study...

Scientists Mull Gay-Straight HIV Conundrum
(13 September 2007)
Sexual health researchers have crunched the numbers on HIV infection rates in an effort to work out why there is such a disparity between gay and straight transmission of the virus...

Pfizer Sued Over Viagra Ads
(23 January 2007)
The AIDS Healthcare Foundation is filing a lawsuit against Pfizer Inc., the manufacturer of the erectile dysfunction drug Viagra, over its marketing tactics and advertising which they say are responsible for increases in the transmission of sexually transmitted diseases...

Big Increase In Sex Worker Numbers
(5 October 2006)
The number of sex workers is increasing and so is the number of men who pay for sex - doubling in the decade from 1990 to 2000. But of greater concern is the disturbingly high number of unprotected sex acts reported...

Methamphetamine Doubly Dangerous For HIV
(17 August 2006)
Methamphetamine not only increases the likelihood of risky sexual behavior, it also boosts production of a virus attachment chemical that allows more of the HIV virus to enter cells...

Study Shows Oral Sex Risky For Common STD
(9 January 2006)
One of the most common sexually transmitted diseases affecting both men and women appears to be transmitted by fellatio...

Big Rise In Unprotected Gay Sex Has Experts Worried
(28 September 2005)
Medicos are concerned at the big upward trend in unprotected sex among gay men, blaming the rise on “prevention fatigue” and optimism about the effectiveness of new treatments...

Recreational Erectile Dysfunction Drug Use A Risk
(30 May 2005)
The recreational use of erectile dysfunction drugs is linked to a higher risk of sexually-transmitted diseases and doctors are worried that abuse of Sildenafil and methamphetamine by one patient may have led to the development of a highly virulent HIV mutant strain...

"Erectasy" Drug Combo Worries Experts
(20 December 2004)
The use of Viagra - often combined with illicit drugs such as Ecstasy - for recreational purposes is worrying doctors who believe it increases the risk of sexually transmitted infections...

Holidays Abroad Lead To Risky Sex And STDs
(26 July 2004)
A survey of holidaymakers found that a quarter had slept with a new partner while away and two thirds had not used condoms...

Crystal Meth Use Increases HIV Risk
(10 March 2004)
Crystal methamphetamine not only lowers inhibitions, it may also suppress a part of your immune system that's important in fighting off HIV...

Study Finds No Cases Of HIV From Oral Sex
(25 November 2002)
Researchers say HIV infection through unprotected oral sex is a very rare event and is rarer than HIV infection through receptive anal sex using a condom...

Amphetamine Speeds Up HIV Infection
(17 June 2002)
Researchers have found that exposing virus infected cells to methamphetamine increases those cells' ability to replicate the deadly virus as much as 15-fold...

Alcohol, Sex And AIDS
(16 October 2001)
A little-known link between injection drug use and heterosexual transmission of the virus that causes AIDS may be alcohol consumption. Now, a new study examines what role alcohol consumption may play among drug injectors who have unsafe sex...

HIV Infection From Oral Sex Is Rare Event Says Study
(3 September 2001)
A study by researchers found the probability of HIV infection through unprotected receptive oral sex with a man to be statistically estimated as zero...

How Safe Is Oral Sex?
(6 August 2001)
A new study shows how infected breast milk and semen overcome the body's natural saliva defense against oral HIV transmission…

Multiple Sexual Partners Increases Risk Of Prostate Cancer
(14 July 2001)
Men already know that sex with multiple partners, especially unprotected sex, can increase their risk of contracting HIV and various venereal diseases. They also can add that it may raise their odds of getting prostate cancer in middle age...

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