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Assisted Reproduction

Genital malformations a risk for IVF boys
(14 June 2010)
A surprisingly high 4 percent of IVF babies suffer congenital malformations, and the problem is much more common in boys...

Sperm from stem cells. Are men now redundant?
(9 July 2009)
For the first time, human sperm have been created from embryonic stem cells...

Better Method To Choose ICSI Sperm Needed
(21 July 2008)
Assisted reproduction techniques like intracytoplasmic sperm injection rely on technicians identifying a single healthy sperm for injection into the egg, but new research indicates that even normal, healthy looking sperm can have damaged DNA...

Fertility Hope For Klinefelter Syndrome Sufferers
(21 July 2007)
Men born with an extra X chromosome – a condition know as Klinefelter syndrome - were thought to be infertile but a pioneering technique means they may now be able to father children...

Rogue Immune Cells The Key To Male Infertility?
(8 July 2007)
Faulty immune cells that normally help sperm mature seem to determine whether a man will be fertile or not...

Sperm Banks In Need Of Makeover, Says Fertility Expert
(9 October 2006)
Sperm banks need to lift their image, as even patients suffering from cancer and facing treatments that may make them infertile find them less than enticing...

Choosing Gender: Unnatural Selection?
(11 September 2006)
Gender selection is fraught with controversy, but whatever your ethical stance on the practice, you shouldn't deceive yourself into thinking that it's entirely new. Gender selection has been with us a long, long time...

Testosterone The Key To Embryo Sex Selection?
(28 August 2006)
More boys than girls were born following the two world wars - presumably nature's way of replenishing the decimated male gender. But how did nature "know" that a great chunk of the male gender had been killed off? And how did nature then tweak the sex ratio to fix things? The answer may surprise you and it could also open a Pandora’s Box of unrestricted DIY embryo sex selection...

Sperm Banking A Good Investment For Cancer Patients
(6 March 2006)
Reproductive health experts believe that young men being treated for cancer should routinely be encouraged to bank their sperm so they will be able to father children in the future...

Sperm Banks In UK Running Low On Deposits
(10 November 2005)
Sperm donations in the United Kingdom have reached all time lows. Health experts are blaming new anonymity laws and problems with sperm quality...

More Options For Testicular Cancer Survivors To Father Children
(3 November 2005)
Better fertility techniques and sperm preservation mean that men with testicular cancer need not be overly concerned about their ability to father children...

Transplant Restores Fertility After Chemotherapy
(4 July 2005)
Surviving leukemia can also mean a loss of fertility for men, but a new sperm transplant procedure may restore fertility to those made infertile through chemotherapy...

Attitudes To Sperm Donation Changing
(31 January 2005)
There is an increasing trend in society to be more open about the use of sperm donors, but not all parents are comfortable with the new openness...

Sperm Donor Study Reassuring For All
(15 November 2004)
A new study should help allay fears that removing anonymity from sperm donors might lead to problems for the children or for their biological fathers...

Frozen Sperm Alive & Kicking After Twenty Years
(31 May 2004)
A baby has been born using sperm that had been frozen for 21 years - believed to be the longest period of sperm cryopreservation on record...

Frozen Or Fresh, Sperm Viability Not Affected
(17 May 2004)
Couples using IVF to conceive a child have the same likelihood of a successful pregnancy whether the sperm used is frozen or fresh...

Freeze-Dried Sperm Fertilizes Eggs
(4 March 2004)
In experiments with rabbits, researchers have managed to fertilize female eggs with sperm preserved using a freeze-drying technique...

New Sperm Sorting Method Improves Fertility
(21 July 2003)
A new method of finding the most viable sperm in the semen of men with low sperm motility could lead to a new approaches for treating male infertility...

Cell Transfer Restores Sperm Production
(6 February 2003)
In research that may one day help infertile men, scientists have transplanted specialized cells and restored sperm production in once infertile animals...

Caution Advised On Test For Male Infertility
(7 November 2002)
A male infertility test approved by the FDA for over the counter sale will only tell part of the story says a male infertility specialist...

Psychological Well-Being Of Infertile Men
(5 October 2000)
Infertile men trying alternative ways of achieving pregnancy with their wives are less stressed than men whose wives were already pregnant...

Fertility Controversy
(20 July 2000)
Should cancer patients undergo IVF to store frozen embryos and later have children? It may be good therapy for the mother -- but what about the child who might be bereaved at an early age...

Fathers Can Pass Along Infertility
(20 April 2000)
A common method of artificial insemination is passing on a genetic defect that causes infertility in men...

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