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1 February 2005
ProExtender Combo Traction System Launched
by George Atkinson

The ProExtender penis traction system is probably amongst the better known of the various traction enlargers available. It was developed by penile augmentation surgeon Jorn Ege Siana of Denmark in 1994 as an alternative to augmentation surgery. Over the last decade or so, the ProExtender has been the subject of a number of clinical studies and has established itself as the extender of choice among urologists and doctors throughout Europe.

The device has been available in the U.S. for only a relatively short time but is already regarded as one of the more popular traction devices available. To increase its popularity further, the ProExtender company is now offering a special complete system based around the device and a number of complementary products. The special package deal includes the following components:

  • The ProExtender Traction Device
    The makers claim this traction device provides the gentlest traction to the penis, with no discomfort at all. The body's reaction to the traction is a gradual enlargement of the penile tissue. The device gradually and naturally causes new tissue to be created for a larger, longer penis.

  • VigRX Penis Enhancement Pills
    The month's supply of VigRX will increase male sexual vigor, stamina, pleasure and performance according to the suppliers. In the context of this system, it will boost bloodflow to the penis and should assist in the tissue building that is occurring due to the traction.

  • Semenax Ejaculate Increaser Pills
    While they won't affect the size of your penis, Semenax pills contain all the ingredients to increase the volume of semen ejaculated by as much as 500 percent. Semenax also creates a corresponding increase in orgasmic pleasure as the power and duration of ejaculatory contractions is increased.

  • For Men Only - Natural Enlargement CD ROM
    This is the most complete collection of jelqing techniques available. The exercises were developed primarily by Al Alfaro of AJA Publishing. Alfaro is generally regarded as the guru of jelqing (massage) based enlargement, particularly advanced PE techniques. This CD ROM contains instructions for beginners as well as advanced exercises, pictures of how to perform the exercises as well as instructions on many other ways to improve your penis size and overall sexual health.

The company behind the package says that by combining all these approaches in an intelligently developed, controlled and conscientiously applied system, men will achieve better, faster and more lasting results than with any one method alone. According to them, the user will more quickly achieve:

  • A longer and thicker penis, even when flaccid (not erect)
  • Larger, harder erections
  • A boost in sexual performance and stamina
  • More powerful and intense orgasms
  • A greater volume of semen ejaculated and improved sperm motility (fitness)
  • Improved ejaculation control and faster recovery time after ejaculation

For more information on the ProExtender System,
Visit the ProExtender System website

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