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Prostate Cancer Research

Breakthrough drug halts prostate cancer metastasis
(4 April 2012)
The vast majority of prostate cancer-related deaths are caused by the cancer cells moving out of the prostate and spreading to other organs, a process that may now be stoppable...

Link established between prostate cancer death and smoking
(4 July 2011)
Men suffering from prostate cancer who smoke increase their risk of prostate cancer recurrence and of dying from the disease...

What's the connection between Parkinson's disease and prostate cancer?
(18 April 2011)
US researchers report compelling evidence that Parkinson's disease is associated with an increased risk of prostate cancer...

Cardiac drug shows promise as prostate cancer treatment
(4 April 2011)
Users of the heart failure drug digoxin had a 24 percent lower risk of prostate cancer, while those who had used it for more than 10 years had a 46 percent reduced risk...

Behavioral therapy after prostatectomy significantly reduces incontinence
(24 January 2011)
For men with urinary incontinence following a radical prostatectomy, participation in a behavioral training program that included pelvic floor muscle training resulted in a significant improvement in bladder control...

Exercise prolongs life for prostate cancer sufferers
(6 January 2011)
Scientists say physical activity is associated with a lower risk of overall mortality and of death due to prostate cancer...

Dramatic results from experimental prostate cancer treatment
(2 July 2009)
An experimental drug therapy has completely eradicated what were considered to be inoperable prostate cancers...

Soy Compound Stops Prostate Cancer Metastasis
(17 March 2008)
Genistein, a compound found in soybeans, dramatically slowed the spread of prostate cancer in animal tests...

Prostate Cancer Cells Can "Fuel" Themselves
(15 October 2007)
Treating prostate cancer often involves lowering testosterone, which was believed to "feed" the tumor. But now researchers think that the tumors may be able to make their own hormones...

Selenium And Prostate Cancer: What's The Link?
(12 June 2006)
The dietary mineral selenium can act as an antioxidant and reduce the risk of prostate cancer, but researchers aren't sure how it does this...

Prostate Cancer - Tomato Oil Study Seeks Participants
(19 November 2004)
A study to determine whether natural tomato oil may reverse or delay the formation of abnormal cells leading to prostate cancer is seeking at-risk men who may wish to be participants...

Common Virus Linked To Prostate Cancer
(9 August 2004)
A common virus that lives in the urinary tract may play a role in the development of prostate cancer...

Study Finds No Connection Between Testosterone Levels And Prostate Cancer
(2 February 2004)
Concerns that testosterone replacement therapy (raising testosterone levels in older men) might increase the risk of prostate cancer appear to be unfounded...

Whole Tomato Extract Lowers Risk Of Prostate Cancer
(6 November 2003)
Laboratory rats fed whole tomato powder - which contains lycopene and other compounds - had a lower risk of death from prostate cancer...

Whey May Prevent Prostate Cancer
(19 June 2003)
New research suggests that whey, a liquid byproduct from cheese production, may play a role in helping prevent prostate cancer...

Broccoli Blocks Prostate Cancer Cells
(5 June 2003)
Eat your veggies! Researchers have found that a chemical produced when eating broccoli can stifle the growth of prostate cancer cells...

Soy Extract Has Beneficial Effect In New Study
(12 May 2003)
A dietary supplement containing genistein, a soy extract, reduced PSA levels by as much as 61 percent in a group of prostate cancer patients...

Metastatic Prostate Cancer More Likely
(28 April 2003)
Prostate cancer patients face a 27% probability of developing metastatic disease - where the cancer spreads to other parts of the body - within seven years of initial diagnosis...

New DNA Method For Predicting Prostate Cancer
(17 April 2003)
The discovery that damaged DNA in the prostate closely resembles the DNA of prostate cancer may yield an effective new test for detecting primary prostate tumors...

Prostate Cancer Treatment Benefits From Vitamin D
(27 January 2003)
The addition of vitamin D to weekly treatment with the chemotherapy agent docetaxel appears to improve the therapeutic response in men with prostate cancer...

Flaxseed Diet Blocks Prostate Cancer Growth In Mice
(14 November 2002)
A diet rich in flaxseed seems to reduce the size, aggressiveness and severity of tumors in mice with prostate cancer...

Dogs Key To Understanding Prostate Cancer
(13 June 2002)
Only two animals - dogs and humans - get prostate cancer and now science is getting some canine help to clear up some of the mystery surrounding prostate cancer...

Vitamin E Plays Role In Preventing Prostate Cancer
(3 June 2002)
Vitamin E has a dramatic effect on the androgen receptor, a protein vital to the growth of prostate cancer cells...

Prostate Cancer Vaccine Begins Testing
(24 April 2002)
A University of Illinois at Chicago researcher has developed and is now clinically testing a vaccine that boosts the body's own immune system in an effort to cure prostate cancer...

High Intensity Ultrasound Treatment For Prostate Cancer
(7 February 2002)
A new clinical trial is investigating the efficiency and safety of using high intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) for treating prostate cancer...

Selenium May Help Prevent Prostate Cancer
(9 December 2001)
Men with low blood levels of selenium - a trace element in certain foods and supplements - are four to five times more likely to contract prostate cancer, according to a Stanford University urologist...

New Approach For Recurrent Prostate Cancer
(18 June 2001)
Results indicate that giving men chemotherapy with a particular drug before hormonal therapy may potentially be an effective strategy in treating prostate cancer that has come back following surgery or radiation therapy...

Soy Extract Reduces Prostate Cancer Growth
(5 June 2001)
New studies showed that genistein, a chemical found in soy, slowed prostate cancer growth in mice and caused prostate cancer cells to die...

Vaccine Against Prostate Cancer?
(7 April 2001)
Immunologists have found a protein on prostate cancer cells that tips off the immune system to the tumor's presence and brings in an armada of immune cells to destroy it...

Magnetic Rods To Treat Prostate Cancer
(10 February 2001)
Researchers are developing a new approach to treat prostate cancer. The treatment uses heat generated by implanted magnetic rods to destroy the cancer...

Prostate Cancer Treatment Challenged
(23 January 2001)
Research sheds new light on why existing therapies don't stop prostate cancer from returning...

Chinese Herbs Give Prostate Cancer Hope
(29 October 2000)
A popular herbal supplement used by prostate cancer patients has been found to significantly reduce prostate specific antigen levels in men with advanced disease...

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