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Analyses show huge savings from African circumcision roll-out
5 December 2011
The scaling up of voluntary medical male circumcision for HIV prevention in Africa would reap massive health cost savings for the impoverished nations most affected by HIV/AIDS, claim a number of new studies...

Efforts to ban infant male circumcision are "ethically questionable," claim medicos
5 October 2011
Johns Hopkins infectious disease experts say that banning circumcision is a mistake, as it protects men and their female partners from a number of sexually transmitted infections...

Circumcision nixes penile precancerous lesions
1 August 2011
An international study shows that among African men, circumcision is associated with a lower prevalence of HPV-associated precancerous lesions of the penis...

Penile bacteria and circumcision
7 January 2010
Circumcision, which substantially lowers HIV risk in men, also dramatically changes the bacterial communities of the penis, according to a new study...

New studies strengthen circumcision's role in AIDS prevention
27 April 2009
Two new studies claim to show that adult circumcision reduces the risk of contracting HIV without reducing pleasure or causing sexual dysfunction...

Circumcision found to help prevent HPV infection
12 January 2009
New studies show that circumcision appears to assist in the prevention of HPV infection; particularly the high-risk HPV subtypes that are associated with cervical and penile cancer...

New doubts about circumcision's HIV preventative effect
9 October 2008
A new meta-study has found that there is a lack of evidence that circumcision reduces the risk of human HIV infection among men who have sex with men...

New Circumcision Technique Quicker, Safer
4 August 2008
The evaluators of a new circumcision technique say it is superior to other methods and could be carried out in remote regions by non-doctors...

Midwest Tops List For Circumcisions
23 January 2008
Rates of circumcision vary widely across the nation, with new figures showing the Midwest to be a circumcision stronghold while the West reported the lowest figures...

New Study Overturns Previous Circumcision Findings
9 January 2008
Conventional wisdom holds that circumcision reduces penile sensitivity, but a large new study found that 98 percent of the men who were circumcised enjoyed the same levels of sexual satisfaction as the men who were not...

Circumcision Still A Divisive Issue In UK
7 December 2007
British doctors argue over whether infant male circumcision is an abuse of the rights of the child...

Circumcision Study Confirms Loss Of Penile Sensitivity
20 June 2007
Circumcision effectively excises the most sensitive areas of the penis, finds a study that confirms what many have long suspected...

Foreskin Restoration
(11 December 2006)
Foreskins supposedly feel great. They're a natural part of our sexual apparatus. Yeah, they require cleaning but so what? Is there a man out there who would be seriously chagrined at having to spend more time playing with his dick? On balance it's no contest. Having a foreskin beats not having one. But how far would you be willing to go to get one?

The Case For Penis Pruning
(6 November 2006)
There are two sides to every issue and circumcision is no different. You wouldn't know it from trawling the Internet though. There is a lamentable lack of balance on the subject of circumcision. On one side, circumcision is the moral equivalent of pitch-forking babies onto bonfires; on the other, circumcision is clean, sexy and as American as apple pie...

HIV And Circumcision
(5 June 2006)
Circumcision has sometimes been described as a solution in search of a problem. In the mid-19th century the problem was masturbation. Then it was syphilis. In the 1930s it was penile cancer. And let's not forget phimosis, balanitis and getting your dick caught in your zipper. It seems that with the passing of time the purported problems have gotten more trivial. Small wonder then that circumcision is on the wane. But suddenly, there's a big problem - AIDS...

The American Penis: In Circumcision We Trust
(29 May 2006)
In the mid 20th century the vast majority of males in the English speaking world were circumcised shortly after birth. By the end of the century the percentage (excepting the U.S.) hovered in the single digits. In New Zealand and Britain the neo-natal circumcision rate is below one percent. It is a stunning reversal, a medical about-face in the same league as Thalidomide. But it didn't happen overnight. It happened in different times and places for different reasons...

When Circumcision Was The Cure For Everything
(22 May 2006)
While mandated for Jews under God's law and for Muslims under the rationale that Mohammed had it done, various attempts have been made to apply a more logical rationale to circumcision. Maimonides, the 12th century Jewish theologian, argued that circumcision was necessary "to bring about a decrease in sexual intercourse and a weakening of the organ." But it wasn't until the 19th century that Dr. Louis Sayre single-handedly established circumcision as the cure-all for a multitude of diseases and ailments...

Circumcision Through The Ages
(8 May 2006)
The earliest reference to circumcision is provided in an Egyptian bas relief dated around 2400 BCE. Now it seems to me that this could just as easily be interpreted as a Nubian hand-job. What is purported to be a knife looks more like a jar of hand-lotion, and everyone appears to be having a good time, but hey, who am I to argue with the experts...

The Long And Painful History Of Circumcision
(1 May 2006)
So many disparate cultures practice, or have practiced, circumcision, that one is driven to wonder if there isnít some inborn human proclivity to hack off chunks of our dicks. Where does the idea come from? Were a bunch of Neanderthals hanging around the campfire feeling bored and looking for something new to do with their stone axes?

Forsaking The Foreskin
(24 April 2006)
According to a vocal group of anti-circumcision activists, a great wrong was perpetrated against men of my generation. Not only were we subjected to unnecessary pain and risk, we were forever deprived of the most glorious part of our anatomy - our foreskins. And I gotta say, while I harbor no ill will against my parents or the doctors who strongly recommended the procedure (you were thought to be an irresponsible parent if you didn't agree to the operation), I'm starting to wonder if the activists might have it right...

Circumcision: The Unkindest Cut?
12 September 2005
Controversial findings indicate that circumcised men may be less at risk of contracting sexually transmitted diseases like HIV, but the medical community maintains that leaving the penis intact is the best option...

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