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Penis Enlargement Experiences
Letters From Readers About Penis Enlargement

When I started using the stretching techniques and pc flexes I was 7" hard and about 5.5" around. After about a month or so I began to notice a moderate change in girth, and after about 3 months I am sittin at a little over 8" long and right at 6" around. The girl that I am with right now loves it and I think that girth is the most important factor over length. Hope this is helpful to someone!

With my graduate degree in biology and other extensive research in human anatomy, I never even gave it a second thought that I could benefit from your penile enlargement products. I knew the anatomical makeup of the penis and said to myself that these guys are just in a ‘fantasy racket’ that ought to just go away. Well, was I dead wrong! I started experimenting without really putting my heart into it with using a combination of penile stretching machine and jelging. After about three months for two one hour sessions per day, I saw some stable results that were not going to go away. I also starting taking Cealis to improve the cirulation around my groin area. I added about an inch to an inch and a half about two years ago now. Not completely satisfied with my improvement, I started pursuing the use of some of your penis pills. The combination worked but not the pills alone. After five months of two one hour sessions per day, I found myself extending out a full two inches from my original starting point about a year earlier. Two inches is relatively a huge increase on a 6 inch cock. But I still wanted more. While I have worked with a number of different products I have not been able to find anything that will directly improve upon my consistent 8 inch fully erect size.

I use the jelqing and stretching. Jelqing a few minutes everyday and pulling it in a good stretch while sitting at my computer etc. I have seen a real increase in girth and length. I reach down to pull it out for a little play and it feels like I have someone else's in my hand! When it gets hard it sits right up there in my face, noticed a good increase in precum which I enjoy and my cum is a nice white with a better volume now. I enjoy what I am seeing.

George, I had an average or slightly larger than average penis (6.7 inches by 5 inches girth) when I stumbled across a penis enlargement web site. This got my interest so I looked through a number of sites and found a range of information. I started jelqing and got frightened by the results because my penis got to 6 inches in girth in a few days but it was mostly swelling. This caused a problem with sex because I could no enter my wife properly. I stopped jelqing for about a month and my penis reduced to about 5.5 inches in girth but was tougher skinned. I did a bit more surfing on the web to get more information and for the last 4 months have been stretching when I visit the toilet and during showers; applying a vitamin E moisturising cream morning and night to stop skin flaking; jelqing for about five minutes in the shower and doing PC muscle exercises while watching TV at night or sitting at my desk for up to an hour a day. My penis is now 7.5 inches long and 6 inches girth at the base. I have tried to avoid making the head any bigger as I already have difficulty penetrating. It is a little over 2 inches across. The PC muscle exercise was important to ensure I can really stiffen my penis to enable proper penetration. I enjoy my sex life more and am more confident about my image but my wife has to stop me from penetrating fully as it hurts her.

First of all, penises does not top growing until about 20 years of age sometimes. Let it grow for some time and then try jelqing. That is what all the penis enlargement sites on the net are talking about.

Hello, I am 24 with a 5.5" dick (give or take). I have discovered the jelqing technique has actually worked for me. I have only started this technique recently and the results are positive. The results are nothing to get your dick out in the street and say "hey every one, look at my porn star- sized penis", but I've just started using it myself so it's to early to say what the final outcome will be. The results are noticable, both at the erect and non erect stages.

Penis size has absolutely no real correlation with a guy's height, the size of his hands or feet or nose or any other body part. Nor does it have much to do with what color he is or what country he's from. The size of a guy's penis has nothing to do with whether a guy is good in bed or his masculinity or sex drive either. Most importantly, it has nothing to do with who a guy is as a person and what he can accomplish with his life. We don't know what size the great men of history were, and we never will. It's none of our business. They were great because they decided to do the right thing. They were great because of a decision of their wills and not because of their mere physical bodies.

I have a 5 1/2" x 5" hard cock. I stress about it sometimes, of course, it's supposedly the "average" for adult males and hey i may still grow... so they say! Anyway, I've had sex with about four or five girls, never any complaints and two of them got off on a regular basis and the other couple varied. I've also gotten blown by a lot more girls and I've never had any complaints. I'm not saying that size doesn't matter and that its all about how you work it, thats not true, but basically deal with what you have and stop bitching and for all those guys out there who have never gotten laid because they have been too worried about their cock for years on end: chill the hell out and go get some ass. People, you might not be happy with a "below average" dick but you'll be a lot less happy if you don't go out and try... One last thing before i shut up, there are OTHER ways to pleasure women than sex.

It's really only been fairly recently (the last few generations) that we have been so sexually repressed. But natural selection did start when our ancestors had plenty of access to seeing what their partner was packing. They tended to choose height and strength to be sure to have a food supply and protection and I can't think but that they didn't check out the other equipment as well. However, it stands to reason that a male too small to impregnate a female would have been removed from the gene pool no matter what else he offered. In the modern world there is very little reason for a woman to select a man with a big penis. Most men know that satisfaction comes from other body parts. But with porn so available that screams that size counts men can't help but feel inadequate.

Here is a way that makes it longer and wider at the base. First rub some cream on it. Then grab it at the glands (the head of the penis) and pull down. Then grab it at the base and push down(make sure you get some muscle tissue) just before it hurts. When it becomes erect, let go. Start off with just 50 rep. Then work your way up at your own pace. Mine grew one whole inch in about two to three weeks!

Let us know about your experiences enlarging your penis. Email us with your feedback!

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