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Male Fertility And Paternity

Offspring of promiscuous males are more fertile
(21 January 2011)
New research shows that sperm from polygamous mice are better competitors in the race to fertilize the female's egg...

Sperm Donors Getting Short End Of The Stick
(27 May 2007)
Compared to egg donors, sperm donors are paid less for a much longer time commitment and a great deal of personal inconvenience...

Mr. Sperm Goes To War
(24 July 2006)
As we revealed last week, Mr. Sperm has grown from a run-of-the-mill round cell into a lean, mean fertilizing machine. The last we saw of him, Mr. Sperm had just been ejaculated into a vagina; about to begin the spermatological equivalent of running the Boston Marathon. Sure, only one can win but they all get to participate, right? Wrong. For a closer analogy, think of the first fifteen minutes of Saving Private Ryan...

Mr. Sperm: An Unauthorized Biography
(17 July 2006)
Sperm don't have existential angst, which is probably just as well. If they had brains and self-awareness they might well be intimidated by the daunting journey that lies before them ejaculation into the great unknown. Indeed, the biography of a single sperm is one of the greatest stories never told. At stake is nothing less than the continuation of life itself. Every person and animal that has ever walked the Earth is the product of an incredible victory of one lone cell against almost impossible odds...

Who's Your Daddy? Paternity Testing Booming
(12 August 2005)
Soaring rates of paternity testing indicate that up to 4 percent of dads could unknowingly be raising another man's child say researchers...

Paternity Testing A "Guy Thing"
(11 October 2004)
A much greater percentage of men than women favor routine paternity testing when a baby is born, says a new survey...

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