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1 November 2004
Traction Research Results
by George Atkinson

Research presented at the 1st Virtual Sexology and Hispanoamerican Sexual Education Congress in Madrid revealed the use of penis traction devices to be effective in increasing both the length and perimeter (girth) of the penis. The research examined the effects of traction-based penile stretching on 37 Spanish men aged between 22 and 60 over a six month period. The men used the traction devices for 10 hours a day and the results were checked on a monthly basis. The traction force used was increased each month up to a maximum of 1200 grams.

The researchers utilized the Size Genetics traction device which is manufactured in Germany and available worldwide. Key results from the survey included:

  • The average increase per month in the length of the erect penis was 0.47cm.
  • The average monthly length increase of the penis in the flaccid state was 0.48cm.
  • After three months usage, the median length increase in the erect state was 1.41cm. After six months usage, the median length increase in the erect state was 3.33cm
  • The average length in the erect state after six months represented a 27.5% increase over the subjects initial erect length.
  • The increases in size did not depend on the age of the patient.

Penis girth gains were also apparent with use of the device. An average girth increase of approximately 0.80cm was recorded for each month's usage of the device. As with the increases in length, the increases in girth were recorded in both the erect and flaccid states. The researchers cautioned, however, that the increases in girth were more disparate than the increases in length.

The researchers said the increase in both length and girth was directly proportional to the amount of time the device was used. They also reported that the increase in erect and flaccid length did not depend on the natural size of the subject's penis.

In another study - published in the International Journal of Impotence Research - researchers examined the effectiveness of penis-stretching physiotherapy for patients with Peyronie's disease. After three months of traction treatment the researchers reported a mean decrease in the subject's penis curvature of 40 percent.

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