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Improving Male Fertility

Omega-3 vital for strong sperm, say fertility experts
(11 January 2012)
Scientists have discovered that DHA, an omega-3 fatty acid found in fish, is vital for the creation of healthy, strong-swimming sperm...

Vitamin D puts a rocket under sperm motility
(30 May 2011)
Scientists already knew that vitamin D levels were important for fertility in various animals, but now Danish researchers have shown it is also vital in humans...

Antioxidants provide male fertility boost
(19 January 2011)
A new review of clinical trials suggests that partners of men who take antioxidants are more likely to become pregnant...

Venous Embolization Used To Improve Sperm
(23 July 2008)
A simple, minimally invasive treatment for a common cause of male infertility can significantly improve a couple's chances of pregnancy, report doctors...

Sperm Abnormalities Linked To Folate Levels
(20 March 2008)
Men with lower levels of the nutrient folate in their diets have higher rates of chromosomal abnormalities in their sperm...

Mr. Sperm Goes To War
(24 July 2006)
As we revealed last week, Mr. Sperm has grown from a run-of-the-mill round cell into a lean, mean fertilizing machine. The last we saw of him, Mr. Sperm had just been ejaculated into a vagina; about to begin the spermatological equivalent of running the Boston Marathon. Sure, only one can win but they all get to participate, right? Wrong. For a closer analogy, think of the first fifteen minutes of Saving Private Ryan...

Mr. Sperm: An Unauthorized Biography
(17 July 2006)
Sperm don't have existential angst, which is probably just as well. If they had brains and self-awareness they might well be intimidated by the daunting journey that lies before them – ejaculation into the great unknown. Indeed, the biography of a single sperm is one of the greatest stories never told. At stake is nothing less than the continuation of life itself. Every person and animal that has ever walked the Earth is the product of an incredible victory of one lone cell against almost impossible odds...

Soy Foods Increase Semen Quantity, Lower Sperm Quality
(1 November 2007)
Researchers have found a significant inverse association between soy food intake and sperm concentration...

New Treatment For Varicoceles A Success
(29 November 2006)
Tangled blood vessels in the scrotum, known as varicoceles, can now be treated with a minimally invasive procedure that improves sperm motility...

Sperm Concentration Boosted With Zinc, Folic Acid
(7 November 2005)
The reasons behind it aren’t clear, but zinc and folic acid can positively boost sperm concentration in men whose fertility is below optimum levels...

Pharma Companies Aim To Crank Up Sperm Volume
(12 July 2004)
A number of companies are introducing supplements that promise to increase ejaculate volume and improve fertility by helping make healthier sperm...

Leaves Of Khat Plant May Boost Male Fertility
(5 July 2004)
A chemical that occurs naturally in the leaves of an African plant could boost male fertility by stimulating the final stage of sperm maturation...

Tree Bark Improves Sperm Quality
(18 August 2003)
A natural substance obtained from the bark of French pine trees seems to reduce deformities in sperm and improve chances of fertilization...

Ejaculate More Often For Better Sperm
(30 June 2003)
New research indicates that while refraining from sex will increase the volume of ejaculate, sperm quality will suffer...

Prayer Increases Fertility
(2 October 2001)
Prayer seems to almost double the success rate of in vitro fertilization procedures that lead to pregnancy, according to the surprising results from a recent study...

Dress For Reproductive Success
(30 November 2000)
In many animals, the difference between male and female is strikingly apparent. This is especially true in birds, fish and some insects where colors and other adornments can spell the difference between mating success and failure. Now the genetic circuit that controls this has been found...

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