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AIDS/HIV - Treatment Research

Prevalence of HIV superinfection surprises researchers
(20 June 2012)
HIV superinfection (infection with multiple strains of the virus) may be as common as initial HIV infection and is not limited to high risk-populations, according to a surprising new study...

Researchers explore HIV heart attack link
(21 May 2012)
A 10-year study has found patients with HIV/AIDS suffered sudden cardiac death at a rate four times higher than the general population...

Late-stage AIDS slowed with marijuana-like chemicals
(22 March 2012)
Marijuana-like chemicals trigger receptors on immune cells that can inhibit a type of HIV found in late-stage AIDS, say Mount Sinai School of Medicine researchers...

Breakthrough in flushing latent HIV
(12 March 2012)
The biological mechanism that keeps the HIV virus hidden and unreachable by current antiviral therapies can be targeted and interrupted by a drug used to treat lymphoma...

HIV drugs causing premature aging
(29 June 2010)
A class of anti-retroviral drugs used to treat HIV in Africa and low income countries can cause premature aging...

Acne drug stalls HIV replication
(29 March 2010)
Johns Hopkins scientists say an inexpensive acne antibiotic in use since the 1970s can target HIV infected immune cells and prevent the virus from reactivating and replicating...

HIV treatments may prematurely age brain
(26 January 2010)
The treatments used to control HIV infection may be prematurely aging the brain, researchers say...

New slant for HIV vaccine development
(18 May 2009)
Researchers may have broken the impasse that has frustrated the invention of an effective HIV vaccine by bypassing the usual method of development...

HIV boffins look to slow-progressors for antibody recipe
(23 March 2009)
Scientists have gone back to square-one in their efforts to create a HIV vaccine and this time they're taking their cue from nature by examining the diverse cocktail of natural antibodies that slow-progressing HIV patients carry...

Gene therapy shows promise against HIV
(24 February 2009)
A new study contends that cell-delivered gene transfer can reduce viral load, preserve the immune system and do away with lifelong antiretroviral therapy...

HIV Attenuated By Non-Progressors
(23 March 2008)
The HIV strain transmitted by those who possess the genetic advantages to control the virus (non-progressors) appears to be attenuated and results in improved survival, even when the newly infected person does not have the non-progressor genes...

Researchers Identify Protein That Fights HIV
(4 March 2008)
A major genetic mystery has been solved that could lead to a HIV vaccine: How a protein in some people's DNA guards them against immune diseases such as HIV...

Antiretroviral Drugs May Block HIV Transmission
(5 February 2008)
Upsetting conventional wisdom, a new study suggests that antiretroviral drugs used to treat HIV could also protect people from getting the AIDS virus...

HIV Turbocharged By Semen
(14 December 2007)
A plentiful component of human semen drastically enhances the ability of HIV to cause infection...

Thai HIV Subtype The Deadliest
(28 November 2007)
HIV subtype E, the most common strain of HIV in Thailand, may be more virulent and deadlier than other subtypes of the virus...

Herpes Drug Reduces HIV Infectiousness
(16 November 2007)
The drugs used to suppress the herpes virus decrease the levels of HIV in the blood and rectal secretions, which may make sufferers less likely to transmit the virus...

Trial Of HIV Vaccine Starts In Africa
(9 February 2007)
A large-scale study to evaluate a potential HIV vaccine is about to commence in South Africa...

New Test Could Lead To Customized HIV Treatment
(8 January 2007)
A test for identifying which strains of HIV are harbored in a patient's bloodstream should allow doctors to quickly assess optimal treatment options...

Natural Immunity Comes Under Spotlight In HIV Fight
(2 November 2006)
HIV-infected patients in whom the disease never manifests itself, known as long-term non-progressors, are the focus for researchers who are trying to establish how their bodies accomplish the feat...

Breakthrough Made In Controlling HIV Virus
(14 September 2006)
Canadian scientists have identified a defect in the human body's immune response to HIV and have found a way to correct the flaw...

HIV Treatment Holidays "A Bad Idea," Says New Study
(20 July 2006)
A new analysis of AIDS drug treatment interruptions - or "holidays" - has confirmed that they are not beneficial for most HIV patients...

New HIV Research May Yield Better Treatments
(3 April 2006)
Scientists are close to isolating two proteins that can destroy the DNA made by the HIV virus, while other researchers are working with genetically modified tobacco plants that could provide a vaccine against HIV...

HIV Subtype A Better Indicator Of AIDS Mortality
(20 February 2006)
Rather than the usual viral load measurements, AIDS researchers believe that the type of HIV infection may be a better predictor of early death...

Sunflowers May Provide New AIDS Drug
(16 January 2006)
A novel new substance derived from sunflower plants appears to stop the HIV virus reproducing, but so far, only in laboratory cell cultures...

Infection By Multiple HIV Strains Possible
(30 August 2004)
Researchers now believe that HIV positive patients can become infected with a second strain of the HIV virus. These so-called "superinfections" may be resistant to drug treatment...

Green Tea Prevents HIV From Binding To Human T Cells
(13 November 2003)
The major component of green tea prevents the binding of HIV to human T cells, the first step in HIV infection, according to a new study...

Worldwide Trial For HIV Vaccine
(9 October 2003)
A synthetically produced HIV gene – which cannot cause HIV infection - is about to be trialled in worldwide tests...

New Method To Flush Out HIV
(18 September 2003)
Scientists have devised a new technique to switch on and drive hibernating HIV from its hiding places in the body...

Alternative Medicine Warning For HIV Patients
(10 July 2003)
Many HIV-infected Americans use alternative medicines that could interact with conventional HIV therapies...

Natural Gene Mutation Protects HIV-Infected Patients
(19 May 2003)
How do approximately 25-30 percent of HIV-infected patients naturally thwart the development of AIDS?

Alcohol Consumption Speeds HIV
(15 May 2003)
Alcohol abuse and HIV can compromise immune function and when combined, will increase HIV progression...

Infection By Multiple HIV Strains Possible
(20 January 2003)
An individual who became infected with a second strain of HIV despite effective drug treatment following the first infection has researchers concerned...

New Avenue Of HIV Attack On Immune System Found
(14 October 2002)
Researchers in Minnesota have discovered a new process by which HIV damages the immune system...

New Drug Suppresses HIV
(30 September 2002)
The protease inhibitor lopinavir/ritonavir suppressed HIV to undetectable levels over a four year trial...

Potential HIV Vaccine Shows Promise
(22 August 2002)
AIDS researchers have developed a candidate vaccine strategy that, for the first time, shows an ability to elicit antibodies that block the infection of multiple HIV virus strains...

Growth Hormone Fights HIV
(15 July 2002)
Growth hormone appears to stimulate the production of T cells - vital for a healthy immune system - in HIV-infected patients...

Drug-Resistant HIV On The Rise
(8 July 2002)
A rising number of Californians are being infected with HIV that is already resistant to some classes of antiretroviral drugs...

HIV Vaccine Trial Begins
(16 May 2002)
A vaccine that dramatically slowed the reproduction of the AIDS virus in laboratory monkeys is now to be tested on healthy, non-infected human subjects...

Manganese Blocks HIV Replication
(29 April 2002)
Scientists have found that simply increasing manganese in cells can halt HIV's unusual ability to process its genetic information backwards, providing a new way to target the process's key enzyme driver...

Stress Accelerates HIV And Hinders Antiretroviral Drugs
(1 November 2001)
Research on the molecular mechanisms linking stress and HIV reveals that stress enables HIV to spread more quickly and prevents antiretroviral drugs from restoring immune system function...

New Mechanism For Supressing HIV
(8 October 2001)
Studies have shown that Peptide-T — a synthetic compound of amino acids — can suppress HIV by preventing the virus from entering healthy human cells...

Early Therapy For HIV Promising
(17 September 2001)
A HIV treatment using a high potency, three-drug combination treatment given in the earliest stages of HIV infection may preserve or enhance a patient’s immunity against HIV...

Why Some HIV Patients Shun Treatment Completely
(18 August 2001)
HIV-positive patients from rural areas may shun life-extending medical treatments rather than risk breaches of confidentiality, according to a new study...

No Effective Treatment For Mutating HIV
(10 August 2001)
New medications are urgently needed for individuals who have drug-resistant HIV, and academia, industry and government must work together to bring them into the clinic, urge AIDS researchers...

Minor Mutations In HIV Virus Have Major Impact
(20 July 2001)
In what could be a setback for HIV vaccines currently in development, researchers say that HIV can mutate in order to hide from an immune attack, and, once these mutations occur they persist...

Antioxidants May Prevent HIV Dementia
(14 May 2001)
Antioxidant drugs may help prevent the effects of HIV on the brain, according to a preliminary study using cell cultures...

Positive Data On Vaccine To Combat HIV
(12 April 2001)
Researchers today announced positive pre-clinical data for a HIV vaccine that is designed to directly address the problem of viral mutation...

Electronic "Mother" For HIV Patients
(19 March 2001)
A portable device that's "a cross between a pager and your own mother" can, within half a year, lead to a significant drop in the amount of virus HIV patients carry in their blood...

New AIDS Vaccine Prevents Disease In Monkeys
(10 March 2001)
A multiprotein AIDS vaccine has prevented the development of AIDS in monkeys infected with a highly virulent analogue of HIV seven months after vaccination...

New Approach To AIDS Treatment
(20 December 2000)
A naturally-occurring protein in blood prevents the AIDS virus from reproducing and from being spread to healthy cells...

New HIV Vaccine Study
(11 December 2000)
Researchers are testing a new HIV vaccine to determine if it is safe and whether it induces an immune response in the body...

Interrupted Therapy For HIV
(28 November 2000)
Regular holidays from HIV drugs may help the immune system control the virus on its own, at least in monkeys...

Immune System Can Control HIV
(28 September 2000)
A research team has shown that HIV-infected individuals who begin antiviral therapy during the earliest stages of their infection eventually can stop taking drugs and keep the virus under control with their immune systems alone...

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