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30 July 2009
Penile augmentation "over-hyped"
by George Atkinson

Cosmetic surgery procedures such as bicep implants, penile enlargement and vaginal rejuvenation are performed significantly less frequently than other cosmetic procedures, according to The American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery's (AACS) Less Common Cosmetic Procedures consumer survey.

In notes accompanying the survey, the researchers contend that while the mass media has made it seem that such procedures are in high demand, the survey results reveal that less common cosmetic procedures are generally "over-hyped and over-analyzed."

According to the survey, only 1.6 percent of respondents reported ever having procedures such as bicep or tricep implants, calf implants, buttock implants, lip implants or penile augmentation. The researchers say that the number is significantly small and does not provide evidence of a growing trend.

When respondents were asked to report what kind of less common cosmetic surgery procedure they had performed, the most common response was eyelash restoration (43 percent) and bicep or tricep implants (29 percent).

"This survey highlights that even though there has been increased attention on these procedures, the numbers prove that the trend is minimal at this point in time," said Dr. Patrick McMenamin, President of the AACS.

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Source: American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery

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