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16 August 2004
Penis Traction Devices
by George Atkinson

Traction is commonly used in Western medicine to help with tissue healing after plastic surgery and to assist in the treatment of burns and other trauma injuries. More dramatic effects of traction can be seen with the Sadhus holy men of India, who ritually employ penis stretching to achieve spiritual enlightenment, or the African Mursi women who use traction to stretch their lips to incredible dimensions. In the West, penis traction devices were originally used as a recovery aid for men after penile enhancement surgery.

Penis traction systems, while relatively new in the U.S., are more established in Europe and are accepted there as a mainstream treatment option. The widespread interest in the use of traction devices to increase penis size in the U.S. is likely due to the affordability of the newer models coming on to the market. As well as being less expensive, the newer machines are discreet, and can often be worn under everyday clothing.

Traction devices work by stretching (stressing) the penis tissue and relying on the body to rebuild the stretched tissue. Traction programs utilize a cycle of stretching sessions interspersed with rest periods that give the body time to rebuild the stretched tissue. The resulting regeneration and tissue expansion in the penis produces an increase in both length and girth. Size increases are achieved in both the flaccid and erect states, with lengthening of an inch or more possible after 2-3 months.

The devices themselves can vary in complexity and price. Some models have vacuum attachments to increase blood flow to the penis while a stretching session is in progress. Others have a complex arrangement of gears and cogs to achieve the stretching. At its most basic, a typical penis traction device consists of a plastic retainer which sits at the base of the penis on the pubic bone. An adjustable rod on each side of the retainer is linked to a flexible band which sits under the glans (head) of the penis. The flexible band should hold the head of the penis comfortably and firmly. The rods are adjusted to provide the appropriate level of stretching and can be lengthened in due course.

Traction devices for the penis can provide excellent results with little effort over a moderate time-frame (several months). As such, they make a good alternative strategy for men unwilling, or unable, to perform the more commonly used manual exercises (jelqing). The fact that many of the more modern traction devices can be worn under clothing is a benefit although care should be exercised that the device is not worn for too a long a period.

As with vacuum pumps, which can cause injury if used incorrectly, men should exercise care with any traction device they attach to their penis. Ensure that any device you may try comes with a comprehensive guide for safe use and as always, don't be afraid to get some advice if you're unsure of any aspect of the program.

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