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Enlargement Websites
by George Atkinson

For men in good physical health, without any conditions affecting their penis, natural enlargement - or jelqing - provides a method to increase size. We do not recommend pumping and we would advocate penis enlargement surgery only as a last resort after thorough consultations with both your own doctor and a counselor with experience in such matters. Read our Enlargement FAQ for more information about natural enlargement, augmentation surgery and other enlargement methods.

Below, we identify two websites that offer well-constructed natural enlargement programs. We’ve indicated below the unique features that may influence your choice as to which program you choose. But you should also consider:

Why do you want to enlarge your penis?
Many enlargement sites pronounce the average size as “small”. Don’t embark on an enlargement program simply because a website tells you your penis is too small. Any penis that is more or less average size does not need to be enlarged to provide pleasure in either a straight or gay relationship. If your penis is of an average size then there is absolutely no reason to undertake an enlargement program. Why not check our survey results? You’ll find that your penis is probably around average size, in which case, why worry about enlarging it?


Penis Advantage
Specialist: Roger Miller
High level of support
Unique exercises
Short form (quick) exercises

Click Here To View The Penis Advantage Website

Penis Advantage offers a comprehensive set of natural penis enlargement exercises complete with video and pictorial support material covering all their jelqing exercises. What makes them superior, however, is their committment to member support and their unique range of exercises. Support is vitally important and Penis Advantage respond to all email enquiries from members within one day. Members can be assured of having their questions answered promptly without causing a disruption to their exercise schedule. The exercises themselves are unique to Penis Advantage and have been refined to minimize the time taken to complete them. This is important as one of the main reasons men fail to complete penis enlargement regimes is the time taken to complete the exercises - sometimes an hour a day or more. By refining the jelqing exercises, Penis Advantage has condensed an effective jelqing program into just 8 minutes a day. With such a modest demand on time, men will gain penis size faster than programs where exercises are often skipped because of the length of time they require.

For Size
Specialist: A.J. Alfaro
Excellent peer support
Wide range of exercises
Caters to all levels

Click Here To View The For Size Website

The For Size program is a well designed regime of exercises designed to lengthen, thicken, and strengthen the penis, taking the subscriber from beginner - to advanced - levels of penis enlargement with online video instructions and supporting materials. The tutorial materials are excellent, well organised and with good attention to detail. In addition to the enlargement and strengthening exercises, For Size offers member discussion forums, a chat room, a complete section devoted to sexual techniques and an online consultation forum hosted by founder A.J. Alfaro. Alfaro's enthusiasm is infectious and subscribers are assured of committed and expert coaching whilst undertaking his enlargement program.

Let us know about your experiences with natural penis enlargement. Email us here. We value your feedback!

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