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20 March 2000
Penis Enlargement Research Results Released
by George Atkinson

Darren Beale, proprietor of Penis Health, says he was fed up with what he called "all the nonsense that passes for fact on penis enlargement websites." Beale says that despite the large number of high-profile penis enlargement websites on the Internet, none had actually done any research into the actual penis size gains achieved by users of their natural penis enlargement programs. "It's unbelievable what passes for fact on many of these websites. Claims of penis size increases of six inches are just ludicrous," says Beale.

Last year, Beale set out to change that by commissioning a detailed study amongst fifty randomly selected members of a natural penis enlargement (jelqing) program. Beale says that his penis enlargement program is the first to sponsor research into the effectiveness of its jelqing techniques. Subscribers were asked to complete two surveys - one prior to commencing the penis enlargement program - and one on completion of the penis enlargement program.

Results from the survey make interesting reading as to what results men can really hope to achieve from a penis enlargement program. Key findings include;

  • Average increase in penis length was 1.8 inches
  • Average increase in penis girth was 1.6 inches
  • Average time spent on the penis enlargement exercises was 22 minutes per day for 4 days a week
  • Interestingly, many respondents reported a much higher sex drive and increased sexual (ejaculatory) control
  • Age was not in factor in any of the penis size results

Beale said that too many penis enlargement websites focussed on the provision of instructional material rather than conducting basic research into the effectiveness of their penis enlargement programs. "Having video and lots of penis enlargement resource material available is only part of the penis enlargement solution. We had research done which is the first of its kind in the field of penis enlargement. We want to clarify the whole field of natural penis enlargement so that men understand what they can achieve. That's also the reason behind our decision to have a doctor review all aspects of our jelqing program."

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