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10 November 2002
Jelqing Question And Answer
by George Atkinson

A.J. Alfaro (Big Al) of the ForSize website recently put together some answers to the most commonly asked questions about natural penis enlargement (jelqing) for AltPenis.

How does jelqing enlarge the penis?
Jelqing exercises work in two ways: rebuilding and expanding the spongy bodies in the penis known as the corpora cavernosa and the corpus spongiosum, and, lengthening the ligaments of the penis, the main one being the suspensory ligament. A good example of ligament stretching can be seen in the women that belong to the Padaung tribe of Myanmar. Referred to as "Giraffe Women", they are known for their extremely elongated necks. From an early age, these women wrap metal coils around their necks. Over time, as more coils are added, the necks are stretched ten inches or more in length.

What is the best jelqing exercise for increasing penis length?
In manual stretches, nothing beats the "Tension Stretch". Why? The penis is anchored to the pubic bone by several ligaments. In order to stretch these ligaments, it's necessary to perform a stretch that taxes all of the ligaments involved. By "rotating" the stretched penis, you are effectively stretching all the ligaments without cutting off circulation.

What about increasing penis girth?
The easiest and most common exercise for increasing girth would have to be the jelq. As a beginner's exercise, it's fine, but for more advanced enlargement, I believe the jelq to be highly overrated. My recommendation is "the squeeze" exercise. Many men, after jelqing for several months and doing hundreds of repetitions a day, report an even better result by doing the squeeze for just a few dozen repetitions. The squeeze will expand the the spongy tissues of the penis and stretch the tunica (the elastic-like casing of the penis). Id like to make clear the distinction between the "uli" exercise and the squeeze exercise. The uli involves the use of only one hand squeezing the base of the penis. The squeeze however involves the use of both hands, one at each end.

How long before I see results from jelqing and other exercises?
Many men start seeing changes in penis size within a few weeks. Some men have added up to an inch or more in less than a month. This is uncommon but not impossible. How quickly you see results is entirely dependent on keeping up the exercises and following instructions closely.

How big can I make my penis?
Some advanced users stop making gains because they fall victim to the "more is better" mode of thinking. They say, "Hey, I did 50 repetitions of 'the squeeze', and my penis is a half inch bigger. If it only took 50 repetitions to add that half inch, then with 100 repetitions, I should be able to add a whole inch!" This a fallacy and men should ensure they follow the routines as instructed. The penis needs to be treated with care and good jelqing routines are designed to avoid discomfort and injury.

Do jelqing exercises take a long time to do?
For beginners, the exercises shouldn't take more than 30 minutes a day. For more advanced levels of penis enlargement, an hour or more is not uncommon. Taking some of the time you normally spend watching TV and using it for penis enlargement is a good way to start.

Who can I get jelqing help from?
Finding a good program is very important. Does the program offer consultation services? How is their support? How long do they take to answer emails? Is the info regularly updated? Are there various routines to choose from? Are the guidelines easy to follow? Good jelqing programs should also offer message boards and discussion forums for members to discuss routines and results.

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