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10 November 2008
New book aims to demystify jelq
by George Atkinson

A new book, Exercising The Penis by Aaron Kemmer, explains in 220 pages how penile exercising, or jelqing, works. Complete with illustrations, the author painstakingly covers all aspects of the various exercises as well as various routines for more advanced users.

Kemmer says he wrote the book to counter what he calls the confusion and misunderstanding surrounding penis enlargement. "There's a lot of misinformation and in many cases too much information for guys to know exactly what to do. Even worse, a lot of information contradicts other information. So when a guy thinks he knows exactly what he's supposed to do, he often doesn't," he explained.

Refreshingly, the first chapters in the book deal with some of the myths surrounding jelqing and the penis. The author notes that the exercises are not a quick fix and will, in fact, take months to yield results. He also doesn't employ the huckster's technique of overestimating the size of the average penis to make men feel inadequate. Kemmer pegs the average todger at just under six inches (5.88) which is very similar to the ongoing survey here on altPenis. He also stresses how important mindset is, noting that; "If you believe your penis is small, then it is small. If you believe your penis is perfect then it is perfect."

Kemmer gives out lots of sound advice in these opening chapters, particularly his warning to newbies about the dangers of over-exercising and the damage that can result. This is important, as men starting a jelqing regime often mistakenly believe that the more they exercise their penis, the faster they'll see size gains. In fact, "obtaining adequate rest" is one of the three cornerstones of what the author calls the "Circle of Gains." The other components are the "gradual increase of intensity" and "monitoring of body clues." Following these three principles religiously, says Kemmer, will maximize results and minimize injury.

As for the exercises themselves, Kemmer writes in detail about the following four routines which he asserts are the fundamental penile exercises:

  • The kegel
  • The warm up
  • The jelq
  • The basic stretch

Each exercise has several chapters dedicated to it in the book. The author covers not only the exercises themselves but also commonly asked questions about the exercises and also the pitfalls that may await the newbie. "Just as you can injure yourself by lifting weights the wrong way at the gym, you can injure your penis by exercising the wrong way too. For one reason or another, most men try to rush through penile exercising in the same manner they rush through foreplay. Similarly, this very common mistake leads to an unsettling experience," warns Kemmer.

After the exercises, the book then details example routines for both beginners and advanced users. Later chapters deal with anatomy, more advanced exercise routines, side-effects and a whole range of commonly asked questions. The author also discusses supplements and mechanical devices, but the bulk of the book is made up of material about manual penile exercises.

In writing this book, there's no doubt that Kemmer has acquired a substantial volume of information on the subject of jelqing which he has presented in a logical, sequential way. The book is also illustrated with a large number of photographs and diagrams which will help new users quickly get the hang of the exercises.

And for those men who don't buy the book, Kemmer's advice is: "use less intensity than you think you need in the beginning, and always increase the intensity bit by bit as times goes on. Also, since how much you gain is often based on how you exercise, be sure you learn as much as possible from others."

The online version of Aaron Kemmer's book

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