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Nerve damage under-diagnosed in ED cases
(3 May 2012)
Peripheral nerve damage is a major contributor to erectile dysfunction but is rarely diagnosed, suggests a new study...

Dismal economy increasing male sex drive
(24 October 2011)
Men pursue more sexual partners when faced with a threatening environment such as the current financial crisis, says a US psychologist...

Social networks and erectile dysfunction
(9 August 2011)
Researchers have identified a new source for erectile problems among older men: the friendships between their female partners and the men's closest friends...

Erection problems after weight-loss surgery
(10 January 2011)
Achieving a healthy weight generally leads to better penile function, but when the weight loss is achieved via surgery, the risk of erectile dysfunction increases...

Erectile meds linked to STD risk
(12 July 2010)
A new report claims that men over 40 who use erectile dysfunction drugs are more likely to have sexually transmitted diseases...

Experts urge full cardiovascular exam before ED drugs
(31 May 2010)
Men experiencing impotence should undergo thorough medical assessments, say experts, after it was found that many men with erectile dysfunction also have coronary artery disease...

Viagra linked to sudden hearing loss
(19 May 2010)
New research shows an association between sudden hearing loss and the use of the erectile dysfunction drug Viagra...

Restless leg syndrome linked to impotence
(4 January 2010)
Erectile dysfunction is more prevalent in older men with restless leg syndrome and the severity of the problem increases in tandem with the frequency of restless leg symptoms...

Nanoparticles could deliver erectile meds through the skin
(21 September 2009)
In lab experiments, nanoparticles encapsulating nitric oxide or prescription drugs show promise for the topical treatment of erectile dysfunction...

Hep C therapy can derail erectile function
(7 September 2009)
Impaired sexual function is common among men undergoing antiviral therapy for hepatitis C, according to a new study...

Obesity found to hinder erectile meds
(31 August 2009)
Even with the use of erectile dysfunction medications, obese men may not able to achieve erections adequate for intercourse...

ED drugs get all-clear after vision study
(14 April 2009)
Even if taken daily over a six month period, the erectile dysfunction drugs tadalafil and sildenafil did not appear to trigger any eye-related complications...

Testosterone critical for healthy erectile function
(2 March 2009)
Researchers have found that testosterone gel can make erectile dysfunction drugs more effective and can also assist in maintaining the integrity of the penis' cavernosal structures...

Erectile dysfunction the canary in the coalmine
(23 October 2008)
Erectile dysfunction gives a two to three year early warning of heart attack, says an expert...

Sexual dysfunction can persist after major trauma
(14 October 2008)
A large number of trauma patients suffer from sexual dysfunction long after their initial injury...

Internet Prescribing Trumps Doctor Consultation
(14 August 2008)
A study into the prescribing of erectile dysfunction medications by both doctors and via the Internet has found that Internet prescriptions provided a higher level of safety for patients...

The Ups And Downs Of Erectile Function
(3 July 2008)
A new study has found that men who have sexual intercourse more often are less likely to develop erectile dysfunction...

Testosterone Levels Linked To Erectile Dysfunction
(19 June 2008)
New findings from endocrinologists in Europe indicate that erectile dysfunction, testosterone deficiency and metabolic syndrome may be inextricably linked...

Painkillers Can Trigger Sexual Dysfunction
(16 April 2008)
Men taking certain analgesics for more than a month to relieve chronic pain may experience hormonal disturbances that can lead to sexual dysfunction...

Little Blue Pill, Mighty Big Market
(27 February 2008)
The natural market for Viagra isn't old geezers with erectile dysfunction. Rather, the fastest growing market segment is younger men from 18 to 50. It turns out that Viagra's killer app isn't erectile dysfunction so much as erectile imperfection...

Erectile Quality Enhanced With Pine Bark Extract
(5 December 2007)
An extract from the bark of the French maritime pine tree, combined with L-Arginine aspartate, is the natural answer to enhancing erectile quality, say the makers of a new over-the-counter product...

The Penis Meets 20th Century Science - The War On Erectile Dysfunction - Part V
(4 February 2007)
The 20th century will be remembered for the A-bomb, the Beatles, a couple of world wars, and of course, Weird Al Yankovic. But for the penis-centrics amongst us it will also be remembered as the time that science finally rolled up its sleeves to solve the problem of erectile dysfunction...

The Testicle Transplant Craze - The War On Erectile Dysfunction - Part IV
(29 January 2007)
Russian surgeon, Serge Voronoff, came up with a brand new testicle transplantation technique using chimps as donors. This was partly out of convenience and partly because Voronoff thought it unethical to "remove the source of vigor from a young man for the sake of making an old man young." While there is no doubt that Voronoff fully believed in the rejuvenating powers of "monkey grafts," he will be remembered as one of the greatest hucksters in medical history...

Science Discovers The Penis - The War Against Erectile Dysfunction - Part III
(22 January 2007)
A strange thing happened to me the other night. My wife suggested we have sex. This was strange in that I'm the guy that usually initiates such things. After years of trial and error I have basically adopted the shotgun strategy. I initiate all the time. In bed, in the bath, driving home, while eating corn flakes. Because you never know when she might just say yes! But what was unusual this time is that she wanted it and I couldn't...

Impotentia Maleficium - The War Against Erectile Dysfunction - Part II
(15 January 2007)
As the dark ages darkened, the idea of impotence as the working of malevolent spirits reasserted itself big time. Now, instead of Gods doing the dirty work it was demons operating at the behest of... you guessed it... women...

Aphrodisiacs – The Beginning Of The War Against Erectile Dysfunction
(8 January 2007)
Almost every culture has developed some concoction that serves to enhance male sexual vigor. While some were innocuous (various herbs and oils), a number were either disgusting (frog bones, monkey dung, nail clippings, semen, bat blood, menstrual blood etc.) or painful (cayenne peppers swallowed or rubbed directly on the penis). It would seem that the concept of "No-Pain-No-Gain" goes back a long way...

Cycling And The Limp Dick
(16 July 2007)
It was with some dismay that I read recently that too much cycling (anything more than 3 hours a week) can result in permanent impotence. This isn't exactly a new issue, however. Hippocrates, the ancient Greek physician, described how limp-dick syndrome was a common affliction affecting horse-riders...

Pine Extract Boosts Blood Flow, Improves Smooth Muscle Function
(23 October 2007)
Pine bark extract appears to be an effective supplement to boost the body's production of nitric oxide, a chemical essential for normal erectile function...

Increase In "Love Hormone" Levels From ED Drug
(27 August 2007)
The erectile dysfunction drug sildenafil, better known as Viagra, seems to increase the pituitary gland's production of the hormone oxytocin...

Success With Group Psychotherapy In Treating Erectile Dysfunction
(22 July 2007)
Taking part in group psychotherapy can be more effective than taking medication alone when treating erectile dysfunction...

Couch Potatoes Risk Dead-Dick Syndrome
(25 February 2007)
Physical inactivity is emerging as one of the leading predictors of erectile dysfunction...

Gene Therapy Used To Treat Erectile Dysfunction
(14 December 2006)
Scientists have successfully treated erectile dysfunction using a novel gene transfer technique that does not change the DNA or genetic code of cells...

New Erectile Dysfunction Drug Gets Mixed Report
(17 July 2006)
Uprima, a drug prescribed for erectile dysfunction in the UK, has received a luke-warm response from English men, with two-thirds reporting that it wasn't effective...

Combination Therapy Needed When Erectile Dysfunction Drugs Fail
(10 July 2006)
While drugs like Viagra have revolutionized the treatment of erectile dysfunction, not all men respond equally. When medications do fail, one urologist suggests that combination therapy might be the answer...

Exercise Key To Avoiding Impotence
(3 July 2006)
Unsurprisingly, men who are obese and smoke have a much greater risk of erectile dysfunction, but new research has found that regular exercise can reduce the risk dramatically...

Side-Effects From Erectile Dysfunction Drugs Mostly Beneficial, Says Study
(19 June 2006)
A meta-study of previous research has found no significantly harmful side-effects from drugs like Viagra; in fact, say the researchers, most of the side-effects they found were beneficial...

High Level Of Erectile Medication Use In Young Men Surprises Experts
(11 May 2006)
A new survey has found that a significant number of young men use erectile dysfunction medications, often without consulting their doctor, and frequently in conjunction with other recreational drugs...

Preserving Penile Length After Prosthesis Implantation
(27 April 2006)
Men choosing to treat erectile dysfunction by undergoing prosthetic implant surgery often have concerns about loss of penis length, but a new study shows there is a way to allay those fears...

Erectile Function Improved With Cholesterol Treatment
(13 March 2006)
Drugs called statins – used to treat high cholesterol and the build-up of plaque in the arteries – can also be of benefit to some men who suffer from erectile dysfunction...

Erectile Treatments Said To Boost Self-Esteem And Sexual Confidence
(2 March 2006)
The makers of Viagra have funded a study that - perhaps unsurprisingly - found the drug can reverse what the researchers call the “negative psychosocial impacts” of erectile dysfunction...

Optic Nerve Damage linked To Impotence Drugs?
(23 January 2006)
A new study supports earlier research findings that linked impotence drugs like Viagra and Cialis to a specific kind of nerve damage in the eye...

Penile Implants The “Forgotten” Solution For Erectile Dysfunction
(12 January 2006)
Over the past few years, various prescription drugs have hogged the limelight for treating erectile dysfunction, but researchers say that although they are often overlooked by doctors, penile implants can often provide a more effective solution...

New Study Firms Up Impotence-Heart Disease Link
(13 October 2005)
Evidence is stacking up that erectile dysfunction is a reliable early indicator for coronary artery disease in men...

Erectile Problems And Cycling Under The Spotlight
(29 August 2005)
Exercise is good for you, right? Perhaps not, if you’re one of the men who suffer erectile dysfunction brought on by your bicycle seat blocking blood flow...

Erectile Dysfunction Linked To Blood Sugar Oversupply
(22 August 2005)
In diabetic men, one particular blood sugar, present in increased levels in diabetics, can interfere with the mechanisms needed to achieve and maintain erection, and can lead to permanent penile impairment...

Caution Urged On Erectile Dysfunction Self-Medication
(7 July 2005)
Erectile dysfunction may be a symptom of heart disease and doctors say men who experience erectile problems should first seek help from their doctor, rather than buying drugs over the Internet...

Erectile Dysfunction Linked To High Blood Pressure
(16 May 2005)
Medical experts say that men with high blood pressure have a new reason to get their condition under control - they may be at risk of erectile dysfunction...

Viagra Linked To Blindness In Some Men
(4 April 2005)
Men taking the erectile dysfunction drug Viagra and already suffering from conditions such as hypertension and diabetes may be at risk of "stroke of the eye" which occurs when blood flow is cut off to the optic nerve, injuring it and resulting in permanent vision loss...

Erection Problems May Be Early Warning Of Heart Attack
(7 February 2005)
The American Urological Association is warning men that poor quality erections or impotence could be an early indicator that heart disease is on the way...

Combination Treatment For Low Testosterone Men
(16 August 2004)
Men with low testosterone and erectile dysfunction may benefit from a combined treatment of Viagra® and testosterone gel...

Diet & Exercise A Better Option For Erectile Dysfunction
(28 June 2004)
Researchers say that obese men suffering from impotence may be better advised to eat less and exercise more rather than resorting to drugs...

Impotence Can Be Symptom Of Serious Illness
(6 October 2003)
Erectile dysfunction can be a symptom of illnesses including diabetes, high blood pressure, liver disorders or coronary artery disease...

Impotence And Heart Disease Linked
(8 May 2003)
Erectile dysfunction (impotence), particularly in young men, may be an early warning sign of heart disease and stroke...

Collagen Implants Regenerate Penis
(1 May 2003)
Implantation of tissue made of collagen can coax nerves to regenerate in the penis making penis reconstruction a possibility for men suffering penile trauma, cancer or congenital malformations...

Erection Goes Up In Smoke
(20 March 2003)
Men who smoked more than 20 cigarettes daily had a 60 percent higher risk of erectile dysfunction (impotence), compared to men who never smoked...

Puzzling Viagra Deaths Explained
(13 January 2003)
Incidents of heart attack and stroke, some fatal, in a number of men taking the drug Viagra have remained a puzzle until now...

Study Finds Eyes Unaffected By Viagra
(6 January 2003)
Viagra's manufacturer initially warned of possible nerve damage to the eyes from the drug but a new study rules out some of these risks - even when the drug is taken in high doses...

Viagra Benefits Men With Heart Failure
(29 August 2002)
Men with congestive heart failure and impotence safely used Viagra to improve sexual function despite concerns that Viagra might have harmful cardiovascular effects...

Viagra And Nosebleeds Linked?
(5 August 2002)
Severe nosebleeds following Viagra enhanced sexual activity may be related to the parts of the nose that contain erectile tissue...

Viagra Builds New Brain Cells
(11 July 2002)
Viagra, a drug used for impotence, has been found to reduce the effects of stroke and neurological impairment in the brains laboratory animals...

Testosterone Gel Helps Erectile Function
(24 June 2002)
Testosterone gel proves effective in treating hypogonadism (low testosterone) linked conditions like diminished sex drive, osteoporosis, impotence and fatigue...

Low Testosterone Linked To Parkinson's Disease
(18 April 2002)
Researchers have found a common but previously unrecognized link between low testosterone levels and certain symptoms (fatigue, depression, sexual dysfunction) in male Parkinson’s disease patients...

Penis Research Offers Erection Hope
(21 March 2002)
A team of scientists has advanced the science of penile erection - and possible new treatements for impotence - showing for the first time the mechanism for continued production of nitric oxide that maintains an erection over time...

No Adverse Heart Effects For Viagra
(15 February 2002)
Using ultrasound images of the heart during exercise, Mayo Clinic researchers have shown for the first time that Viagra does not adversely affect blood flow to the heart...

Viagra Assists Radiation Therapy Patients
(9 January 2002)
Patients who suffer from erectile dysfunction after radiation therapy for prostate cancer can benefit from using Viagra...

Smoking Increases Likelihood Of Impotency
(6 December 2001)
Men who smoke are more likely to suffer from erectile dysfunction - the inability to achieve or maintain an erection - than nonsmokers, according to a group of impotency experts...

Cycling Can Improve Sexual Function
(19 November 2001)
Bicycling has a significantly positive effect in treating sexual dysfunction in men with chronic heart failure...

Impotence And Depression Linked
(5 October 2001)
Successful treatment of erectile dysfunction in depressed men can lead to a marked improvement in depression, according to a new study...

Laser Treatment For Impotence?
(13 August 2001)
Researchers in Russia have used an infra-red laser to cure male sexual dysfunction...

Smoking & Impotence Go Together
(22 May 2001)
Marlboro man beware. Smoke, and the chances are that you'll suffer from impotence...

Exercise & Weight Key Factors In Impotence
(18 May 2001)
Men who exercise more than the 200 calories a day, and men who are not overweight, have the lowest risk of developing impotence...

Breakthrough In Treating Sexual Dysfunction
(26 February 2001)
Researchers have identified an enzyme that appears to play a key role in bringing on sexual dysfunction in both men and women – and a second molecule that can just as easily yank the offending enzyme out of commission...

New Viagra Warning
(16 January 2001)
Viagra causes a dramatic increase in the nerve activity associated with cardiovascular function, especially during physical and mental stress, bolstering recommendations that men with severe cardiovascular disease use caution when taking the drug...

New Method For Treating Impotence
(31 December 2000)
A new method for treating erectile dysfunction that focuses on decreasing contraction of smooth muscles – rather than enhancing their relaxation which is how drugs like Viagra work – has been identified...

Dangerous Link Between Viagra And Nitrates
(4 December 2000)
Researchers report that sildenafil citrate (Viagra), when combined with nitrates, can cause serious and prolonged decreases in blood flow through critically narrowed coronary arteries...

New Hypertension Drugs Improve Sexual Function
(12 November 2000)
Sexual dysfunction in men with high blood pressure may be aided by the newest type of hypertension drug...

New Drugs For Impotence Unveiled
(18 September 2000)
Scientists at Bristol-Myers Squibb have identified a promising new class of drugs that may yield strong candidates for the treatment of erectile dysfunction
(also known as impotence)
that may be more potent and have fewer side effects than the popular Viagra®...

All Clear For Viagra
(1 June 2000)
Penn study finds no adverse cardiovascular effects from Viagra in men with existing heart disease...

Impotence May Warn Of Heart Disease
(2 May 2000)
Erectile dysfunction may be an early warning sign of heart disease, according to new research...

So What Is An Erection?
(26 April 2000)
A quick refresher course on the workings of the woody, hard-on, the horn, a babies arm...

Prostate Surgery And Impotence
(21 April 2000)
A new device helps avoid impotence after prostate surgery...

Viagra Via The Nose
(16 April 2000)
Two researchers have developed a nasal drug delivery system for Viagra causing the drug to work almost immediately after dosing...

Brain Mapping Of Sexual Arousal
(9 April 2000)
What happens to the brain when we get sexually excited? What is the phenomenon we call desire…

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