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Dating scams leave victims doubly traumatized
(19 April 2012)
Online dating scammers utilize "hyper-personal" relationships which psychologists say can leave victims feeling doubly traumatized...

Online dating not so scientific
(6 February 2012)
A new analysis of online dating reveals explosive growth but pooh-poohs claims of sophisticated "science-based" matchmaking algorithms...

Evolution favors delusional daters
(14 December 2011)
Men hoping to get lucky are more likely to overestimate a woman’s desire for them, but evolutionarily speaking, it's a strategy that works...

Forget your ideal partner for online dating success
(16 November 2011)
For online daters, finding a potential partner that matches your ideal traits is unlikely to produce a perfect match...

Online romance scams vastly underreported
(28 September 2011)
New research reveals that more than 200,000 people living in Britain may have fallen victim to online romance scams - far more than had been previously estimated...

Perfect match: sexist men and sexist women
(24 August 2011)
A new study shows that sexist women with a preference for casual sex are more likely to respond to aggressive pick-up strategies from men...

Success at seduction linked to testosterone
(14 March 2011)
Scientists now have a clearer understanding of how testosterone influences competitive success when men battle for the attention of an attractive woman...

Online dating: to boldly go where no black man has gone before
(14 February 2011)
An analysis of Internet dating profiles showed that whites overwhelmingly prefer to date members of their own race, while blacks, especially men, are far more likely to cross the race barrier...

Monogamy a mystery to young couples
(26 January 2011)
Young couples who say they have discussed monogamy (sexual exclusivity) can’t seem to agree on exactly what it is that they decided...

Pick-up routines enhanced with right music
(21 June 2010)
Having trouble getting a date? French researchers suggest that picking the right background music could improve your chances...

Study finds no damaging psychological impacts from casual sex
(14 December 2009)
Researchers have found that young adults engaging in casual sexual encounters do not appear to be at risk of harmful psychological outcomes...

Ouch! Social rejection really can hurt
(24 August 2009)
UCLA psychologists have determined that a gene linked with physical pain sensitivity is also associated with social pain sensitivity...

When women outnumber men, hemlines rise
(11 June 2009)
In cities with a skewed gender balance, researchers have found that men are slower to marry and women are more likely to pursue more aggressive strategies to snare a man...

Dating tip: selflessness makes you sexy
(17 October 2008)
Women place great importance on altruistic traits like selflessness, say psychologists...

One-Night Stands Linked To Menstrual Cycle
(1 August 2008)
Although women report negative feelings after one-night stands, researchers believe that ovulation may be the motivating factor that causes women to seek out casual sexual encounters...

Survey Reveals Substance Abuse To Be Important Part Of Sexual Repertoire For Young People
(15 May 2008)
A large anonymous survey has shown that teenagers and young adults regularly drink and take drugs as part of a deliberate sexual strategy to enhance sexual arousal and prolong sex...

Guys Clueless At Glomming Sexual Interest
(3 April 2008)
When talking to women it seems that young men routinely confuse friendly non-verbal cues with cues for sexual interest...

In Search Of The Perfect Line
(12 March 2008)
You've been watching her all evening. She's standing near the bar with her friends.  Then her two friends go off to dance. She's alone. She turns to the bar. Your eyes meet. You smile and open your mouth to say...  what?

The Mating Dance: The Eyes Have It
(20 May 2007)
Extended eye contact (more than two seconds) between men is usually aggressive in intent. Between men and women, it denotes sexual or romantic interest and is known as the "pre-copulatory gaze". Essentially, if you hold someone's gaze for any duration, you're either going to fight or get laid...

The Science Of Sex And Smell
(13 November 2006)
Sexual attraction is a mysterious process that we almost always try to rationalize. After all, partner choices can be the most important decisions we'll ever make and it's maddening to think that we may not be in control of our own destiny. But mating decisions were being mediated by the sense of smell long before abstract thought evolved...

Sexy Parties Cause Women To Drink More
(11 January 2008)
Young women drink more heavily than men at fancy dress parties that have sexualized themes and costumes...

Niceness Equals Attractiveness
(30 November 2007)
Men who exhibit positive character traits, such as honesty and helpfulness, are perceived as better looking by the opposite sex...

Surprise, Surprise; Alcohol Use Linked To Number Of Sexual Partners
(27 November 2007)
Alcohol dependence among 18-to-25-year-olds has been linked to the risk of having a high number of sexual partners...

Ego At Heart Of Romantic Attraction
(14 November 2007)
We're attracted to people who are attracted to us, finds new research that flattens some long-standing notions about attraction...

Daddies' Girls Attracted To Men Who Resemble Their Fathers
(14 June 2007)
Women who had good relationships with their fathers during childhood are more likely to select partners who resemble their dads, say researchers...

The Virginity Trap
(15 April 2007)
Perfectly decent non-ugly guys can find it extraordinarily difficult to get laid, which means that 30 year-old male virgins are more common than you might think. While female virginity is rarely a turn-off for men, most women do seem to prefer to sleep with someone who has experience...

Speed Of Female Arousal Surprises Scientists
(2 October 2006)
Researchers studying how quickly women become sexually aroused were surprised to find that women can be turned-on as rapidly as men...

Men As Likely As Women To Be Victims Of Date Violence
(25 May 2006)
A surprising new study indicates that men are as likely as women to end-up as victims of intimate partner violence...

The Raunchy Origins Of Valentine’s Day
(6 February 2006)
Love hearts, cupid, flowers, all pretty innocent, right? But did you know that the heart symbolizes the female buttocks? Or that Cupid’s arrow is a rampant phallic symbol?

Better Dancers Score Higher In The Romance Stakes
(5 January 2006)
If you want to attract more potential partners, then new research suggests that dancing lessons may be a good first step...

Creative Spark Means Artists Have More Success At Sex
(1 December 2005)
We’ve all suspected it for years and now a new study has confirmed it. Men who are creative - whether they be musicians, poets or artists - have more sexual partners...

"Burn Money" To Impress Girls
(28 July 2005)
Wining and dining a girl isn’t a waste of money say scientists who have used a mathematical model to show how expensive but worthless gifts are the one of the best tactics to facilitate courtship...

Glasses A Handicap For Picking Up The Opposite Sex
(3 October 2002)
Wearing contact lenses rather than glasses on a night out could increase your chances of ‘getting lucky’ by as much as four times...

When Choosing A Husband, Size Matters
(15 August 2002)
Scientists say that taller-than-average men are more successful in attracting a mate and having children...

Easy Sex Makes Men Slow To Marry
(27 June 2002)
Men are not anti-marriage, they just aren't in a hurry to get to the altar according to the latest study by the National Marriage Project...

Pheromones A Sexual Magnet
(25 March 2002)
Synthetic pheromones act as a sexual magnet and increase sexual attractiveness according to San Francisco State University researchers...

America: The Sexual Superpower
(29 November 2001)
According to a new survey, Americans are having sex younger, with more people and more often than any other nation…

New Theory Of Sexual Orientation
(2 August 2001)
One universal principle - opposites attract - accounts for homosexuality as well as heterosexuality, according to a new theory of how sexual orientation develops...

Why Nice Guys Don't Get Laid
(17 July 2001)
Ever wondered why women go for jerks? In the psychology of seduction it’s called “nice guy disease” and if you want casual sex with women then you have to cure yourself of it…

The Social Dimension Of Sex
(2 July 2001)
When it comes to love and sex, one size definitely doesn't fit all as the latest sex research shows...

"Playing Hard To Get" Works!
(15 November 2000)
Scientists say that playing hard to get is a good marriage strategy...

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