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The Question Of Size

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How does your erection rate? Get out the tape-measure and enter your size to see how you compare in the largest knob survey on the Internet!

Penis size map stirs controversy
(28 March 2011)
A new world map detailing penis size in various countries has, somewhat predictably, come under fire from men concerned that the map under-represents their national manhood measurement...

Women and size redux
(13 April 2009)
Men are obsessed with size related questions. Is it long enough? Is it thick enough? How does it measure-up compared to other men? But for women, there's a lot more to a man than his penis...

Whatís Average?
(26 March 2007)
At some point, usually in adolescence, almost every guy measures himself if only as an act of reassurance. The first ruler was invented in 1675 and Iím guessing it was measuring some guyís dick before 1676...

Fear, Loathing And The Little Bitty Penis
(3 April 2006)
It might be acceptable for a gorgeous babe to express contempt for your character; but itís another thing entirely for her to be contemptuous of your penis. You can call a fascist pig a fascist pig and his masculinity will remain intact. But suggest, within earshot of others (especially the press) that heís got a little bitty dick and his ego will deflate so fast youíll hear the hissing sound...

Growers And Show-ers
(27 March 2006)
Why, you might ask, is there such variation in flaccid penis length? Why are there growers and show-ers? The answer is clearly genetic and I think lies with cold weather adaptation. Thanks to frostbite, itís easy to see how the grower gene would spread. Neanderthal women may have all laughed at the poor grower with his shriveled-up little dick, but after the hunting party was caught in a few blizzards, he was the only guy left with a tool...

Confessions of a Penis Stretching Addict
(27 March 2006)
Our fearless reviewer puts a traction penis stretcher through its paces to answer the eternal question of whether it can really change the size of his cock. His regular progress reports as well as anecdotes about embarrassing malfunctions in public appear here...

Big Hands I Know Youíre The One...
(12 December 2005)
Big nose - big hose. Big feet - big meat. For centuries, in fact, probably ever since men started wearing loincloths, interested parties have sought some kind of visible indicator that would reliably predict the size of a man's penis. Feet and hands have traditionally been the most popular gauges. I've heard women talk in breathless tones about the size of a man's hands...

Strewth Cobber, Small Penis Campaign Saves Lives
(17 October 2007)
A road safety television advertisement shown in Australia that equates speeding with an undersized dick has been declared an outstanding success...

Penis Size Strictly A Male Concern
(11 June 2007)
Small penis syndrome affects an unusually high number of men; but for women, a man's personality and looks are much more important than genital size...

Howard Stern Ė Rescuing The Small Guy From Ignominy
(20 March 2006)
This DJís downsized penis is legendary, not because of its size (or lack of it) but because of what it has accomplished. Rasputinís may have helped bring down the Romanovs and usher in the age of communism, but it didnít act alone. Howardís penis, on the other hand, has single-handedly shifted the beefstick zeitgeist...

Education The Best Treatment For Penis Size Concerns
(11 July 2005)
Doctors at a Cairo Hospital say that men complaining of a short penis were treated successfully using a combination of sex education and objective methods of penile size evaluation...

Penis Size Around The World
(11 April 2005)
Does the size of male genitalia differ between nationalities? According to new research it varies quite dramatically, with Korea the smallest of the countries surveyed, and France the biggest...

Small Penis Website Gets Big
(14 March 2005)
What initially started out as a small discussion forum has grown to become the Internet's most popular website for men to discuss penis size issues...

The Penis Dialogues
(8 December 2003)
Men from all walks of life have contributed to a new book which lays bare men's feelings and attitudes about their sexuality, gender and experiences of being male...

Women & Penis Size
(16 June 2003)
What do women really have to say about size? See how a bunch of feisty females responded to the perennial question: "What's the perfect penis size?"...

Orgasm Problems Common With Intersex Conditions
(14 April 2003)
Many infants born with ambiguous genitalia who undergo corrective surgery and are raised as women are unable to achieve orgasm...

Chemical In Soy Alters Reproductive Organs
(13 March 2003)
Male rats whose mothers were fed diets containing genistein, a chemical found in soybeans, developed abnormal genitals and experienced sexual dysfunction...

America's Body Image Obsession
(4 November 2002)
American college students are much more likely to worry about the way they look and to spend time obsessing over their bodies than other nationalities...

Ambiguous Genitalia Babies Mostly Happy With Gender Assignment
(9 September 2002)
Adults born with ambiguous genitalia (an extremely small phallus) - or malformations that make it difficult to determine sex - were generally content with the gender assigned to them at birth by their parents and doctors...

Body Image Disorder Affecting More Men
(13 May 2002)
Thought to affect mainly women, "body image disorder" is equally common amongst men who are most concerned with body build, hair loss and genital size...

Penis Research Offers Erection Hope
(21 March 2002)
A team of scientists has advanced the science of penile erection - and potential new treatments for impotence - showing for the first time the mechanism for continued production of nitric oxide that maintains an erection over time...

Babies With Micro Penis Disorder Happier When Raised Male
(24 January 2002)
Genetically and physically male babies born with a condition called "micropenis" are more likely to achieve psychological and sexual well-being in adulthood if raised male...

Smoking Can Shrink The Penis
(12 April 2000)
Put out that cigarette now! Research indicates that cigarettes may shrink your penis...

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