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14 July 2008
Pricasso To Guest At Annual Exotic Erotic Ball
This year's Exotic Erotic Ball and Expo will feature Pricasso (quite possibly the world's only penis painter) as well as The Genitorturers, performance artist Mobius8 and MySpace vixen Bobbi Billard...

23 June 2008
Prehistoric Man Routinely Killed For Women
A newly discovered mass grave indicates that prehistoric man routinely carried out brutally murderous raids on other villages to secure women for reproductive duty...

Cocks Of Rock
(21 April 2008)
There has never been a form of music as dick-centered as rock 'n' roll. Disco was sexually suggestive and hip-hop is sexually aggressive, but rock 'n' roll more than either is a pure celebration of the cock...

History's Greatest Dicks – The Top 10 Tools
(1 April 2008)
For a dick to be truly great there must be myth, legend and lore surrounding it. Some men are famous for their dicks. Some dicks are notable because they're attached to famous men. In compiling this list, I've included both...

Getting Laid In The 20th Century
(12 February 2008)
There is a perception that the sexual revolution began with the introduction of the birth control pill in the early 1960s, but well before that came latex, and of course the latex condom...

Getting Laid In A Moral Ice Age
(29 January 2008)
If ever there was a sexual ice age, it was in the years and decades after Queen Victoria's death. The years when my father and grandfather and millions of other horny young men spent their early lives wooing, begging and gnashing their teeth...

Getting Laid In The Middle Ages
(15 January 2008)
What about all those wanton wenches spilling out of the pages of Shakespeare and Chaucer? Would our perception of the Middle Ages be so bawdy if people weren't making the beast-with-two-backs at every opportunity?

Christianity And Sex
(1 January 2008)
Throughout most of Christian history, marital sex has been seen as, at best, a necessary evil. Christianity may be the only religion to regard the very sensation of sexual pleasure as sinful. How did a religion based on tolerance, love, forgiveness and a rejection of rigid piety come to be twisted into a mindset that equates orgasm with sin?

Why God Hates Sex
(17 December 2007)
How did sex get such a bad rap? Everyone agrees that it feels great. It generates feelings of love and allows us to be fruitful and multiply. It makes us happy. So why is God so down on it?

Tenting The Toga
(3 December 2007)
Ever wished you were back in ancient Greece or Rome? Naked slave girls and orgies every weekend; life was one big toga party, right? Well, before you start messing with time travel you'd be well advised to read on...

A Short History Of Getting Laid
(19 November 2007)
What was it like to be young and horny at different times and places in history? Did serfs get serviced? What relief was available to toga tenting Roman teens? Were the Puritans as pure as they would have us believe?

A Phallic Obsession
(16 September 2007)
Biologically speaking, the penis is nothing but a delivery system for sperm. But what shapes it takes! If you think there's a lot of variety in the locker room, you should see the cock collection at the Icelandic Phallological Museum...

The Last Taboo
(16 August 2007)
Everyone might agree that incest is icky, but that doesn't explain why it's icky...

(4 July 2007)
Plushophiles, or plushies for short, is a general term that describes people who like stuffed animals. But a subset of this group gets turned-on by the idea of having sex with these toys. Now, thanks to the Internet, these people no longer have to sit alone in their room, rubbing up against Miss Piggy while their tears of joy co-mingle with tears of shame...

The Holy Penis
(6 June 2007)
Religious folks screamed blasphemy when a chocolate sculpture of a naked, crucified Jesus was about to go on display in New York recently; but who knows, maybe a Jesus with his tool on display might be just the thing to get people back in church...

Chemical Castration: Freedom From The Madness Of Passion
(9 October 2006)
Testosterone causes baldness, acts as a fuel for prostate cancer and makes us behave like horny idiots. Despite the discomfort and risk, however, most men wouldn't elect to banish desire from their lives. But for some men, there's no choice...

Do Android Chicks Dream Of Electric Dicks?
(21 August 2006)
If your expectation of a sexbot is based on Zhora or Pris from Blade Runner, then what's available using today's technologies may disappoint you. But booty-boffins believe that the perfect animatronic sex partner will be built in the not too distant future...

Error: Penis Not Found
(7 August 2006)
In the decades since the word Teledildonics was coined, there have been numerous attempts to realize its true potential. In fact, a certain subset of techno geeks have approached the enterprise with the kind of zeal and single-minded purpose that was harnessed to put a man on the moon. But unfortunately, we appear to be a long way from being able to stretch out on a holo-bed with a VR version of Jessica Rabbit...

The Castrati: Giving Up Your Balls For St Paul
(10 July 2006)
Between 1600 and 1850, in the interests of producing men with high-pitched voices, thousands of Italian boys were gelded like cattle. The boy was strapped to a table, a piece of twine was tied around his scrotum to cut off blood flow and a sharp knife was used to slice off his testicles. The resulting wound was then cauterized with a red-hot poker or molten tar. If the kid survived the operation and the inevitable infection that followed, he would become - if he was very, very lucky - a member of the celebrated operatic elite known as the castrati...

The Conspicuous Penis: Crotch Watching
(3 July 2006)
The secret's out. Women like nothing better than a spot of "crotch-watching." And get this: they almost all do it and they do it a lot. A man's crotch is the first thing they check out after the face. And forget about the rest of the body parts women are supposedly attracted to. According to a recent survey, face and crotch were 45 percent and 38 percent respectively. Hands, chest, butt, hair, abs etc. all polled in the single digits. On the face of it, it seems women are more obsessed with our penises than we are...

In Search Of The Holy Foreskin
(15 May 2006)
Stigmata, bleeding crucifixes, weeping statues - Christendom has embraced some pretty strange stuff. But the strangest of them all has to be the Holy Foreskin. Let's not be shy about this, we're talking about a piece of Jesus' dick, paraded through the streets for events like the Feast of the Circumcision. But thieves made off with it one night in 1983, and no one quite knows what happened to it...

Napoleon – The Little General
(13 March 2006)
You’ve probably heard the rumor, but in case you haven’t, it goes like this: somebody chopped off Napoleon’s penis, it’s still around somewhere, and buddy, it is small. Not just changing clothes while facing the corner small. We’re talking pinkie finger, “is it in yet” small...

The Myth Of Dillinger’s Dick
(13 February 2006)
The Smithsonian Institute regularly gets besieged by deluded dick enthusiasts asking to see what they believe is the most legendary penis of all time, the 15 inch - no, make that 20 inch, no, make that 22 inch - penis of John Dillinger...

Rasputin's Knob – The Greatest Penis Of Them All?
(6 February 2006)
It seems to me that the title of Greatest Dick of Them All shouldn’t just be a matter of dimensions. The possessor should be someone of note, or better still, notoriety. There should be a story behind it. And if these are indeed the criteria, then there’s really no contest. The greatest dick of them all, the undisputed king of the dicks, belonged to none other than Russia’s infamous love machine, Rasputin.

Evolution And The Penis
(5 December 2005)
Of all the forces driving evolution, none is sharper than female sexual selection. If women prefer to have sex with men with large dicks then the genes for large penises should quickly spread through the population. Every man should be packing a whopper. So why aren't they?

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