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12 October 2004
Pill And Jelq Combo Proves Popular
by George Atkinson

For men looking to enlarge their penis, and not wishing to go through surgery, the choices have been limited to penis enhancement pills, the manual exercises known as jelqing and the traction devices known as extenders. Enhancement pills have been popular but most manufacturers now acknowledge that they will not in fact make the penis grow. Rather, they will boost blood flow to the penis causing an increase in size in the flaccid state. Increasing flaccid size is not with out its benefits however, and many men enjoy greater confidence in the locker room or the on the beach with a larger flaccid penis.

The other popular techniques - natural enlargement and extenders - rely on stressing the penis to both build up new tissue and enlarge the blood-holding chambers within the penis. These methods will increase both flaccid and erect size but they do require an ongoing commitment. The jelqing technique requires men to follow a daily schedule of penis massage while extender systems need to be worn for several hours a day. Both methods require several months to yield significant results.

To counter this long lead-in time, the developers at Penis Health have unveiled a combination treatment that they say will fast-track size gains for all men. The combo comprises a course of Pro Solution pills and the Penis Health jelqing program. Penis Health spokesman Scott Trimble explained how the combination treatment worked. "The two components are complementary, working together to achieve faster size increases," said Trimble. "The pills contain special herbal ingredients to help increase blood circulation to the penile region so enlargement can occur. The jelqing techniques manual we supply usually retails for US$48.95. The massage techniques in this manual will expand the corpora cavernosa by rebuilding the cell walls which will create larger, fuller erections and a heftier flaccid size. After a short period of time your penis will grow larger, healthier and capable of holding more blood. Combining jelqing exercises with the Pro Solution capsules will result in dramatic gains."

Trimble said the combination course was ideal for men who wanted to see results over a short period of time. "We worked on the Pro Solution system for two years and we are so confident of the system that we offer a 60 day money back guarantee," he stated. "Men should use our revolutionary system for a full 60 days. If they do not experience harder and bigger erections, ejaculate more and have better sexual stamina then they can return the pills to us for a full refund."

Trimble said the Pro Solution system contained 100 percent herbal ingredients and should not produce any adverse side-effects. "Men can check our unique blend of ingredients to make sure they are not allergic to any of them before ordering. If in doubt, we recommend that they consult with their doctor before taking Pro Solution, or indeed, any nutritional supplement," he added. "Our pharmaceutical laboratory is located in Canada, and is a cGMP Certified Pharmaceutical facility so men should be confident about ordering a product of the highest possible quality."

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