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23 June 2004
Pill FAQ
by George Atkinson

Here are the answers to some of the most common questions we get asked about penis pills.

Can I get a pill to enlarge my penis?
The simple answer is “no you can’t”. Just as there’s no pill to make your legs or arms grow, there’s no pill to make your penis grow. Most penis pill manufacturers have ceased to claim their products will enlarge the penis and now claim that their preparations are “penis enhancement” products. This is a more accurate description as some pills can increase the flaccid (non-erect) size of the penis by boosting blood flow to the genitals. Whilst these pills can often have a substantial effect on the size of a flaccid penis, they won’t increase your erection size a great deal. Any improvement in erection size will be due to the increased blood supply to the genitals. This may increase size (and firmness) somewhat, but the increase will not be a large amount. Some manufacturers claim their preparations will increase erection size substantially over time as the penis tissue expands to accommodate the increased blood flow.

Why would I want to increase my flaccid size?
Many men have quite small flaccid penises, which when erect are more or less average size. The small non-erect size can lead to what’s known as “locker-room-itis”, a perception some men have that they simply “don’t stack up” when compared to other men in the size department. Whilst this is unfounded, the feeling of inferiority is real, even though erection size is what really counts. For men worried about their flaccid size – either in the locker room or on the beach - pills that increase blood flow to the genitals offer something of a remedy and will certainly increase confidence.

Can they act as an aphrodisiac?
Quite possibly, although men typically don’t need much help in this department! Most brands of penis pill contain a variety of extracts that help with sexual stamina and libido. They can also help with erectile dysfunction, although probably a far more effective treatment would be the mainstream pharmaceutical products designed to assist with impotence, such as Viagra®.

Can pills help me ejaculate in greater quantity or with more force?
Certain supplements such as L-Arginine and L-Lysine can increase the amount of semen produced and ejaculated. L-Arginine is found in some preparations and is also available from some health food stores. Other extracts can also help in producing more semen. Ejaculating with greater force is not something that can be achieved by taking a pill and men would be better served by exercising their PC muscles on a regular basis to achieve more forceful ejaculations.

Are pills safe to take?
Stick to the recommended dosage and there’s little risk. Exercise caution with any preparation that contains Yohimbine, the extract from the Yohimbe tree. The FDA is looking at risks associated with Yohimbine as it may be linked to liver disease and other serious conditions.

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