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Hypospadias procedure gets thumbs-up
(5 January 2012)
A new technique to correct hypospadias has been shown to be less complicated than other procedures with the added benefit that it leaves the penis with a more natural appearance...

Common meds contributing to urinary tract problems
(17 October 2011)
Meds such as antidepressants, antihistamines, bronchodilators and diuretics contribute to around 10 percent of lower urinary tract symptoms among men, according to a new study...

Parents talk about genital ambiguity
(10 October 2011)
New research shows that the parents of infants born without clearly defined male or female genitals experience a roller-coaster of emotions, including confusion, shock and anxiety...

Orgasmic dysfunction widespread in men
(29 August 2011)
A surprising new study indicates that orgasmic dysfunction, or failure to reach orgasm, may be as common in men as women...

Testosterone drop caused by varicoceles?
(20 June 2011)
Varicoceles, masses of enlarged and dilated veins in the testicles, may be causing low testosterone levels in affected men...

New treatment offers prostatitis relief
(15 June 2011)
Urologists say that treatment with a specific alpha blocker helps reduce symptoms and improve quality of life for men with prostatitis...

New urethras grown in lab
(9 March 2011)
Tissue engineering researchers have used patients' own cells to build brand new urinary tubes for transplantation...

Propecia causing erectile and ejaculatory dysfunction in some men
(12 January 2011)
A hair loss drug has been found to cause loss of libido, erectile dysfunction, ejaculatory dysfunction and depression in some men...

Phthalate - hypospadias link challenged
(18 October 2010)
Hypospadias, a congenital defect of the penis, has been blamed on in utero exposure to chemicals known as phthalates, but a US study challenges this notion and says there is no evidence of a link...

Food-packaging behind rising testosterone levels?
(13 September 2010)
In the first analysis of its kind, “ordinary” levels of exposure to a common food packaging chemical led to increases in the level of testosterone in the blood...

Best practice outlined for ambiguous genitalia cases
(26 July 2010)
A group of doctors have proposed guidelines for when genital surgery is being considered to make a child’s appearance more typical of their sex in order to facilitate their gender-identity development...

Prostatitis and gum disease linked?
(27 April 2010)
Medicos say that something outside the prostate gland could be causing the inflammatory reaction that is known as prostatitis and periodontal disease is the main suspect...

Africa's choice: malaria or malformed penises
(29 October 2009)
Scientists have found that women in African villages sprayed with DDT to reduce malaria gave birth to 33 percent more baby boys with urogenital birth defects...

Concerns voiced over testicular cancer treatments
(19 October 2009)
Testicular cancer survivors can face an increased risk of long-term illness, not because of the cancer, but the treatments they receive...

PE can be caused by genetic factors, say scientists
(24 June 2009)
Premature ejaculation appears to be strongly linked to genetic factors, and is not just psychological, according to a new study...

Prostatitis as prevalent in teens as older men
(20 April 2009)
A new study looks not only at the prevalence of prostatitis in adolescent boys, but also at the psychological impact associated with the symptoms...

Marijuana linked to testicular cancer
(16 February 2009)
Marijuana use may significantly increase a man's risk of developing the most aggressive type of testicular cancer...

Prostatitis treatment found to be ineffective
(22 December 2008)
Alfuzosin, a drug regularly prescribed to treat prostatitis, was found to not significantly reduce the disorder's symptoms...

Scientists warn of health problems created by our "plastic world"
(6 October 2008)
A special report detailing the varied and deleterious effects that plastics have on men has just been published...

Noseless Bike Saddles Make For Better Penile Health
(8 August 2008)
Male bike riders should opt for the new noseless bike saddles to improve penile rigidity and also avoid genital numbness, erectile problems and loss of sensitivity in the penis...

Wrong Bike Brings On Sexual Problems
(10 July 2008)
Genital numbness, erection problems, soreness and skin irritations in the groin area are just some of the problems that men can experience if their bike isn't right...

Premature Ejaculation Finally Gets Defined
(22 May 2008)
Sexual health experts from ten countries have teamed up to develop the first ever agreed definition of premature ejaculation...

New Evidence Linking Pollutants To Penile Deformities
(19 May 2008)
Two new studies have confirmed that maternal exposure to hormone-disrupting chemicals can contribute to an increased incidence of hypospadias, undescended testes and other reproductive problems in male children...

10 Tips For Avoiding Dick Injuries
(1 May 2008)
Medical journals are chock full of horror stories of men who had no idea when they woke up in the morning that they would be undergoing penile reconstruction before nightfall. Let me summarize ten simple rules that will significantly reduce your chance of succumbing to this fate...

Penile Agenesis – The Missing Penis
(7 March 2008)
Life can be tough for infants born with penile deformities, but spare a thought for baby boys suffering penile agenesis – the complete absence of a penis...

The Broken Penis
(1 January 2007)
The penis is normally strong and flexible. If it wasn't, Puppetry of the Penis would be a truly gruesome affair. But as the penis elongates during erection the tough fibrous tissue that sheaths the spongy corpus cavernosa becomes stretched thin. The first indication that something has gone wrong is an audible cracking sound. That's right, folks, you can actually hear your penis snap. The second thing you'll hear is a high pitched screaming sound coming from your mouth...

(12 June 2006)
Unlike with infant circumcision, no one seems to have gone to the trouble of compiling statistical data on adult circumcision, but a quick glance at medical websites reveals a sizeable medical sub-industry in adult foreskin excision. Guys out there are freely choosing to hack off chunks of their dicks. What the hell for? Well, the overwhelming rationale for adult circumcision is medical necessity and it turns out that the foremost "necessity" is phimosis...

Forearm Phalloplasty - How To Grow A Penis
(23 January 2006)
Pioneered by Russians surgeons, radial forearm free flap phalloplasty is the new way to create a penis from scratch. The new penis is grown using the skin on the forearm, shaped into a penis and then reattached down below...

Penile Amputation – The Stuff Of Nightmares
(16 January 2006)
The vast majority of men die with the dicks they were born with, but penile amputation does occur, and when it does it’s devastating. We men care deeply about our dicks. How deeply? We’re talking the equivalent of a limb or two here, with maybe an eyeball thrown in for good measure. But let’s get down to the, err, nub of the matter. What happens when your dick gets lopped off?

Don’t Stick It In There!
(9 January 2006)
I’ve been having nightmares lately; brought on by reading urology journals and learning about all the weird and horrifying ways that guys manage to mangle their manhood. Case after case of horror stories told in the most clinical and detached manner of men who had no idea when they woke up in the morning that they would be undergoing penile reconstruction surgery before nightfall. So, in the interests of penis conservation around the globe, I want to pass on a few simple rules, which if followed, will significantly reduce the chances of your dick being decimated...

You Put It WHERE???
(2 January 2006)
Given our predilection to play with our penises, it’s not surprising that some guys do some pretty strange things with theirs. Call them extreme penis sports enthusiasts. But of all the things (beside living creatures) that men want to put their dicks into, none excites the imagination quite like the vacuum cleaner. I mean, what guy hasn’t at least thought about what would happen if he stuck his hose down the hose and flicked the switch...

Call For Investigation Into Endocrine Disruptors
15 February 2008
Infertility will become more prevalent in generations to come, notes a new report, suggesting that a detailed investigation into the environmental chemicals that can disrupt the development of sexual organs is warranted...

Half Male Population Will Experience Prostatitis
21 January 2008
Around 50 percent of American men will experience prostatitis during their lifetimes, making it one of the most common urologic diseases in the United States...

Antibacterial Chemical To Blame For Reproductive Woes?
11 December 2007
Triclocarban, a chemical used in many personal care products, has been found to alter hormonal activity in ways not previously recognized...

Little Man's Beefstick Stuck
20 August 2007
Captain Dan the Demon Dwarf, who was performing on-stage at the Edinburgh Festival in Scotland, was rushed to hospital after accidentally gluing his penis to a vacuum cleaner hose...

Phthalates – Expanding Our Waistlines And Shrinking Our Dicks?
14 March 2007
Concern is growing over a chemical previously linked to abnormal genital development that has now also been associated with obesity and diabetes. The problem? It's found in thousands of household products...

Dioxin Exposure Causing Vets Reproductive Troubles?
20 November 2006
Urologists say that a dioxin in the herbicide Agent Orange impacts reproductive health by impeding the growth of the prostate gland and lowering testosterone levels...

HPV - Warts And All
30 October 2006
Men are the Typhoid Marys of cervical cancer. We carry the human papillomavirus (HPV) that causes genital warts which in turn, can lead to cancer of the cervix. Even worse, there is evidence that prostaglandin, a hormone found in semen, fuels the growth of cervical cancer...

Asian Men Suffering From More Urinary Problems
18 September 2006
Men from southern Asia have more urinary problems than other nationalities; but unfortunately, they are only half as likely to seek help from their doctor...

Peyronie’s Treated Using Shockwave Therapy
22 May 2006
Doctors report success in using extracorporeal shock wave therapy to treat the bending of the penis caused by Peyronie's disease...

Topical Steroids Key To Overcoming Phimosis
21 November 2005
New research into treating phimosis (when the foreskin cannot be retracted back over the head of the penis) has found a combination of steroidal creme and stretching exercises is vastly more effective than stretching alone...

Ouch! Penis Bite Wounds Need Speedy Attention
19 September 2005
A bite wound to the penis can mean more than a little discomfort. The delicate tissue of the penis and the bacteria present in human saliva mean a small laceration can quickly turn into an extremely painful infection...

Alternative Treatments For Peyronie's Disease
20 June 2005
In view of the lack of clear success in treating Peyronie's Disease with traditional methods, other alternative and complimentary medicine methods are being given greater attention...

Association Between Common Chemical And Genital Development
6 June 2005
Researchers say there is a link between pregnant women’s exposure to a common group of chemicals found in many plastic consumer products and adverse effects on genital development in their male children...

Testicular Cancer
7 August 2003
If detected early there is almost a one hundred percent success rate in treating testicular cancer. Make sure you do self-examination of your testes on a regular basis...

Malformations Of Penis, Testicular Problems Linked To Pesticides, Placticizers
24 July 2003
The chemicals di-n-butyl phthalate and linuron have been linked to a whole range of male reproductive disorders...

Impotence – Erectile Dysfunction
10 July 2003
An overview of how an erection works, what the possible causes of impotence could be and what treatments are available...

Peyronie's Disease - Bending Of The Penis
10 July 2003
Peyronie's Disease is a severe bending of the erect penis, causing pain and often preventing sexual intercourse...

10 July 2003
Need to urinate frequently? Feeling some discomfort when you ejaculate? Feel a general irritation in the pelvic area? Then you may have prostatitis...

Hormone Drug Linked To Male Genital Disorder
(25 July 2002)
Hypospadias - a male genital disorder - could be more common among boys born to mothers who were exposed to a synthetic hormone withdrawn from use in the late 1970s...

Enlarged Prostate - Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia
10 July 2003
An enlarged prostate obstructs the urethra and interferes with bladder function, resulting in incomplete emptying of the bladder. The symptoms of an enlarged prostate vary, but the most common ones involve problems with urination...

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