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21 August 2006
Diet And Stress Key Factors In Prostate Cancer Progression
by George Atkinson

The latest issue of the journal Integrative Cancer Therapies carries news of a study at the Moores Cancer Center that revealed the dramatic effects that diet and stress can have on the progression of prostate cancer. Specifically, the researchers, led by Dr. Gordon A. Saxe, found that dietary changes and stress management techniques appeared to be effective in slowing, or halting, the spread of the cancer. The new study builds on earlier research that also found significant health effects deriving from lifestyle changes.

The new study focused on prostate-specific antigen (PSA) levels, the tell-tale indicator of prostate cancer activity. PSA levels were monitored throughout the study during which patients increased their consumption of plant-based foods such as whole grains, cruciferous and leafy green vegetables, beans, legumes and fruit, and decreased their intake of meat, dairy products, and refined carbohydrates. Additionally, the study subjects also undertook stress management training, which incorporated meditation, yoga and Tai Chi exercises.

The changes in diet and stress levels were effective in significantly reducing the PSA rate, explained the researchers, adding that the lower PSA levels indicated a reduction in the rate of progression of the prostate cancer. "The magnitude of effect of these findings is the strongest observed to date among dietary and nutritional interventions in this patient population," said Dr. Saxe. "These results provide preliminary evidence that adoption of a plant-based diet, in combination with stress reduction, may attenuate disease progression and have therapeutic potential for management of recurrent prostate cancer."

Based on material from Integrative Cancer Therapies

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