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Boys' Bedroom Blunders

Sex Ė it's exciting. But sometimes, unfortunately, it's confusing and disappointing instead. We'd all like to believe that we know what to do when it comes to sex, but blunders do happen. So what can you do to minimize wrong-turns in the bedroom? Here's a list of the commonest mistakes men make with women. Avoid these and you'll maximize both you and your partner's sexual satisfaction!

  • Not kissing, or kissing badly
    A woman's arousal is greatly increased by kissing - both gentle and passionate. Women love the connection and it's a major aspect of foreplay. Think of it as "upper persuasion for a lower invasion".
  • Diving straight for the naughty bits
    Reaching too quickly for the breasts or vulva is a passion-killer for women; it's more likely to annoy than to arouse. Take time to build excitement touching her body elsewhere. The skin of a woman is second only to her brain as a sex organ.
  • Being too rough
    A frequent complaint women have is that men aren't gentle enough. Men generally want a firmer touch then women do - so keep your touch light. She may want a more forceful touch as she becomes aroused. Take your cues from her.
  • Pushing her head down
    Women hate this passionately! Do not push her head down to your dick thinking it will get you anywhere good. Women resent this.
  • Forcing her head down during fellatio
    Along the same lines - never force her head farther down on your cock. Yes, it may feel good, but she needs to control the depth and speed. You may gently hold her head, or stroke her hair or cheek. Take care to not thrust yourself into her mouth either. You may find blowjobs non-existent if you do this.
  • Not warning her you are about to cum during oral sex
    Not all women like the taste of cum. Give her the choice to decide what to do.
  • Latching onto her nipples
    Women's breasts are very sensitive to touch. Caress and stroke them. Don't thump, squeeze, twiddle or bite them (unless she's into that). Touch the whole breast. Graze your fingers and flick your tongue over her nipples. When you do finally draw them into your mouth, don't suck or bite them off.
  • Leaving a hickey
    Just don't. Adult women generally do not appreciate it. If you must, make sure she doesn't mind and that it's somewhere unnoticeable.
  • Not taking care of hygiene
    Women have a keener sense of smell than men do, so be sure you're clean. Shower and brush your teeth. Don't be obsessive about it, but be courteous. An unpleasant smell can kill her libido. And who knows? If your bits below are clean, she may spend more time there.
  • Treating her like a porn star
    Porn is fantasy - not reality. Don't expect her to fulfill your every porn fantasy.
  • Being too cautious giving oral sex
    Don't be too rough - but don't hold back either. Get your mouth down there and do a proper job.
  • Being goal oriented instead of playful
    Don't be so focused on giving and getting an orgasm. It's not a competition or a race. Be playful, naughty, spontaneous, and enjoy the trip. If you come across as too mechanical or as if you are following some kind of sex manual to "get the job done" without engaging her emotions, she'll feel like a piece of meat, not a person.
  • Believing foreplay starts in the bedroom
    Foreplay starts long before. Helpful acts during non-sexual times will go a long way towards her wanting a hot sexual romp later. But don't be helpful only because you are hoping for a sexual payoff - she won't feel appreciated.
  • Only touching her when you want sex
    Women like to be touched without any expectation of sex from you. If you only touch her when you are hoping for sex she will feel used, uncared for and unimportant.
  • Shoving fingers or objects into her vagina before she's ready
    Take your time. Touch her through her clothes. Touch around the edges. Stoke her fire gradually.
  • Believing she will orgasm from penetration alone
    Most women do not orgasm from penetration alone. Don't neglect the clitoris before and during sex. You or she can add stimulation with fingers or a vibrator.
  • Stopping when she really needs you to keep going
    Women can lose themselves in their arousal. Sometimes, when a woman is making no noise, she may be so focused on the sensations that she doesn't seem to be responding. If she's silent, but she's pressing herself into you and tensing up with a look of concentration on her face - DON'T STOP!
  • Thinking women want a three legged lover
    Contrary to what porn films would have you believe, most women aren't lusting after a gargantuan cock. Women are about the whole man. We want a personality to back that dick up. We want a man who respects us, is considerate, sensitive and cares about us.
  • "Accidentally" slipping into her back door
    Don't do it without permission or try to pass it off as an accident. Being drunk is not an excuse either.
  • Coming too soon, or not soon enough
    Make sure you have a plan to ensure her pleasure if you come quickly. On the other hand, if you're pounding away for an hour, she may end up with a sore vagina. Neither is the mark of a good sexual encounter.
  • Not snuggling with her afterwards
    Women can take longer to come down after sex and want to know they are special. Spend a little bit of time afterwards holding her and letting her know you value her.

So, there's a few tips you can use in your sexual repertoire. If you know and utilize these already, then congratulations - you're probably a stellar lover! If not, read and re-read until they're burnt into your brain. Good luck and many happy sexual returns.

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