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Clit Talk (Part II - Oral Stimulation)

In Part I we learnt where to find the clitoris as well as manual stimulation techniques. Now it's time to savor the flavor down there! When dining at the Kitty cafe, it's important to create anticipation. Much of a woman's sexual satisfaction comes from the anticipation and the yearning. Kiss and caress your way down slowly over her stomach and thighs. Flicking licks and gentle biting may work as well - but don't bite hard. Keep it light and teasing.

Kiss your way up her thigh, right to the edge of her outer lips. Skip lightly across, barely grazing over her and continue down toward her knee on the other side. Do this a few times, and you're guaranteed to get her excited. Before long, she may push her hips towards you, begging for more.

The trick is to maximize anticipation and yearning, but not hold back so long that she moves from excited anticipation to frustrated annoyance. Learn to read her signals.

When taking that first lick, take it slow and easy, from the bottom to the top of her vagina, using the flat of your tongue, not the tip make it more like a lapping lick. Do this a few times, slipping your tongue a little further between the lips each time. Believe me when I say this is likely to drive her wild! Next, carefully spread her lips apart. It's very hot for a woman when a man spreads her open.

One trick that's bound to provide waves of pleasure is to use your tongue beneath the clitoris and deliver slow, upward strokes - once again using the flat of your tongue. Lick her like she's the most delicious ice-cream cone you've ever had. Savor each long, slow lick. You can even add some moans and groans to up her excitement, not only because she knows you're enjoying yourself, but the vibrations really ramp it up. If repeated slowly and steadily, it can provide a very powerful orgasm. You may need a crash helmet to avoid having her thighs ripping your head off while she spasms in climactic pleasure.

For more detailed tongue work, use the tip of your tongue to flick, swirl and lick around the clitoris. Don't neglect the area right above the clit that's where the clitoral shaft extends into the body. Circular motions with the tip of your tongue there could have her moaning and quivering in no time. Mix it up a bit. Some stroking with the flat of your tongue, mixed with some tip-of-the- tongue action around her clit will get you far. Draw her clit into your mouth and gently suck on it. Experiment with different pressures and speeds. Run your tongue in the creases of her labia and even around and into the vaginal opening. You wouldn't want the rest of her pussy to feel neglected now would you? Here's a good technique: while working her clit with your tongue, insert a finger inside her. Do it palms facing upwards and move your finger in a "come hither" type motion. This may stimulate her g-spot. Pacing your finger movements with your tongue movements should provide a very pleasurable sensation.

Now, we don't want to forget your favorite sex toy - your penis - when discussing female orgasm. It's true that most women do not orgasm by penetration alone, but that doesn't mean that your dick can't get in on the action. Some women enjoy it when a man uses the head of his penis to stimulate around the clitoris. It's not penetration, but it provides a teasing introduction and ramps up her excitement.

Make sure her arousal is high before actual penetration. Penile contact with the clit during penetration can be tricky, after all, the clitoris is located a fair distance above the vaginal opening. The best position for penile - clitoral contact is the Coital Alignment Technique (CAT). This is a modified missionary position that relies on a rocking motion rather then a thrusting motion. Being in the typical missionary position, the man moves himself up about 2-4 inches so his pelvis is situated above hers and enters. This insures maximum clitoral contact with the base of the penis. The man's legs can be in between the woman's with her ankles wrapped around his calves; or on the outside, with her legs close together on the inside (it's tight!). Depending on your preference, it may be best if he shifts his upper body to the side a bit so he's resting partly on his side with his arms around her. The key is that both move their pelvises in a gentle rocking motion. Be aware, that this position does not allow for deep, fast penetration, but can provide intense orgasms for both partners.

Some women swear by woman-on-top. Leaning her body forward, she can control clitoral contact with the man's pubic bone. She can also control depth and the angle of penetration. Aside from penetration, remember that there are many opportunities to stimulate her clitoris during penetration. Fingers and vibrators can provide some fun stimulation during thrusting.

What I believe to be hands down the best tip to learn when it comes to pussy-play is from the book What Women Want Men to Know by Barbara DeAngelis. I want you to sear this into your brains; memorize it, say it over-and-over: "Variety in the beginning, consistency at the end".

In the beginning, vary your touches and licks. Experiment, but don't jump around like a rabid squirrel. Continue to pay attention to her responses. As she gets nearer to orgasm, she needs consistency. Repetition is good when building to orgasm. If your partner is approaching orgasm, keep doing what you're doing. I don't care if your fingers are falling off, your jaw is locking up or your tongue is cramping. Stopping now, she may lose that orgasm and may not get it back. Pay attention to her particular signs that she's getting closer to orgasm. When she grabs your hand or head as she nears climax she may be telling you to not move and keep doing what you're doing.

These tips should help you on your way to providing orgasmic bliss for your woman. Of course, every woman is different - so talk to her and pay attention to her responses. Encourage her to share with you what pushes her buttons. The clit doesn't have to remain a complicated mystery. Treat it well, and you're likely to be welcomed back.

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