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Firefly's Bedroom Tips

Unfortunately, men aren't endowed with the ability to read a woman's mind. Imagine how much easier it would be if you could glean from her mind what was needed for her sexual bliss? I can't teach you telepathy, but I can give you a hot half-dozen tips to help you on the road to dating success and sexual nirvana.

  1. Hygiene
    There's definitely something sexy about a man who works up a good clean sweat - the keyword being "clean." There's a difference between dirty, stale sweat accumulated over days ans a good sweat worked up after a having a shower earlier in the day. Having said that, never underestimate the appeal of clean body, hair and mouth to a woman. A man with good hygiene is a man who is more likely to score. A fresh clean mouth can lead to deep, passionate kissing, which can lead to deep passionate sex. Women have a stronger sense of smell then men and appreciate the appeal of a clean body. Clean, smooth fingernails and a clean penis are a must. If you're not circumcised, take special care to clean under the foreskin.

  2. Foreplay starts outside the bedroom and isn't always sexual
    Warming women up for a sweaty, passion-filled encounter can start hours, or even days, beforehand. Thoughtful acts during nonsexual times really encourage women to want you for sexual times. A little consideration and appreciation goes a long way to stoking a woman's furnace. A woman who feels valued outside of bed, will be more inclined to playtime in bed. When a man takes the time to listen and empathize, or makes an effort to help a woman, even in small ways, his efforts can richly pay off. Empty the dishwasher, listen to her vent about her day without trying to solve her problems, watch the kids for a couple hours to give her some "me" time, pick her a pretty flower just because you know she likes them. There are hundreds of ways a man can express how much he values and appreciates her, and that appreciation can translate to curl-your-toes, hot, heavy, panting sex. Doesn't that sound worth it?

  3. Anticipation
    There's a time and a place for down and dirty. Sometimes, it's all about rip-the-clothes-off, out-of-control quickies. I'm all for that myself, but if you really want to get a woman going, it's all about the sexual buildup. Women love the anticipation! Anticipation, starts outside the bedroom and continues into it. Anticipation is all about the sex that's coming or soon-to-happen.

    Cultivate anticipation in the bedroom. Lightly playing fingers over her skin, dancing close to the goal, and then skipping away, raises a woman's anticipation levels as well as her blood pressure! A woman's skin is more sensitive then a man's, so smooth your hands and fingers over her body, grazing her hotspots. I guarantee, before long, she will be begging you to touch her tender bits!

  4. A woman consists of more than just four sexual points-of-interest
    A woman doesn't consist of just four sexual compass points - lips and tongue north; east and west breast; and the vaginal southern region. There are lots of scenic routes to take on your travels. Don't go straight to the naughty bits.

    Pay attention to sexual rest stops such as her neck, feet and the inner hinges of her elbows and knees. A sensual kiss and lick on the inside of her wrist, or a kiss, lick and gentle nip on her inner thigh and she's yours! Love her whole body. Run your fingers down her arms and legs, kiss the small of her back, cup your hands around and caress her backside. The more aroused a woman is, the better the whole experience for her. In fact, you may need to ramp it up for round two!

  5. Breasts
    There's no denying that men love breasts. Unfortunately, they don't always know what to do with them. Gentlemen, breasts are not lumps of dough to be kneaded and rolled out, nor are the melons to be tested for ripeness. They don't always like to be squeezed, bitten or twiddled with. Caress them, stroke them, but be gentle with them. And for heaven's sake, remember that breasts are more then just a nipple. Don't latch onto them like a desperate nursing baby.

    The whole breast and even between them is sensitive to the touch. They like to be teased, cupped and played with in their entirety. Leave the nipples until last, graze over them, flick them with your tongue - so that by the time you do draw them into your mouth, she's moaning and pulling your head closer. No biting or sucking like a vacuum cleaner allowed!

  6. Southern Comfort
    So what do you do when you get to the naughty bits below? First off, make sure when you touch it, it's with something wet. Use saliva on your fingers and penis. She may be plenty wet on the inside, but it may not have reached the outside yet. Next, remember that the vagina in not just the clitoris and vaginal opening. Don't try stuffing various objects up in there the moment you head south, and don't go straight for the clitoris. Spend time touching her inner and outer lips, work your way around the vaginal opening and be gentle with the clitoris. Touch along its sides. When you do penetrate her, take your time and see how receptive she is. If a woman isn't ready, it won't feel good.

OK fellas, there's a few tips to start you on the road to satisfying sex. Of course, each woman is different and you need to take your cue's from her as to what really does it for her. But utilizing these basic tips should get you a long way on the journey to dating success.

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