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How To Kiss Like Casanova

It's time to pucker up and learn how to deliver a great kiss. Why? Because great kissing can be a prelude to kissing action elsewhere, and it can be enjoyed on its own merits as well.

Guys, here are some prepping basics. Use a good moisturizer to keep your lips soft and supple. No one wants sandpaper dragged across their lips or bits of dry skin flaking off on them. Slightly moist is ideal.

Then there's the matter of hygiene. A fresh, clean mouth creates an inviting welcome. Fresh breath is vital - without it, all the kissing skills in the world won't save you. Along those same lines, take care of your overall hygiene as well. Bad body odor can ruin a good kiss and quite likely insure that the kiss won't lead anywhere.

Let's move on to the actual kiss. When leaning in, be sure to tip your head slightly to the side. Most people tip to the right, but watch for the direction she tips. It's also good to proceed with eyes closed. Eye contact before a kiss creates intimacy, but too up-close can be overwhelming and sometimes downright cross-eyed crazy. Pulling back slightly during a kiss and re-connecting eyes, can be beneficial in maintaining that closeness.

To get started, especially with a new person, keep your mouth closed. However, don't press your lips together so hard that there's s "no entry" sign on them. Keep them closed - or very slightly parted - but soft and supple with a slight pucker at contact. Be careful of pressure - don't push too hard.

Now, to tongue or not, that is the question. Not everyone enjoys tongue kissing, so if you are with a new partner, start out cautiously. Part your lips a little bit more. If she keeps her lips mostly closed, it suggests a tongue kiss may not be in the cards as this time. If she responds by parting her lips more, carefully introduce the tip of your tongue. If her tongue comes to meet yours, gently circle tongues and possibly go for a deeper tongue kiss. But don't overdo it. Remember, too deep is distasteful for a lot of people.

A great kiss is like a well choreographed dance, with two people moving together in harmony. No one is moving too fast, too slow, or going too deep. Each person is reading and responding to the other persons cues - both mouth and body cues. For example - if she pulls away or keeps her lips pressed together, she's probably not into it. If she's pulling you closer and pressing her body tightly against you, then keep doing what you're doing.

With a positive response, you may want to try to vary the kiss a bit - maybe a bit deeper, or with more head and mouth movement. Vary it just a bit, and judge the response. Back off, if you get a negative response. It's best not too get too aggressive, unless it's a frenzied, passionate momen, and only if you both enjoy that. Otherwise, keep it gentle and sexy. Don't be in a hurry! Enjoy the sensations and the intimacy. And always kiss with intent. Feel and convey an attitude of seduction, caring and enjoyment. Attitude can make or break a kiss.

During the kiss, what you do with your hands and the rest of your body is important as well. Have your arms around her, cradle her head or face, stroke her hair or back or down her arms. However, do not presume to move your hands to more intimate areas. Take note of her reactions and behave accordingly.

Everyone has their own preferences when it comes to kissing. The trick is about finding a happy medium that you both enjoy and learning to read the signals you send to each other. Immerse yourself in the kiss and the pleasurable sensations. Kiss for the sake of a kiss. Enjoy and be in the moment, and always kiss with intent.

A kiss is a gift that is a very important part of arousal and intimacy. Now get on out there and start kissing. Show her that you know how to rock her world with just a kiss, and she may return the favor by rocking your world in other ways.

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