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Female "coregasm" is real, say bonk boffins
(20 March 2012)
Women donít need sexual contact to reach orgasm, say Indiana University scientists who have been researching the phenomenon of exercise induced climax in hundreds of women...

L-arginine panned as performance booster
(23 November 2011)
L-arginine, a popular supplement for athletes looking to boost performance, has been found to have a minimal effect on levels of nitric oxide, growth hormone, insulin, or insulin-like growth factor-1...

Pr0n study hamstrung by lack of men who haven't seen smut
(7 December 2009)
"We started our research seeking men in their twenties who had never consumed pornography. We couldn't find any," laments researcher...

Why Is Porn So Awful?
(7 October 2007)
Does anybody actually have sex like they do in porn movies? Presumably the point of porn is to allow the viewer to vicariously live out a fantasy. But if that's the case, then shouldn't screen-sex be like the sex we would want to have?

Do Android Chicks Dream Of Electric Dicks?
(21 August 2006)
If your expectation of a sexbot is based on Zhora or Pris from Blade Runner, then what's available using today's technologies may disappoint you. But booty-boffins believe that the perfect animatronic sex partner will be built in the not too distant future...

Auto-Fellatio: If You Want Something Done Right, Do It Yourself
(26 June 2006)
Admit it. If you could you would. Or at the very least, you'd try it. And with sufficient training in yogic techniques, even the most feckless couch-potato can learn to fellate himself. The problem with yoga, of course, is that it involves subjecting oneself to a whole program, a philosophy even. You can't just walk into a yoga class and say: "Here's my fifty bucks. I just want to learn the part that will enable me to suck my own dick..."

Loneliness Can Make You Sick
(2 May 2005)
Two new studies show that loneliness can make men sick, causing heart disease and weakening the immune system...

Too Much Pornography A Problem
(8 September 2003)
Masturbation might help men avoid prostate cancer but more than six hours of pornography a week makes men think of women in purely sexual terms...

Self-Love A HindranceTo Relationships
(19 September 2002)
It turns out that those with positive self-views bordering on narcissism are usually miserable mates - selfish, manipulative, unfaithful and power hungry...

Celibacy Linked To Depression
(27 July 2001)
For nuns and monks, celibacy is part of a divine spiritual path. But for many others, the lack of sexual intimacy is an embarrassing fact that affects their self-esteem and self-perception...

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