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Sex On The Brain

One in 10 students resorting to prostitution
(29 February 2012)
A report in the British Medical Journal claims that 10 percent of students studying medicine are resorting to prostitution to pay their tuition fees...

Oxytocin: the nervous dater's best friend
(12 December 2011)
Oxytocin, the hormone that bonds mothers and babies, has now been found to amplify personality traits such as warmth, trust, altruism and openness...

Ovulation clues not found in voice
(26 September 2011)
A new study challenges the notion that women's voices change during ovulation...

Weight loss can reverse testosterone deficiency
(6 June 2011)
Low testosterone and male sexual dysfunction due to obesity may be reversible with weight loss, say European medicos...

Women and men's attitudes to casual sex not so different after all
(21 March 2011)
A famous study 20 years ago determined that men are much more interested in casual sex than women, but new research shows that perhaps the researchers back then were asking the wrong questions...

The homogenization of beauty
(4 October 2010)
In a new study of attractiveness, both Western and Asian subjects found young, tall and long armed women the most attractive, a result, say the researchers, that indicates globally shared media experiences...

"Had sex" can mean anything
(8 March 2010)
When people say they "had sex," it might not mean what you think. A new study found no uniform consensus as to what the term meant...

Mirror, mirror, on the wall
(2 February 2010)
The brains of men with body dysmorphic disorder activate differently in front of mirrors, causing them to see their faces incorrectly in the mirror...

Erotic Images Make Men Take Financial Risks
(7 April 2008)
When men are exposed to erotic images an area of the brain associated with the anticipation of reward is stimulated, causing the men to take bigger financial risks...

Subliminal Smells Influence Attraction
(10 December 2007)
The nose knows. Much like dogs, humans also pick up infinitesimal scents that affect whether or not we like somebody...

In Search Of The Male G-Spot
(27 November 2006)
The pleasurable, and sometimes orgasmic, effects of gentle prostate massage through the rectal walls have been known for millennia. The degree of pleasurable response varies from man to man, but many who have submitted to prostatic manipulation attest that it can result in (take your pick) explosive/transformative/mind blowing/earth-shattering/whole body/out-of-body orgasms...

Attractiveness: The Evolutionary Aftermath
(21 September 2007)
Good-looking people of both sexes capture our attention nearly instantaneously and render us temporarily helpless to turn our eyes away from them...

The 237 Reasons Why We Have Sex
(31 July 2007)
Think we have sex just for pleasure or to reproduce? Well, think again, as scientists have just finished compiling the multitude of reasons behind why people play hide-the-salami...

Subliminal Erotic Images Get Our Brains All Hot And Bothered
(30 October 2006)
The brain is finely tuned to recognize sexual imagery and can pick out hidden erotic images even when we do not consciously recognize them...

Obsessive Desire For Muscles Creates Swathe Of Health Problems
(14 August 2006)
An increasing number of men are feeling pressure to have muscular bodies, and that pressure can lead to eating disorders, steroid abuse and other unhealthy behaviors...

Sexually Happiest People Live In Western Nations
(20 April 2006)
A study of sexual behavior and attitudes in different countries has found that men and women in Western nations are the happiest with their sex lives; while those with the lowest rates of sexual satisfaction were in Asia...

Mammals Adapt To Win The Sperm Wars
(13 April 2006)
Mammals exhibit an extraordinary diverse range of mating behaviors, but scientists say the sexual antics of males are almost always intended to ensure that their sperm is successful in fertilization...

Brain Assesses Beauty In A Hundredth Of A Second
(30 January 2006)
Beauty may only be skin deep, but it confers powerful advantages to those it favors, and our brains can rate attractiveness in the blink of an eye...

Male Job Status A Big Health Factor
(22 September 2005)
Just like in animal species, men in positions of power have more offspring, but watch out; leaving a prestigious position can leave a man wide open to depression...

Overcompensation When Masculinity Is Questioned
(5 August 2005)
War is good! SUVs are good! Homophobia is good! A new study says men will display increasingly macho attitudes if their masculinity is questioned or threatened...

New Treatment For Premature Ejaculation
(20 September 2004)
A drug used to treat anxiety disorder is showing great promise as a treatment for men suffering from premature ejaculation...

Male And Female Brains React Differently To Sexy Stimuli
(18 March 2004)
Surprise, surprise, the male brain reacts differently to visual sexual images...

Rejection Hurts As Much As Physical Pain
(22 January 2004)
Key areas of the brain appear to respond to the pain of rejection in the same way as physical pain...

Pheromones Create Complex Sex Image In Brain
(17 February 2003)
Researchers have discovered that the pheromone processing machinery in the brain generates a complex "image" of a potential mate based on sex, identity, social standing and female reproductive status...

Centrefold Models Becoming Skinnier
(23 December 2002)
The shapely curves and body characteristics of centrefold models of the 50's and 60's have given way to thinner and more androgynous ones...

More Men Prone To Orgasm Headaches
(28 October 2002)
Researchers have found that a significant number of men suffer from an explosive and very severe headache occurring suddenly at orgasm...

Low Sex Drive Linked To Snoring
(1 August 2002)
Male patients who suffer from obstructive sleep apnea - the inability to breathe properly during sleep - produce lower levels of testosterone, resulting in decreased libido and sexual activity...

Homophobia An Attitude, Not A Phobia
(10 June 2002)
Homophobia is not an actual phobia and does not originate out of fear or anxiety - as true phobias do - but from feelings of disgust...

Beauty Is Its Own Reward
(12 November 2001)
Viewing attractive female faces activates the brain's reward circuits in males...

Antidepressant Aphrodisiac
(23 April 2001)
A study has found that some antidepressant tablets may be an effective treatment for the absence of sexual desire in women...

Discrepancy In Sex Surveys Explained
(12 October 2000)
A survey has found that studies about human sexual activity leave out an important factor: the sexual activity of prostitutes...

Amnesia After Sex
(30 May 2000)
If President Clinton had known what a pair of doctors recently learned from two patients with a temporary form of amnesia, charges that he lied about sex might be moot...

Do Sexual Fantasies Increase Pain Tolerance?
(19 April 2000)
“Ooooh nurse”, researchers believe that thinking of a favourite sexual fantasy may be a good way to lessen pain…

Sex Prevents Headaches
(10 April 2000)
"Not tonight darling, I've got a headache" - no longer an excuse but a call to action...

Is There Really More To Life Than Sex?
(7 April 2000)
All human behaviour is guided by just fifteen fundamental desires and values, according to a controversial new study...

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