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Influences On Sexuality

Oldsters unfairly denied nookie
(29 June 2012)
Because of concerns about safety, elderly care home residents are being denied the right to consensual sex, say specialists in the Journal of Medical Ethics...

Deep male voice boosts women's memory
(15 September 2011)
A fascinating new study demonstrates that women's memory is sensitive to male voice pitch...

Smiling not sexy, say women
(25 May 2011)
Smiling men are significantly less sexually attractive to women than brooding men, according to a new study that may help explain the allure of "bad boys" and other male archetypes...

Voice pitch triggers adultery suspicions
(7 March 2011)
Women believe the lower a man's voice, the more likely it is that he's going to cheat on them; while men believe that women with higher voices are more likely to be unfaithful...

Survey highlights diversity of Americans' sex lives
(11 October 2010)
The findings from a new survey provide a much needed snapshot of contemporary Americans' sexual behaviors, patterns of condom use and the percentage of Americans participating in same-sex encounters...

"Love hormone" is also the jealousy hormone
(17 December 2009)
Oxytocin, the so-called "love hormone," has been shown to also affect behaviors like trust, jealousy and generosity...

Bisexuals on the outer
(22 September 2008)
New research suggests that social biphobia and stereotyping about bisexuals have far reaching negative effects on the mental health and well-being of bisexual people...

Our Breast Obsession
(12 May 2008)
What underlies our obsession with breasts? The impulse that drives us to lust after larger breasts could be a simple genetic algorithm. Breast = Good. More breast = Better. It's a principle that shows up again and again in nature...

Alcohol Induces Homosexual Behavior
(3 January 2008)
Researchers have uncovered a physiological basis for the effects of alcohol on male sexual behavior...

Bad Brain Wiring Causing Pedophilia?
(29 November 2007)
Pedophilia might be the result of faulty connections in the brain, suggests new research...

Short Men Predisposed To Pedophilia?
(24 October 2007)
Height may point to a biological basis for pedophilia, say researchers who found that pedophilic males were shorter on average than males without a sexual attraction to children...

Sexual Desire Influenced By Genetic Makeup
(1 June 2006)
Individual differences in human sexual desire can be attributed to genetic variations, say Israeli researchers...

Bisexuality Still A Mystery
(5 September 2005)
A study measuring the genital arousal patterns of straight, gay and bisexual men has not found any clear indicator of bisexuality. Rather, bisexual men seem to be aroused by either gay or straight stimuli, but not both...

Consequences Of Childhood Sexual Abuse Last A Lifetime
(23 May 2005)
Little information was available on male victims of sexual abuse but a new study suggests the long-term consequences - drug and alcohol abuse, mental illness, and marital strife - are nearly identical in men and women...

Delay Gender Reassignment, Say Surgeons
(21 February 2005)
An increasing number of urologists are saying that gender reassignment surgery on newborns with ambiguous genitalia should be delayed until the child is mature enough to understand gender and sexuality...

Sexual Woes At College Blamed On Drinking
(6 September 2004)
Heavy drinking is largely to blame for unprotected sex, date rape, impaired social relationships, unplanned pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases amongst college students...

Sexual Identity May Be Set Before Birth
(27 October 2003)
Research suggests that sexual identity is hard-wired into the brain before birth and may offer physicians a tool for gender assignment of babies born with ambiguous genitalia...

Pheromones In Male Sweat Reduce Women's Tension
(17 March 2003)
Exposure to male perspiration has marked effects on women: It can brighten women's moods, reduce tension and influence the length and timing of the menstrual cycle...

Tomboys May Be Born That Way
(18 November 2002)
Researchers say the greater a mother's testosterone level, the more likely infant girls were to engage in "masculine-typical" (tomboy) behavior...

Violent Homelife Leads To Risky Sex
(17 October 2002)
Teenage girls are three times more likely to engage in risky sexual behavior if they live in a family afflicted by physical violence...

Families And Sexual Orientation
(30 May 2002)
One in seven gay men may owe his sexual orientation to the fact he has older brothers...

Sex-Reassignment Of Children Flawed
(20 May 2002)
Babies born without a penis, or of indeterminate gender, may still be genetically "male" and reassigning them to be female may cause serious problems in later life...

Disasters Mean More Sex
(18 March 2002)
Is disaster an aphrodisiac? After a disaster strikes, people have more sex and have more babies...

Sex Abuse Study Wrong
(2 December 2001)
Citing questionable research methods and misleading reporting of data, researchers have debunked a controversial 1998 study that said sexual abuse may not cause long-term harm to children...

Hormones In The Womb Affect Sexual Orientation
(17 May 2000)
Are some men gay because of the number of boys their mothers had before their own birth...

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