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29 November 2001
America: The Sexual Superpower
by George Atkinson

The 2001 Durex sex survey shows Americans to be sexually voracious - having sex more often and with more partners than any other country. The survey also shows that the majority of American respondents lost their virginity at 16 years of age. The global average was 18 years. The people that wait the longest to get started with sex were the Chinese, where the average age for the first sexual experience was 22.

Americans also have sex with more people. American respondents to the survey reported 14 sexual partners. China came in at the bottom of the list again with an average of only 2 sexual partners. The French scored with an average of 13 people and Australians and Canadians came in at 11 sexual partners each. Interestingly, men as a whole claimed an average of 11 partners while women as a group claimed only 5.

On the topic of contraception, 40 percent of people choose the condom as their preferred method. The pill comes in at number two. And Israelis are more likely than any other nation not to use contraception, with 40 percent choosing no contraception at all.

Attitudes to AIDS/HIV turned up some surprising results with women being overall less concerned about the disease than men. Nationality-wise, the Poles and the French were the least concerned about AIDS/HIV whilst Nigerians and Turks were the most concerned.

When asked how often they had sex, American respondents again put the USA on the top of the list. Americans have sex 124 times year, compared to the global average of 97 times a year. Greeks, Croatians and South Africans also scored high on the list. And the people having sex the least? The Japanese, with respondents saying they only had sex 36 times in the past year.

And finally, what was the place respondents most wanted to have sex? The majority said either the beach or a hot tub with other responses being cars, swimming pools and kitchen tables!

Check out the full Durex survey at www.durex.com

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