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17 July 2001
Why Nice Guys Don’t Get Laid
by George Atkinson

Ever wondered why women go for "assholes"? In reality, most of these assholes aren't assholes, they're simply untouchable. They do things on their own terms. They can't be negotiated with. They act with authority and get the respect that goes along with it. They can't be tested and they maintain independence from social constraints.

This is the kind of independence that Hollywood has glorified, because it's a position that commands respect and authority. Women string guys along until they find a guy that they can't string along. Then that woman's attention will suddenly center 100% on this new guy and the guys who were being strung along are all but forgotten. It's independence, a trait strongly attractive in both sexes that shows you have high confidence and don't have to depend on anyone for your well being. Independence in men can be thought of as "Seducing Women Without Even Trying". To an outside observer, you're not trying to pick up the women in question. Instead, you carry on as if women aren't that important to you. While seemingly arrogant, it somehow strikes a psychological chord with many women.

At the time of this writing, Pamela Anderson - a blonde goddess worshipped by men around the world and made a household name by the television show Baywatch, is dating music performer Kid Rock. Before Kid Rock, she had a well-publicized relationship with Tommy Lee of 80's glamour rock band Motley CruŽ. Before ever meeting these musicians, you can be sure that Pamela Anderson had heard some of their songs. Consider some of the lyrics she probably heard;

"Girl don't go away mad, just go away..." (Motley CruŽ)

"I'm not straight out of Compton, I'm straight out of the trailer..." (Kid Rock)

"It's the same old situation, it's the same old ball and chain..." (Motley CruŽ)

"Because I want to be a cowboy, baby..." (Kid Rock)

Tommy Lee and Kid Rock have both had their way with one of the most desired women in history. If anything, these relationships have really put a spotlight on the "bad boy" image that for a variety of reasons, is powerfully seductive.

So what do women see in bad boys?

Two words, RISK and INDEPENDENCE. Since women are not prepared to be responsible for being "bad" themselves (risk taking /adventure seeking), they find it very attractive when they find men who are "bad". These are men who are (or seem to be) prepared to take risks and have adventures and along the way, will encourage the women to be bad themselves. That's a great deal of the appeal of a bad boy. Even if the woman is bad, she's still morally better than he is. And that's very attractive to her. She can be as bad as she wants, and she knows the guy will be badder.

The other thing is that bad boys are perceived as guys who have more "wild fun" than "nice guys". And they show women more fun. Bad boys like their lives. Women find their energy and self-confidence strongly attractive. When women find these traits in a nice guy (which is rare), they usually marry him. When they find it in a bad boy, they usually just sleep with him.

If you want plenty of casual sex, consider taking on the aura of a "bad boy". Or in more common terms, become a bad boy. Then put yourself in an environment where women are looking for guys like you, and you'll find many vying for your attention.

(NB: This is why most "nice guys" don't get casual sex. And when "nice guys" are out on the town, they make it even easier for bad boys to get casual sex because nice guys help make the bad boys stand out in a crowd.)

Pamela Anderson could have any man in the world, so (at least at the time of this writing) why is she with a butt-rocker from Detroit?

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