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Your Risk Of Prostate Cancer

Well-done meat fuels prostate cancers
(28 November 2011)
The association between meat consumption and prostate cancer has been further strengthened with new findings showing a positive link between the consumption of well-done meats and aggressive prostate cancers...

Prostate cancer risk - in black and white
(21 September 2011)
Subtle genetic differences in prostate cells seem to be the root cause of prostate cancer disparities between African-American men and white men...

Testosterone-prostate cancer link questioned
(20 April 2011)
The long-standing warning against testosterone therapy in men with untreated or low-risk prostate cancer needs reevaluation, according to a new study...

Early hair loss indicates increased prostate cancer risk
(16 February 2011)
Those men who begin to lose their hair around the age of 20 are more likely to develop prostate cancer in later life...

Finger length indicates prostate risk
(13 December 2010)
An index finger that is longer than your ring finger means you have a significantly lower risk of prostate cancer, claims a new study...

Asthma risk rises with BPA exposure
(22 February 2010)
Previously linked to male reproductive disorders, obesity, abnormal brain development and prostate cancer, the ubiquitous plastic chemical bisphenol-A has now been associated with an increased risk of asthma...

Prostate cancer: size matters...
(8 September 2008)
British researchers say that a man's height is both an indicator for his risk of prostate cancer development and also how quickly the cancer will spread if it does strike...

X-rays Linked To Prostate Cancer
(16 July 2008)
Researchers have found an association between X-rays done in the past and an increased risk of the otherwise rare young-onset prostate cancer...

Agent Orange Exposure Doubles Prostate Cancer Risk
(9 June 2008)
New research suggests there is a strong correlation between Agent Orange exposure and prostate cancer risk for Vietnam vets...

A Prostate Enlargement Primer
(20 November 2006)
The prostate is one of those body parts that young men never think about. Dick - check. Balls - check. Prostate - huh? Whazzzat? We're aware that something called the prostate exists. We're aware that it has something to do with why the old fart in front of us is hogging the urinal while we've got seven beers screaming to get out...

Y Chromosome Defect Linked To Prostate Cancer Risk
(4 January 2007)
A 40 percent increase in prostate cancer in men who have fathered only daughters leads researchers to speculate that genes on the Y chromosome may be involved...

Risk Of Prostate Cancer May Be Inherited
(28 February 2005)
Researchers at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine say a single gene variant may increase a man's risk of prostate cancer by 50 percent...

Prostate Cancer Deaths Down By A Third In The U.S.
(25 September 2003)
US prostate cancer mortality rates, which had been increasing slowly during the 1970s and 1980s, suddenly started to fall rapidly during the 1990s...

Obese Have Highest Risk Of Prostate Cancer Progression
(10 April 2003)
Men with the best chance of keeping prostate cancer from progressing kept their body weight down and exercised regularly...

Prostate Risk Linked To Height
(24 February 2003)
According to a new study, greater height appears to be positively associated with subsequent risk of prostate cancer in men over the age of 50...

Diet Appears Not To Influence Prostate Cancer Risk
(12 September 2002)
New research says a low-fat, high-fiber diet has no impact on the incidence of prostate cancer...

Vasectomy Not Related To Prostate Cancer Risk
(20 June 2002)
Contrary to earlier studies, a new study found that men who undergo vasectomies are no more likely to develop prostate cancer...

Testosterone Levels Linked To Risk Of Prostate Cancer
(4 March 2002)
A man's risk of suffering from prostate cancer may be linked to the amount of male hormone testosterone circulating in his body as early as puberty...

Milk - Prostate Cancer Link
(24 September 2001)
A new study suggests the risk of prostate cancer in men may increase with calcium intake, especially from dairy products...

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