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Testing For Prostate Cancer

No benefit from routine prostate cancer screening
(9 January 2012)
A long running trial into the effectiveness of mass prostate cancer screening finds that screening does not reduce deaths from the disease...

New prostate cancer test gets thumbs-up
(17 May 2011)
A new test that measures PSA levels as well as six specific antibodies found in the blood of men with the disease is superior to the conventional PSA test...

Prostate screening guidelines in need of revamp
(2 March 2011)
Changes in PSA levels over time are a poor predictor of prostate cancer and may lead to many unnecessary biopsies, concludes a new study...

PSA found to be accurate long-term predictor of prostate cancer death
(20 September 2010)
A prostate specific antigen blood test at the age of 60 can accurately predict the risk that a man will die from prostate cancer within the next 25 years...

Doctors probe aggressive "hidden" prostate cancers
(15 October 2009)
Why do some men returning repeated negative biopsies still develop aggressive prostate cancer?

Aspirin a prostate cancer treatment?
(24 November 2008)
A new study suggests that aspirin and other non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs may be beneficial for prostate cancer sufferers, and, may also offer a protective effect in men without the disease...

PSA Test Of Dubious Benefit For Elderly
(6 August 2008)
Men aged 75 and over should not be screened for prostate cancer, and younger men should discuss the PSA test with their doctor before being tested, according to a new recommendation...

Gene Linked To Aggressive Prostate Cancer Identified
(12 December 2006)
Scientists have identified a genetic variant of a tumor suppression gene that is associated with the risk of aggressive prostate cancer...

Propecia Can Scramble Prostate Cancer Test
(6 December 2006)
The hair-growth drug Propecia artificially lowers levels of prostate-specific antigen, a key indicator of prostate cancer...

Experts Express Doubts Over Effectiveness Of PSA Tests
(2 February 2006)
Concern in medical circles is growing regarding the use of the PSA test to diagnose prostate cancer following a study that found that prostate screening did not appear to affect mortality rates...

Replacement For PSA Test Mooted
(26 September 2005)
Medicine’s chief weapon for detecting prostate cancer - the prostate specific antigen (PSA) test - may have passed its use-by-date say researchers who have designed a more accurate test to identify the beginnings of prostate cancer...

Obesity Hinders Detection Of Prostate Cancer
(7 March 2005)
It appears that the detection of prostate cancer becomes more difficult the more overweight a man is....

PSA Test Doesn't Indicate Prostate Cancer Risk
(13 September 2004)
Urologists say the PSA test, used to detect prostate cancer, detects only an increase in prostate size, and doesn't identify prostate cancer at all...

Routine Prostate Cancer Screening Not Beneficial
(9 December 2002)
Screening for prostate cancer is a common checkup for many men but new findings conclude there is insufficient scientific evidence to promote routine screening for all men...

New Test Identifies Aggressive Prostate Cancers
(7 October 2002)
A simple test can be used to identify patients with the most aggressive prostate cancers, even among patients whose tumors are at the same stage...

Prostate Cancer Screening Creates New Dilemma
(29 October 2001)
Between 70 and 80 per cent of prostate cancer is now being diagnosed at a stage where it may be curable but doctors are unsure if the increased rate of earlier diagnosis will result in reduced mortality...

Increased Prostate Cancer Diagnoses Explained
(4 May 2001)
A USC study indicates the jump in reported prostate cancers is linked to the availability of routine testing, not to changes in the causes of cancer...

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