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Prostate Cancer Treatments

Robot prostate surgery passes milestone
(24 April 2012)
In the U.S., robot-assisted surgery is now both more common and far more successful than traditional open radical surgery to treat prostate cancer...

Suicide risk in prostate cancer sufferers tackled with writing therapy
(2 November 2011)
Prostate cancer sufferers are twice as likely to commit suicide, but a therapy where they put intrusive self-harming thoughts into words appears to reduce this risk...

Natural protein suppresses growth of prostate cancer
(2 February 2011)
Scientists have discovered an intriguing protein, produced naturally inside the body's cells, that appears to suppress the growth of prostate cancer cells...

Aspirin gets thumbs-up as prostate cancer adjunct
(8 November 2010)
Prostate cancer patients who take aspirin in addition to radiation therapy or surgery may be able to cut their risk of dying of the disease by more than half...

Experimental treatment hits the toughest prostate cancer cells
(1 March 2010)
An experimental treatment not only inhibits the growth of the cancer, but also kills off cancer cells that are resistant to conventional treatment such as androgen deprivation therapy...

Heart problems exacerbated with hormonal prostate treatment
(27 August 2009)
Hormonal therapy combined with radiation therapy for treating prostate cancer can make existing cardio problems worse...

Statins investigated as prostate cancer treatment
(4 May 2009)
Cholesterol-lowering drugs, such as Lipitor, appear to reduce inflammation in prostate tissue and hinder cancer growth...

Measles vaccine nixes prostate cancer
(22 January 2009)
Intriguing new research has found that certain measles vaccine derivatives may be an effective treatment for advanced prostate cancer...

Cough medicine ingredient used to treat prostate cancer
(5 January 2009)
Noscapine, a common ingredient in over-the-counter cough medications, has been found to reduce prostate tumor growth in mice by 60 percent...

Prostate Cancer Drugs Found To Addle The Brain
(30 July 2008)
Hormone deprivation therapy, a commonly used treatment for prostate cancer, may affect a patient's ability to recall and concentrate...

Cholesterol Lowering Drugs Appear To Aid Prostate Treatment
(31 October 2007)
Men with prostate cancer who receive high-dose radiation treatment and also take statin drugs (used to lower cholesterol) have a 10 percent higher chance of being cured...

New Procedure Minimizes Incontinence After Prostatectomy
(13 May 2007)
A new surgical technique could rid men of the urinary incontinence that frequently occurs after surgery for prostate cancer...

Three Prostate Cancer Treatments Compared
(25 April 2007)
Researchers have assessed the quality-of-life outcomes of the three most common prostate cancer treatments...

Novel Treatment Turns Prostate Cancer Against Itself
(13 November 2006)
A protein made by prostate cancer is being used by researchers to target and kill the cancer cells themselves...

Radiation Therapy Scaring Off Prostate Cancer Patients
(9 November 2006)
Men with prostate cancer are fearful of radiation treatment, worrying about how the X-rays might affect them...

Prostate Cancer Hormone Treatment Brings Own Set Of Health Risks
(25 September 2006)
Gonadotropin-releasing hormone agonist, a frontline treatment for prostate cancer that blocks testosterone production can also increase the risk of diabetes and heart disease...

No Action Sometimes The Best Option For Prostate Cancer
(6 April 2006)
Be alert - but not alarmed, is the advice that doctors could soon be giving to men with low-risk prostate cancer, recommending they avoid treatment to preserve their quality of life...

Continuing Hormone Therapy May Be Key To Beating Prostate Cancer
(17 November 2005)
For high-risk prostate cancer patients, the key to a longer life may be long-term hormone treatment...

Prostate Cancer Radiation Therapy Increases Risk Of Rectal Cancer
(11 April 2005)
Men who opt for radiation treatment for prostate cancer rather than undergo surgery have double the risk of rectal cancer...

Radiation And Hormone Combo Better For High Risk Prostate Cancers
(17 January 2005)
Men with high risk prostate cancers who are treated with radiation both internally and externally and also receive hormone treatment have a better chance of overcoming the disease than patients treated with radiation alone...

Prostate Cancer Treatment Linked To Osteoporosis
(13 December 2004)
Men receiving androgen deprivation therapy for prostate cancer are at an increased risk of osteoporosis...

Prostate Cancer Treatment Causes Cancerous Cells To Grow
(30 December 2002)
One prostate cancer medication has a completely unexpected side effect: The compound actually turns on a molecule known to cause cancerous cells to grow...

Hormone Therapy For Prostate Cancer Causes Weight Gain
(11 April 2002)
Prostate cancer patients receiving therapy to reduce levels of testosterone may suffer unwanted weight gain, particularly increased fat body mass...

Prostate Cancer Treatment Shows Side Effects
(26 November 2001)
Treating prostate cancer with implanted radioactive “seeds” may yield more side effects than previously thought...

Osteoporosis Risk For Prostate Cancer Sufferers
(27 September 2001)
Osteoporosis is typically thought of as a problem of older women, but the bone-thinning condition also affects men with prostate cancer who receive androgen-deprivation therapy to lower testosterone levels...

'Fast Track' Prostate Cancer Surgery Introduced
(28 June 2001)
A new approach to prostate cancer surgery using a combination of existing techniques may help men get home within 24 hours of having their prostates removed...

New Prostate Cancer Tool Helps Patients Choose Treatments
(2 October 2000)
A new prognostic tool could aid physicians and patients in decision making regarding treatment options for early stage prostate cancer...

Radiation Therapy Helps Prostate Cancer Patients Live Longer
(16 July 2000)
Doctors have suspected that radiation therapy helped prevent patients from dying of prostate cancer, but had little scientific proof. Now, researchers have found the first conclusive evidence that radiation therapy helps patients with localized prostate cancer live longer...

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