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Prostate Cancer And Sexual Function

Prostate surgery: men urged to get real about outcomes
(15 August 2011)
Nearly half of men undergoing surgery for prostate cancer expect better sexual function and urinary continence than they actually attain...

Laser technique may reduce prostate surgery's sexual side-effects
(9 August 2010)
A new laser technology used with robotic prostate cancer surgery may significantly reduce the risk of incontinence and erectile dysfunction...

Most Men "Emotionally Unprepared" For Prostate Removal
(31 January 2008)
The physical side effects of prostate cancer treatment can limit daily activities and frequently interfere with a man's sense of masculinity and self-confidence...

Penile Shortening After Non-Surgical Prostate Treatments
(26 November 2007)
While penile shortening after prostate cancer surgery has been documented previously, researchers say that the same effect sometimes occurs after androgen suppression and radiation treatment...

Erectile Function: Use It Or Lose It
(13 August 2007)
After prostate removal, it can take up to two years for the genital nerves to recover enough for a man to have an erection, but by that time, other damage may have occurred...

Prostate Radiation Therapy Preserves Sexual Function
(18 July 2005)
Men suffering early-stage prostate cancer had a good chance of preserving sexual function and continence when treated with radiation therapy says a new oncologists report...

Sexual And Urinary Function Concerns After Prostate Treatment
(27 September 2004)
Findings from a comparative study examining differences between normal aging and the effects of prostate cancer treatment suggest that sexual function and incontinence are the main problems after treatment...

Sex Life A Major Concern After Prostate Cancer
(1 September 2003)
Even with lifesaving medical care available, men still worry about how their prostate cancer treatment will affect their sex life and the intimate relationship they have with their partner...

Sexual Dysfunction Widespread In Prostate Cancer Patients
(28 November 2002)
A much smaller percentage of men regain "normal" sexual function after treatment for prostate surgery than has been commonly believed...

Doctors Too Embarrassed To Discuss Sex
(24 October 2002)
Concerns brought on by prostate cancer and its treatment can affect sexual well-being yet doctors are often too embarrassed to discuss a patient's sexual problems...

Prostate Surgery And Impotence
(21 April 2000)
A new device helps avoid impotence after prostate surgery...

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