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Testicular Cancer

Testicular cancer affects the male reproductive system and it has a significant mortality rate if not detected early. It is a cancerous growth (or tumor) within one of the testis. It affects men mostly between puberty and forty years of age. Men with undescended testicles unfortunately have a higher risk of contracting testicular cancer. Symptoms of a testicular growth can include: a swollen or lumpy testis, a feeling of “heaviness” in the scrotum, pain in the groin or around the lower back and less commonly, discharges containing blood.

Luckily, self-examination for abnormal growths is easy to do. It’s best done after a warm shower or bath when the scrotum is relaxed and loose. Gently manipulate each testis with your hand feeling for any lumps or swellings. If you do find a lump, don’t panic. It could just be a cyst or a swollen vein. You will need to see your doctor however so that an ultrasound examination can be carried out. If testicular cancer is detected, removal of the testis is usually carried out. Other treatments may be required depending on the type of cancer found.

Early detection of testicular cancer will usually result in successful treatment, which is why self-examination is so important. Self-examination is easy to do and it should be performed on a regular basis (every few months).

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