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6 October 2008
Scientists warn of health problems created by our "plastic world"
by George Atkinson

A special report detailing the varied and deleterious effects that plastics have on men's health has just been published in the journal Environmental Research. The report, entitled "A Plastic World," provides a detailed look at a number of environmental contaminants and their associated adverse reproductive and behavioral effects.

The studies making up the report describe how the endocrine disrupting chemicals used to make plastic can block the production of the male sex hormone testosterone, mimic the action of the sex hormone estrogen and interfere with thyroid function.

Two articles report changes in male reproductive organs related to fetal exposure to phthalates (used in PVC plastic). Another two articles show that fetal exposure to BPA or PBDEs (used in polycarbonates and flame retardants) disrupts normal development of the brain and the last two articles provide data that these chemicals are massively contaminating the oceans and causing harm to aquatic wildlife.

"For the first time a series of articles will appear together that identify that billions of kilograms of a number of chemicals used in the manufacture of different types of plastic can leach out of plastic products and cause harm to the brain and reproductive system when exposure occurs during fetal life or prior to weaning," said Dr. Frederick vom Saal, Editor of the "Plastic World".

The studies should also contribute to the ongoing US congressional hearings involving the Food and Drug Administration, according to Gert-Jan Geraeds, Publisher of Environmental Research.

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Source: Environmental Research

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