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Fertility Research

Brain wiring changed by BPA
(10 April 2012)
Already linked to problems with the development of male reproductive organs, the controversial plastic additive BPA has been shown to induce profound behavioral changes in embryonic fish exposed to the chemical...

Sperm coat protein loss may explain bulk of male infertility
(25 July 2011)
The loss of a protein that usually coats sperm may explain a significant proportion of infertility in men worldwide; say an international team of researchers...

New predictor of fertility identified
(12 May 2011)
The distance between your scrotum and your anus indicates how fertile you are likely to be, say Baylor College of Medicine researchers...

Fertility; it's in your bones, not your boner
(21 February 2011)
Scientists have found an altogether unexpected connection between a hormone produced in bones and male fertility...

Male infertility associated with range of diseases
(30 November 2009)
An Italian study has found that infertile men are less healthy than fertile men and are more likely to suffer cancer and other diseases...

Neurological worries for testicular cancer survivors
(26 November 2009)
Survivors of testicular cancer who were treated with cisplatin-based chemotherapy can suffer severe side neurological side-effects...

Sperm swim faster for hotties
(16 July 2009)
Researchers have found that males can adjust the speed and effectiveness of their sperm based on whether they find their mate attractive...

Experts Argue About Soy's Effect On Sperm
(28 July 2008)
A recent finding that soy foods may have a detrimental effect on sperm concentration and male fertility has attracted a strong rebuke from the soy industry group...

Overweight Men Get Sperm Thumbs-Up
(16 June 2008)
Unlike women who are carrying extra weight, overweight men are not more likely to be infertile or sub-fertile...

Mutant Sperm Could Be Cause Of Genetic Diseases
(3 December 2007)
Genetic diseases, caused by rearrangements of the human genome, occur more frequently than previously thought and are found in sperm much more frequently than expected...

Sperm And Eggs Could Be Made From Stem Cells
(20 June 2005)
English scientists believe they have proved that embryonic stem cells can be turned into the cells that eventually become eggs or sperm, heralding new techniques for assisted reproduction...

Sperm Stem Cells Grown In Lab
(8 November 2004)
A breakthrough in growing sperm progenitor cells in laboratory culture could restore fertility to men who have undergone chemotherapy...

Dehydrated Sperm A Possibility
(3 July 2003)
A novel method of preserving sperm through air drying is showing initial promise and may have the potential to revolutionize the storage of sperm, allowing men in an IVF program to store their sperm at home...

Sperm, Egg Communication Revealed
(31 March 2003)
A more detailed understanding of the new "smelling" capabilities of human sperm cells may lead to advances in contraception and fertility treatments...

Sperm Like It Hot
(3 February 2003)
Like heat-seeking missiles that sense the heat of a plane's engine, sperm are guided to the female egg by temperature...

For Sperm, Size Does Matter
(11 November 2002)
Throughout the animal kingdom, sperm cells evolve rapidly into some of the most outrageous sizes and shapes...

Sperm Mutation May Cause Fertility Problems
(26 August 2002)
Discovery of a mutation that prevents sperm maturation could lead to treatments for male sterility and development of new male contraceptives...

Testicular Cancer Gene Identified
(6 June 2002)
Research could lead to genetic testing to predict the potential for developing testicular cancer and possibility of stem cell therapy to cure infertility...

Testicular Cancer Treatment Risk
(27 February 2002)
The treatment of testicular cancer has become so successful that doctors face a new problem patients are living long enough to suffer long term side effects that are potentially life-threatening...

Sperm In Space
(11 January 2002)
Researchers have found that too little gravity affects the behavior of sperm in puzzling ways...

New Study Provides Insight Into Male Infertility
(1 January 2002)
Findings that mice lacking a certain protein in their sperm were infertile may provide valuable insights into male infertility...

Weak Sperm May Not Cause Infertility
(8 November 2001)
An in-depth study of the quality of sperm in 1,500 men shows that sperm counts previously thought to be abnormal do not always mean infertility...

Low Sperm Count Inherited Through Mother
(2 April 2001)
Nearly half of all genes related to the earliest stages of sperm production reside not on the male sex (Y) chromosome as expected, but on the X chromosome, a chromosome thought of as the female sex chromosome...

Key Ingredient In Sexual Reproduction Discovered
(11 August 2000)
When a sperm and an egg come together, something triggers the cascade of chemical events that eventually results in the development of an embryo. But what? A century-old mystery about sex finally appears to have been solved...

Testicular Cancer Sufferers Have Fertility Problems Even Before Diagnosis
(14 June 2000)
Men who develop testicular cancer father fewer children and are more likely to have been diagnosed with infertility prior to their cancer diagnosis...

Evidence Of Faulty DNA Repair In Infertile Men
(5 June 2000)
Some infertile men have mutations or errors in their DNA code, suggesting that faulty DNA repair may be a reason for their infertility...

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