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AIDS/HIV - Prevention

Bad laws crippling global AIDS response, says UN
(10 July 2012)
An independent body of global leaders and experts set up by the UN says that punitive laws and human rights abuses are costing lives, wasting money and stifling the global AIDS response...

HIV persists in semen
(28 March 2012)
Researchers say HAART does not completely suppress HIV in the semen of sexually active infected men...

Improper condom use a global health issue, say medicos
(22 February 2012)
An unprecedented collection of condom use studies shows that improper usage is common not only in the U.S., but also most other countries around the world...

Researchers give thumbs-up to HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis
(8 December 2011)
Pre-exposure prophylaxis, a strategy of providing medications to at-risk people before they are exposed to the HIV virus, appears to be sound, with researchers saying that fears of increased drug resistance are unfounded...

Rectal microbicide could significantly reduce HIV transmission, suggests phase 1 trial
(9 November 2011)
A microbicide gel containing a potent anti-HIV drug has been found to significantly reduce infection when applied to rectal tissue...

Roll-out HIV treatment as a preventative, say medicos
(18 July 2011)
Medical journal The Lancet has called for highly active antiretroviral therapy to be used as a preventative in the battle against HIV/AIDS, a strategy the authors call "Treatment as Prevention"...

New hope for HIV vaccine
(9 May 2011)
New insights into how antibodies work could assist in the development of a vaccine against HIV, say University of Melbourne researchers...

HIV meds reduce risk of infection in uninfected
(29 November 2010)
A new HIV prevention method based on a single daily tablet containing two widely used HIV medications has been found to reduce HIV infection risk in uninfected people...

Estrogen Lotion Toughens Penis, Helps Block HIV
(5 June 2008)
Topical estrogen lotion applied to the penis increases the thickness of the natural keratin layer on the skin of the penis, helping prevent HIV infection...

Internet Sex-Seeking Risks Quantified
(5 May 2008)
The results of a new study have health researchers concerned that young men who use the Internet as part of their strategy to meet other men for sex engage in unsafe sex behaviors more frequently...

Tonsils A Hotspot For HIV Transmission
(25 October 2007)
Researchers have suggested that HIV transmission may be facilitated by the tonsils, which contain high numbers of immune cells that may be easily accessible to the virus...

Male Infidelity Hinders HIV Prevention Efforts
(9 May 2007)
Institutionalized male infidelity in many cultures means that being married is the greatest HIV risk a woman may face...

Safe-Sex Fatigue Evident In UK
(2 May 2007)
The safe-sex message is languishing in the British Isles, with more than one-in-three HIV-positive gay men saying they engage in unprotected sex...

Another HIV Circumcision Trial Halted
(18 December 2006)
Compelling evidence that circumcision can reduce HIV infection has led to the halting of another African trial, as the researchers believed it unethical to continue...

Mass Circumcisions In Africa "Could Prevent Millions Of AIDS Deaths"
(13 July 2006)
If all African men were circumcised over the next 10 years, some two million new HIV infections and around 300,000 deaths could be avoided, claims a controversial new study...

HIV And Circumcision
(5 June 2006)
Circumcision has sometimes been described as a solution in search of a problem. In the mid-19th century the problem was masturbation. Then it was syphilis. In the 1930s it was penile cancer. And let's not forget phimosis, balanitis and getting your dick caught in your zipper. It seems that with the passing of time the purported problems have gotten more trivial. Small wonder then that circumcision is on the wane. But suddenly, there's a big problem - AIDS...

Experts Disagree Over Non-Latex Condoms
(16 February 2006)
A review into condom breakages has found that non-latex condoms rupture more frequently than latex condoms, but experts disagree on the significance of the findings...

Foreskin Appears To Harbor HIV
(13 February 2006)
A continuing investigation into circumcision and HIV infection has found that the inner lining of the foreskin harbors around nine times more virus than the outer layer of the foreskin...

AIDS Prevention Campaigns Based On Fear Ineffective
(22 December 2005)
A study of AIDS prevention strategies has found that fear of HIV infection is not enough to get everyone to practice safe sex...

Experts Say Circumcision Should Be Promoted As Part Of AIDS Prevention
(27 October 2005)
A new study has reinforced earlier findings that showed male circumcision could significantly lower the risk of contracting HIV. The authors of the new study believe circumcision should be promoted in Africa as part of an AIDS prevention campaign...

Errors In Condom Use Behind Increased STD Infections?
(25 July 2005)
Using a condom is simple, right? Not according to sexual health experts who say that many sexually experienced people still use condoms incorrectly, which may be the reason that infections of gonorrhea and chlamydia are on the rise...

More Evidence That Circumcision Reduces Risk of HIV
(24 January 2005)
A study examining the probability of HIV infection from heterosexual sex has found that uncircumcised men have more than twice the risk of acquiring HIV than do circumcised men...

New Findings Suggest Why Circumcised Men At Lower Risk From HIV
(2 April 2004)
A study suggests the explanation for the lower risk of contracting HIV for circumcised men may be biological rather than behavioural...

Trucking Linked To Spread Of AIDS
(5 December 2002)
The social behavior of sex workers and transportation workers along the U.S. Mexico border has the potential to spread HIV and AIDS through North America...

Uncircumcised Men Have Greater HIV Risk
(5 September 2002)
Internal layers of foreskin are more susceptible to HIV infection than external layers of foreskin, which explains why uncircumcised men seem to be at much higher risk for HIV acquisition...

Condoms Dramatically Reduce Spread Of HIV In Thailand
(1 February 2002)
Public health efforts in Thailand have successfully reduced the sexual transmission of HIV and AIDS, but the transmission of the disease through drug injection is increasing...

Lubricant Reduces HIV Transmission
(24 July 2001)
Researchers in Texas have found what could prove to be a slick new weapon in the battle against AIDS. Experiments indicate that three over-the-counter sexual lubricants inhibit HIV production by more than a thousand-fold when mixed with virus-infected seminal fluid...

Antiretroviral Drugs Do Not Prevent Sexual Transmission Of HIV
(19 August 2000)
Antiretroviral therapy for HIV patients can be a double-edged sword. Investigators showed that while the drugs can greatly reduce the amount of infectious HIV in semen (viral load), a substantial percentage of men may still be able to transmit the virus sexually...

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