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AIDS/HIV - Societal Impact

Saliva HIV test ready for primetime
(25 January 2012)
A saliva test used to diagnose HIV is comparable in accuracy to the traditional blood test, according to a new assessment...

AIDS experts call for end to criminalization of HIV non-disclosure
(21 December 2011)
Criminal prosecutions for failing to disclose HIV status should be abolished, say HIV/AIDS experts in Canada...

Macho partners revealed as reason for higher HIV risk in black gay men
(3 May 2011)
Researchers think they now know why young black gay men are at a 5-times greater risk of getting infected with HIV...

Pontiff pontificates on condom conundrum
(22 November 2010)
The Catholic Church may be about to reverse it's disapproval of condom use in preventing AIDS...

Optimism and spirituality behind HIV patients' improved outlook on life
(21 December 2009)
A new study backs-up earlier research that found some patients with HIV experience an improved quality of life following their diagnosis...

Older Black Men Eschew Condoms
(26 October 2007)
Up to 40 percent of HIV positive African-American men could be putting their partners at risk by not using condoms...

Survival Of Untreated HIV Kids Surprises Doctors
(19 March 2007)
Many African children infected with HIV at birth are proving to be long-term survivors, despite the fact that they receive no treatment. But their survival into adolescence is creating its own set of problems...

HIV Dementia Skyrockets In Africa
(31 January 2007)
The incidence of HIV-associated dementia is so high in sub-Saharan Africa that statistically, it may be one of the most common forms of dementia in the world...

Malaria Tag-Teaming With HIV
(11 December 2006)
It appears that malaria increases the viral load of a HIV-infected person by around 10-fold, making transmission of the virus to a sex partner more likely. And to make matters worse, HIV may play a role in the geographic expansion of malaria...

AIDS Taking Devastating Toll On African-Americans
(23 November 2006)
While African Americans comprise only 13 percent of the United States population, they account for more than half of all new HIV/AIDS diagnoses...

HIV Immune Response Different In Identical Twins
(8 December 2005)
The difficulties in developing a HIV/AIDS vaccine are highlighted in research with identical twins that showed substantial differences in the immune system’s response to HIV...

Call For Greater HIV Screening
(21 July 2005)
The United States Preventive Services Task Force believes that HIV screening should be conducted more aggressively, specifically targeting those at risk and all pregnant women...

AIDS A Sign Of Masculinity For Some African Men
(19 July 2004)
For men in rural Africa, the behaviours that put them at risk for HIV – being sexually active with lots of partners – are the same behaviours that give them high status among their peers...

Shyness Can Make You Sick
(16 April 2004)
Scientists say there is a strong relationship between personality type and HIV replication rate in the body...

Surprisingly, Life Is "Better" For Some HIV Patients
(11 August 2003)
Around a third of patients with the HIV virus say their life is generally better since they received their positive diagnosis...

Fear Of Rejection Behind HIV Secrecy
(12 June 2003)
Fear of rejection, violence and discrimination mean 13% of HIV-positive people are having unprotected sex without telling their partners that they have HIV...

New HIV Test May Slow The Spread Of AIDS
(20 February 2003)
The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has approved new blood-testing technology for HIV that will deliver test results within an hour...

HIV Can Serve As Opportunity For Positive Change
(8 April 2002)
A new study suggests that many HIV-positive individuals believe that their infection and its life-threatening consequence served as a personal milestone that positively changed many aspects of their lives...

HIV/AIDS Could Trigger Economic Downfall
(11 March 2002)
With 20% of the population HIV positive, Mozambique education faces a bleak future with not enought teachers and too many students at home caring for sick relatives...

Unsterile Needles The Origin Of AIDS?
(15 January 2002)
Could a relatively harmless monkey virus called Simian Immunodeficiency Virus (SIV) have mutated into the deadly AIDS virus as a result of the repeated use of unsterilized hypodermic needles...

Depression And Anxiety To Blame For Fatigue In HIV Patients
(26 March 2001)
Rather than the disease itself, a combination of depression and anxiety could be responsible for HIV positive patients' excessive tiredness...

No AIDS-Related Viruses Found In 1950's Polio Vaccine
(14 September 2000)
New findings provide strong evidence to refute the theory that an oral polio vaccine administered to people in the Belgian Congo in the late 1950s provided the route of transmission for HIV from chimpanzees to humans...

Denial Speeds Progression Of HIV To AIDS
(2 August 2000)
New research shows that men infected with HIV will more rapidly develop AIDS if they use strategies of denial to cope with the disease threat...

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