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Go ahead with some retail therapy and spoil your penis today with our range of provisions.

Natural Enlargement Program
One of the best exercise programs we've seen.
There's no magical way to enlarge your penis overnight, but these types of exercises DO work. This is one of the better programs around and if you stick to it you will get results.

Semenax - Ejaculate More
Boosts semen production.
Ejaculating less than you used to? Orgasms not as intense? Semenax will increase the volume of semen you ejaculate, intensify your orgasms and assist with fertility.

Pro Extender Traction Device
High quality traction device.
Good quality traction devices have traditionally been quite expensive but this complete package represents excellent value. It comes with everything and is a good solution for men who don't want to (or can't) perform regular enlargement exercises.

Under The Fig Leaf: About The Penis
Should be required reading for all men.
A great guide to the penis and associated body parts. Covers penis care, prostate health, STDs and general male reproductive health.

Pheromone Attractants
This powerful pheromone attractant for men is formulated to drive women wild according to the suppliers. We thought it sounded like BS but current research on pheromones supports the claim that they do in fact attract the opposite sex.

Exercising the Penis: How to Make It Bigger, Harder & Healthier
The ultimate reference for penile exercises.
If a man's biceps get stronger and harder with exercise, why can't his penis? The answer: It can. The penis, like other muscles, is shapeable through exercise and this book shows you how.

Sports Underwear
A huge range of sports underwear including jock straps, suspensory briefs, thongs and other protection for your penis.

Blissnosis - Enlightened Seduction
What women really want in a man.
This book explains why 99% of men FAIL in their sexual relationships and shows you how to transform your “inner game” to become the man that beautiful women want...

Flirt Online
Meet girls (or guys) in your area with the world's largest adult online dating service. They offer a free trial period and it's great fun browsing the photos and reading the descriptions.

Condoms and Lubes
We've purchased from here.
Too embarrassed to buy in person? This online store has the widest range of condoms at the best prices, as well as lubricants and a whole section of safe-sex info.

Hair Removal
By far the easiest way to get rid of unwanted body hair. It's completely natural and works by mimicking the process that causes baldness.

Attract Women Now
Ever wonder why some guys seem to get all the girls? Check out this site for the lowdown on what women want in a man. It isn't what you think! Lots of practical techniques and methods to help you be more confident and attractive to women.

Vacuum Pumps
Excellent entry level penis pumps - with gauge.
If you're going to try a pump, make sure you get one with a pressure gauge like this one. Otherwise, too much of a vacuum can cause injury.

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