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Female Fertility

Researchers study semen's effects during pregnancy
(16 November 2009)
Pregnant women who experience prolonged exposure to the baby's father's semen may be better protected against pre-eclampsia and having an underweight baby...

Dress Sense An Indicator Of Fertility In Women
(11 October 2006)
Scientists reckon they have established that women put more effort into their clothing and grooming when they are about to ovulate and are at their most fertile...

Women Want Sex Most On Fertile Days
(14 June 2004)
Researchers have found that women most desire sexual intercourse during the six most fertile days of the menstrual cycle...

Chlamydia Also A Problem For Men's Fertility
(4 May 2004)
Chlamydia has been linked to infertility in women but now a new study suggests that men may be at risk too...

Viagra Could Help Women Conceive
(17 January 2002)
The anti-impotence drug Viagra may help make babies - but not in the way you think. The little blue pill may also help some infertile women get pregnant...

Simple Test For Most Fertile Day
(25 October 2001)
A simple way of establishing on which days in a woman’s menstrual cycle she is fertile has been identified by US and Italian fertility experts...

Good Sex Makes Babies
(22 August 2001)
Pleasure helps conception. Sperm survival in the vagina and cervix is helped if the woman enjoys a high level of arousal during sexual intercourse…

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